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The branches scatter shadows
over my closed eyes
a moment in time captured by my will to remain in it.

a mystical melody
transcends from the chimes
hanging from the corners of the porch

the leaves play the harmonies
backing vocals provided by nature
its our symphony they improvise

the faint scent of Jasmine in your hair
ebbs in the breeze
cool air seaking refuge in the warmth of our skin

lying on our quilt, lumpy from the thick
Kentucky bluegrass that has covered
the roots of the mighty oak tree

A stray thread of your hair
lights across my cheek, catching dreams
lingering there from the night before

resting your head on my chest
I know every detail of your face
because I've spent many hours falling into the sparkle in your eyes
theladyeve Oct 24
Love, like petals of a blooming flower,
Roses of rubies, lilies of pearl.
A skin as though of jasmine
that August evening…was it August?

I created you in a hazy vision
when my mind was drunk with sleep -
Are you a dreamer too?
Sneha shenoy Jun 2021
Arnt you my most beautiful Jasmine?
Tell me when did you cast ur spell on me
I am enraptured in your fragrance
Heavens wouldn’t smell that way I swear
Fair as snow flake, Smooth as silk
Your lips are like honey dew
Like drop of water on the bud
Oh my Jasmine, only if other flowers knew
How fragrant you are
I’m sure they they would be envious
I’m waiting for you to bloom my Jasmine !
Once again I fell in the deepest pit
I can merely fathom the depth  
I don’t wanna rise,It’s a beautiful dream
The pit of my love
filled with infinite happiness ! Muah..
Aye My beautiful Jasmine,
Your Aura enraptured my soul ❤️
- *Rose
Eola Jan 2021
Jasmine scent lingers
I fall down on grass
The sky is different
It wasn't as blue in the past
Lane O Aug 2020
white jasmine petals
like the finest silk so pure
nature's sweet perfume
Safana Jul 2020
You told me, it's
one day, IM
will be sent to,
my eyes awaiting
for long to see, the
arrival of your words
on a screen

You are my flower,
A sweet jasmine
Flower 💐
Y ♥️J🥀
IM= instant message
Amy Perry Jun 2020
I feel pretty and soft,
Like a jasmine flower
Blooming with fragrant power,
Feminine and unique,
No two alike in pale white and pink,
Harnessing, absorbing
Sweet summer light,
The rich scent of jasmine
Carried aright,
Weightless and pungent,
Expressively existing.
I feel pretty and soft,
My presence caressing and kissing.
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