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John McCafferty Sep 2021
It feels like our sun has split, temp is turning route and stoney grey white light now dips sooner still.
No burning haze, nor warmth caught in open play and less so the golden rays from evening shades.

Darkened days will cling to run amongst us, when there's no fire blown above the hills. Age displayed as others ill now start to wilt, and aloft the silence drops without response.

Our sweet retreat returns from deeper dreams, before the fresh breath glimpsed in brand new air gives us this good grace of green again. The sense of death keeps seeping in resolve, for future stories to reflect as we continue to unfold.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
We see life as we were told,
Obstacles in our path may be fiery or cold!
We don't know, what the future holds?
We just write as the moments unfold,
Taking leads from new and old,
We keep writing until our eyes get closed,
Because we never know, when the writings are going to turn into gold...
Fiery here refers to hot...
Tried another flow of rhymes... And some thoughts of mine too๐Ÿ˜…

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I S A A C Aug 2021
what if I have a little too much Bacardi
and I am stumbling around the party
would you take care of me or use me
would you pull my hair back as I spew out my regrets
watch me undress, caress my silhouette
donโ€™t neglect, ******* like a cigarette
knew since we first met, you rev me up like a corvette
what's next, what's next
every since you step into my life its been just blessed
I confess it's been stressful trying to get a handle
or a grip on you and your fit is so cool
you make me want you, so smooth
you want me to want to do things I donโ€™t usually do
give up the flower as you f*ck me in the shower
never thought I would be like this, you are my weakness
smiling during the fall of the tower
Melody Mann Jun 2021
a stranger to all and family to few I stand before you,
unknown and masked in anonymity my pen speaks volumes my voice could never reach,
today I lift the veil and show you the woman hidden between the lines,
Melody Mann Mar 2021
Oh moonchild,
it is safe now,
Unfold your layers till you discover the stardust and ecstasy residing within.

You are but a speck in the creation of life,
born of constellations your mind cannot fathom,
existing parallel to each equinox awaited,
although the vast is mystified and serene,
remember oh moonchild,
you are deserving of the radiance you shine onto others.

Unfold your layers and look inward for there you will find,
the glories the skies contain confide the very heart which you thought benign.
Danica Jun 2020
I kept you warm
You turned me cold
You took the sun
No joy; behold

Ps: thanks Sir Jim.
ro Feb 2020
through your ethereal eyes,
through the greens,
is an untold story,
i shall unfold.
Bhill Jan 2020
Skeptical views disorient the pleasure of not understanding
Not understanding the viewpoint right in front of you
Truth or misconceptions will unfold if you endorse the information
Just saying...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 30
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