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Mister J Jul 4
Winds whispering in harmonies
Moonlight bathing the skyline
Stars blanket the void of night
Everything feels quiet and serene

Eyes locked in a passionate stare
Reflecting the wild, loving hearts
Hearts whose beatings go erratic
Skins touching soft and bare

One pulls in for a kiss
A warm kiss that melts the mind
The other locks in embrace
A tight embrace that melts the heart

As kisses grow more torrid
And embraces grow ever fervent
Lovers inch closer and entwined
In mind and heart, body and soul

Under the moonlit horizon
Under heaven and starlight
Love blooms further than ever
Passion and emotion taking over

Heartbeats in overdrive
Giving in to unhinged desires
The night sky stands witness
To our fiery engagement

Sweat trickling profusely
As body and soul collide
Breaths grow heavier and deeper
As hearts and minds entwined

As my lips touch every inch
Nectar flows so sweet to drink
As my hands touch every point
Your whimpers grow louder

Your hands locked into mine
As we finally reach midnight
Thrusting deeper still
As our love blooms to the fullest

The warmth of your breath
Makes my head feel fuzzy
The curves of your hips
An alabaster masterpiece

The warmth we both shared
Deny the cold winds tonight
In your embrace I choose to stay
Under the stars and moonlight
Hope you loved it.
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jules May 3
sleeping softly next to me
i feel the pulsating of your heart
as i lay awake, reminiscing
the day spent together
thinking of ways to
put our love into words —
your presence keeps me safe
by the moonlit window
i couldn’t be happier.
Serendipity Mar 24
She was moonlit skin
wrapped in the silence of the night
with dew drops for eyes
and a soul
made of wet earth.
8M Aug 2019
Another night, another period in solitude
At least, that's what I think
Everyone's asleep, counting the stars in their dreams
But the stars I count are all real

Silver mane, eyes of rubies
You seemed to have came out of a painting
And a heart not of stone, but of gold
That cared for every being I could think of

She caught me in her web, but she meant no ill will
That woman was proof kind spiders could exist
If only she could've stayed forever, with me
If only...

However, it wasn't meant to last
The battles threatened the safety of her
I promised I would protect her 'till the end of my days
Alas, it wasn't enough

A single slash, and you fell
A sobbing screech sadly cut short
Laying on the ground, you rubies fading
My loved, fading away

And now I bask in the eternal night
Writing this moonlit requiem
For no one in particular.
Skye Nov 2018
sun rise.
sun skies.
soon it will rise.
but for now let it be-

let it be that we will fall
into the slumber of darkness
into the moonlit dreams

the dreams we so hope and wish
to be the reality of our future

my future that holds both me and you.
and i hope i get to spend my eternity with you
Anthony Mayfield Jul 2018
What can I tell you?
You’re so far away
I wish to shield you
From the pain
It’s ok
Even angels are allowed to fall

There’s a high road
And a morning star
Making new plans
Only gets you so far
There’s a river
There’s a stream
There’s an ocean
With water for you and me
Drinks for two
Moonlit tea

There’s a mountain high
And a valley low
Running away
Can get you in trouble
There’s a babbling brook
There’s a creek
Fresh water
With water for you and me
Drinks for two
Moonlit tea

Rivers and streams
Oceans, brooks, and creeks
Water for you
And water for me
Up mountains high
Down valleys low
Nothing is sacred
Nothing is known
Drinks for two
Moonlit tea

It’s ok
Even angels are allowed to fall
When you hurt, it's ok to let yourself go
Colm May 2018
Ask to find. Don't run and hide.
The person is not the pleasure which is in mind.

Just as fears are never lasting, ever fading fast we die.

So also should our conversations be more just than that in mind.

And yet I find...

That it is the pride of self expression, which comes most before the fall.

Perhaps our story has been recanted. And I did not share Me at all?
This is a bit of a reminder from self to humble myself. Because my perceptions are often quite far from the truth. No matter how much my intuition likes to affirm what I think. Such thoughts are just thoughts. I think.
Banan Jan 2018
I feel it all, i feel it to the core
Every bit and every ounce
Its under my skin
Rushing through the jugular
harboring every part
every corner
Of my soul

I close my eyes
and picture the light
behind your eyes
And its radiating warmth
that melted the icicles
within me
Into bottomless oceans
shoreless seas
Of devotion
Of love
Where i immerse into life

I close my eyes
and think of your lips
touching mine
And ascending into the sky
of a moonlit night
where the stars
shine only for me
lighting my way
and guiding me

I close my eyes
and think of breathing you in
Breathing your scent
and how the air has never been clear

I close my eyes
and i could feel
That i found the compass
That leads me home
When my little fingers
Fill the gaps
Between yours
And my heart racing its beats
Leaking love, leaking you

I close my eyes
and picture your features
and i see the rest of my life
Safe and sound
Latching on to you
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