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Svetoslav Apr 17
The streetlights are flashing
rhythmically in the winter evening
when fluffy snow pours
through the streets of our city.

The green grass disappears
as the landscape dynamically turns white.
For adults, this is another cold evening
and for the children is a time for rejoicing.

The fireplace warms our bodies
like the sun in the summer,
while the love of family and friends
brings delight to us all.
Translated from Bulgarian
Svetoslav Feb 18
The white moon glows in the ashen skies
reflecting on the waves of the warmy river,
as green plants shake by the autumn breeze.

All of this motion is stalked by cats eyes
and earth slowly stops to spin and quivers,
now the river seethes by the rise of degrees.

Lime colored beaches tremble at morning
from the schist and rocks that break and fall,
seas and waters, looking like lemonade yellow
make meetings of men, that send the world a warning.

Fear and panic has left the authorities a shake up call,
making them realise the reality
of their actions influenced from below.

Phenomena of roaring thunders
when winter and icy snow falling.
Avalanches, earthquakes and tsunamis
make their rage calling.
by Svetli
Svetoslav Feb 17
Cyan tides meet yellow ashes
red sunset darkens
firm land's flashes.
Syllable Count: 17 ~ lines 8/5/4 ~ 11 words
hiraeth Dec 2020
my body is borne by
the untouched chain of hills
and I feel utterly vulnerable and
nostalgic as my heart is
being flooded with
endless shades of green
Megan Oliver Dec 2020
The beach was still and silent.

Even the birds had found new playgrounds this winter,

A desert landscape with only our footprints to bear,

And yours were heavier than mine.

We ran and ran and felt like we got nowhere.

Couldn't dent that stretch of land no matter how hard we tried,

I lied and told you I hadn't been there before,

Lying to you never felt right.

And when the new sand blew,

It covered up our sins white lies and false apologies.

A clean slate and those things didn't matter anymore,

It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw.
Norman Crane Dec 2020
Everything happens at once. The mixing
of blue-green dropping white on cold brown rocks,
a maelstrom of water sounds affixing
themselves to fine hovering mist which talks
pouring and pounding to the surroundings,
flat river interrupted; sculpted liquid
fluctuations arising / collapsing
ever-changing life depicted in mid—
crest: trough, tribulation, swirl and foam,
scented moisture feels soft over the jagged
undercurrent. A fish jumps. Water carves stone.
We are released: through spray the river flows,
exiting the eddy and peacefully home.
Eola Nov 2020
It was calm at first
Then the dawn rippled with sunbeams
Finally the Sun has show her face
And illuminated the cyan stream

Birds were chirping
Flying around frantically
The deers, the squirrels
Were hopping away without looking

You see, this might sound nice
If the sun wasn't created by a man
That decided to get rid of a few extra leaves
With an oil can

Some matchsticks later
The fiery blade was too hot to control
It shone oh so brightly
And left nothing after itself
Nothing at all...
Norman Crane Nov 2020
The red waves of an azalean sea,
Foaming in crimson and pink and ruby,
Break on the soft green grass shore before me,
Behind them / Looming / Snow capped / Mount Fuji,
Oh, how much I wish right now to be,
Surrounded by these florid waters,
To swim into the painted scene and see,
To exist as colours—in eternity.
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