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Cold mists and paper clips
A minuscule vapour cloud
Covers a story, neatly filed

Streams had dreams
The river knew of
Gently flowed into the bay

Warm water springs
The freezing cold lake
Shares the revelry

A beauty to behold
Damp air and Crystals of salt
Into the pan, white
Carlos Nov 2017
Between the fibril webs, dripping dew crystalline in the glare,

Yet yonder betwixt the tendrils a bloom doth loom the undergrowth,

Dahlia or ambrosia, neither less evinced,

In excess of apples and worms,

The beauty unlikeness to petal or fruit,

Nor weighed to deflorate by the evergreen.

As a stranger to the forest,

I've run amok the hillside,

And undone the earth with each selfish trudge.

I've littered the trail with the thoughts of my most internal singularity and emerged as legion amidst ancestors before.

Each lesson ringing true, made never to be undone with failure in pretense.
Arlo Disarray Sep 2015
she had crystalline eyes, like diamonds they shined
and allowed the world to see everything that hid inside
if you looked behind her teeth, into her throat, you'd see her spine
made of tape and plastic, in a poorly planned design

her skin made from last season's leaves,
burned from the light so easily
catching fire in the breeze
and spreading flames throughout the trees

her legs contained jello instead of bones
and she held earthquakes in her knees
the planet never stood still
and she could feel it rotating beneath her blistered feet

a heart replaced by splintering wood left her torn and sick each day
with every beat, infection grew
and took small parts of her away
At dawn from misty mountains he came.
A thunder from the blue! his name.
"Seiran" a thunder in the misty mountains at dawn from Japan,
if that isn't cool I don't know what is.
Love you! ;*
She sends her love
She sends her love down
into the Mother
that holds her dearly
pressed deep within layers
crystalline veins
become fingers of light

beneath the surface
precious stone
purple points of symmetry
down through darkness so dark
ancient dreams she remembers
She sends Her Heart
Heart Pure

She sends her love
She sends her love down
into the Mother  
that holds her dearly
millenniums of rotation
meld together in perfect form
full, round and firm

layers upon layers of
bones, stones n' trees
leaves laden with mud
pressed dense n' deep
beneath the surface
orbs of precious stone
purple points of symmetry

crystalline veins
become fingers of light
tunnels of silver
copper and gold
milleniumms of rotation
meld together in perfect form
full, round and firm

stones trees n' bones
mud laden with leaves    
pressed deep n' dense  
down through darkness so dark
ancient dreams She remembers
She sends her Heart
Heart Pure

fingers of light
the Warm Core  
Beating Heart of the Mother


Copyright © 2015 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved
She Sends Her Love
A Mantra
Chiyo Jul 2014
You're a pale blue crystalline
kissable atoms of structural perfection
Gladys P May 2014
At nightfall, in the midst of silence,
The sky turned,
Into a sheet of gray,
And droplets of rain,
Pleasantly came sprinkling down,
Making tranquil musical sounds,
Appearing to entertain.

Landing upon an adorned bed of roses,
In hues of reds, yellows,
Pinks and whites,
Lightly spreading their delicate petals,
As crystalline beads,
Gently dripped onto the ground,
In a soft melody.
Ali Cronin May 2014
Each day, my rotten flesh
Is being picked away.

The scabs blossoming
With their rosy red smiles,
So crystalline
And bright.

And as I shed my winter coat,
The sad mass of green goo,
A figure, raw and sick,
Is left behind.

From thick
To thin.

Now ******
And bare,

Somehow this spring breeze
Is more like poisoned air.

— The End —