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Amber sun gently kisses moss
as light smiles upon morning frost
and like a worm, the dark crawls away
while birds sing of the coming day
another page, in the story of life
but this moment, a sight of paradise

Damp soil, welcomes each step I take
through meadows nourished by Coniston lake
and fragrance of berry and coppice trees
cling to the dance of the cooling breeze
another page, in the story of life
but this moment, a scent of paradise

Dappled sunshine, tangled in leaves
warm to the skin as I feel it breathe
and branches greet in a muted silence
but speak their joy through rustling violent
another page, in the story of life
but this moment, a sound of paradise

Sharing time, in company of friends
celebrating the day as day time ends
and mead is drunk until bashful after
with hearty food, and hearty laughter
another page, in the story of life
but this moment, a savor of paradise

Cosmic night, punctured by stars
As I cease to slumber and drift afar
and silence haunts the building halls
as Coniston mountain guards my corpse
another page, in the story of life
but this day, a day in paradise
luc Feb 6
I stood at the edge a little boat
With emerald waters that keep it afloat
Who would have thought I would journey across,
this vast sea and towering mountains so close?
When wind passing his waves to us,
Sometimes gentle,
sometimes empowered

Shall we embrace you?
swing over the wind
spill over from distance,
whist landing at our hearts,

Sometimes gentle,
sometimes empowered
Swings over the wind.
By: Angel. XJ/ 12/01/2019
Yuki Jan 8
Sitting at a window
seat on a train

looking outside
feeling kind of nostalgic

watching my life
pass by together
with the landscape.
MicMag Dec 2018
Mar y montañas
What a great view del balcón
Mi alma en paz
Mountains, city, sea
The three meet: ¡Increíble!
Thrilled by what I'm shown


Mar y montañas
Mountains, city, sea
What a great view del balcón

The three meet: ¡Increíble!
Mi alma en paz
Thrilled by what I'm shown
Continuing to experiment with poetic forms. Here I combined a few forms and took another stab at writing in Spanish.

2 bilingual haikus - "Baiku"? :) used for a contrapuntal (combining the two by alternating lines to make a third poem), creating a new set of rhyming triplets. It doesn't quite carry a dual meaning like a good contrapuntal but I like the way it sounds anyway.
Maxim Keyfman Nov 2018
tonight is our day
today fog around fog
tonight is our day
tonight is fog
fog and fog and fog and fog

what is fog and what is
and what is and what is and what
is the sun and landscape and landscape
and here is that landscape in white
that misty landscape is childhood

yes i know this childhood is for sure
exactly it i see him i saw him
this is not a dream this is not a dream
i am not sleeping all right
i don't sleep hey people i don't sleep live

Elizabeth Brown Oct 2018
He says I smell like rain,
so to complement me he smells of
freshly washed stone.
Dust rising in the air,
sometime in April,
when my showers have cleansed him.
We are not the same person.
He is grounded,
I live in the air
'til I come crashing to the ground,
where he waits for me.
They say water will break earth.
He's broken me instead,
in the most beautiful way,
and together we will create mountains;
Unscalable and true,
Deep and ancient and wise.
And when we are dead
we will stand monumented.
Our journey through life,
when he was rough
and I was a storm
of fury and form,
and you will remember us.
This was written about my ex-fiance 28/4/17.
GreenTrees May 2015
Love with its picturesque mountain peaks
one finds oneself opening their hearts to the unending sky of dreams
Down to its deep fertile valleys
where we worked the soil with hardened hands
and perseverance of heart.
At the land's edges where waves of emotion lap against its jagged shores
we find tranquility in the sound of its crashing waves.
In the high deserts where life still abounds and its fragile existence yields to the windswept nature of chance.
In its open fields where our desires roam care free
to it’s densely wooded areas where we frolic in the beauty of its simplicity.
In its grandness we are but the migratory animals who seek it's bounty from season to season.
From it we are born and die but the land remains to remind us that love endures and its beauty exists to teach us to adapt to all of its wondrous and various forms.

Copyright Karl v. 2015
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