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Caitlin jesse May 28
To be sad

Is to mourn over
As decorated
With your crest

It means that
That's all thats left
And you
Are gone

You sure do
Look good
In the moonlight
For the moon
Doesent die

And it glows
To remember you
And tells all the stars
About your life

As your bearing
May hang
From its crest
Of a crescent
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2018
Lo, the waxing moon  
eyeing on heaven
ups a notch high.
The higher it goes
pulls the tides more
down on the sea
the crescent moon sways.

It bows down and prays
as it sails towards
the locked away
heaven far, far away.
The sea spilling billow
floats the key
to the tucked away ally way!
Bhill Apr 27
This mornings moon was just about ready to bid the night sky goodbye
It's crescent beauty hanging on just long enough to spark the question why

Good morning, as I gaze upon its beauty and question its very existence
It disappears, on its way to a different skyspace, at a great distance

This thought is overwhelming, the moon never realizes daytime gazes
It skirts around the earth, being seen at night in its different phases

The beauty it has shared for years and years, just seems to happen
Without it, the night sky, would be just so, ... Blacken

Brian Hill - 2019#104
Inspired by (of course) the morning moon...
This poem is a bit different
Let me know what you all think
Thank you for reading...
Arisa Mar 26
i think i'm in love
with a man drunk on the moon
i think he's a wolf
I was severely bored when I wrote this.
cat Mar 11
the moon is gone
and the crescent my fantasy
for so long, never seeing you
the time has finally come
for me to have forgotten your face
when night is risen and moon is full
i imagine you there
your soft, beautiful face
gorgeously round and pointed and soft
the arch of your brow
and your wailing eyes
digging so deep into my own
that in my reflection yours are buried
formed from little craters and debris
historically indifferent
they must be your eyes
i was crying the last time i looked at you
you staring at me, indifferent, remorseful
i am crying now, looking at the moon
it must be you up there
eight months and twelve days
june twenty-eighth
july nineteenth
i hate that i can't remember your face
and i mourn you still
just by looking up
to that same moon
i fear the day that i might see you again
that i may be reminded of your gentleness
that i may hear the nectar of your voice
i can never stop myself from you
can never hold back from admiring you
in my entirety, you, the moon
my only beacon, beloved anchor
but the moon is gone
and the crescent only my fantasy
Yuki Jan 25
Blessed are all the dreamers
who see the sky smiling
while looking at the crescent.
Wyatt Oct 2018
Put something
on your sleeve,
a shred of honesty.
Find a balance between
happy and hostility
through people
and defenses,
this air we keep sending.
It’s not too much longer
before this picture-perfect
mentality’s a goner.
So to combat that
I’ll adopt a new moniker.

Is this a twitch
or am I blinking?
Are my blinkers on
or am I yielding?
Am I given too much credit
or not enough for them to notice?
Am I caught sleeping,
lacking all my focus?
So I’m ringing the alarm
and alarming a militia,
I’m slabbing red
all over this pretty picture.
I’ve got my war boots on
to take on the coming days
as the night always feels like
a comfort too far away.
Sunset, the skies are darkening.
Can you see me glow now?
Night compliments me.

I think I know why
the night feels right for me
I feel like the moon,
always shining
but today
I’m like a crescent.
But don’t get it twisted,
a new moon ain’t new to me.
I’ll be back and forth,
off and on with clocks off
so I can keep sleeping.
I’ll be brand new again

The sun is only right
from so far away,
so wake me when
it’s light finds me
just right
I am the moon.
sunprincess Jul 2018
Sailing across the southern skies
Tonight's crescent moon was so beautiful to see
And gazing upon this sight, I thought to myself
Is there anything more lovely?
total simulacrum Jun 2018
Am human

For reasons

Am conscious

Want what is mine.

The only planet I might
ever touch with my toes
in my lifetime, the only planet
that our children may
ever, is in constant flux
as humankind fights on high
between the minds that
can't decide on the price
of life in this land of freedom,
minds on high that can't
decide if a government
should protect its citizens' best
interests or preach
individualism until the best
is a corporate Wild West.
Until when? The time
Has come.

It is.
You can see it.
Look what you've built.
Gaze upon social implosion and cry.

Am nothing

Am a part
as the


You want to see God?
Feel your face with your hands.
Look at yourself in the mirror.
Assess what you've become.

At some point in time,
The value of commodity
Became The value of a human life
At some point in time,
The value went intangible
Became the money We need, when

Our leaders all fritter Fiat funds
For access to guns and bombs.

(Bigger and Better, Baby)

Who am I?

(Who am I?)

Who am I,

but a sound of tomorrow?
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2018
Hold it with nothing
only behold with the eyes!
Lo, this crescent Moon:
The heaven's smile in the night!

It’s the discovery made
walking down the black moon.
Without a light in the sight
as if walking blindfolded
but didn't go into the blue.

Took a trip into the matrix
without squaring the circle.
With no pattern, no more decimals of pi
undefined by design but found the Moon!
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