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amelia Jan 11
spurted as if from fountains atop messy beds
of lilies and lilacs,
jumbled together in a rush of colour that
seemed to have more and more detail
the more you gazed at it.

the sun shone
over the garden like liquid honey
melting over the peeling paint
of the white trellis that held
twining ivy
and heavily scented jasmine in its grasp.

and there, glazing the morning garden,
lay an aureate, flaxen
written while listening to i'd like to walk around in your mind someday by vashti bunyan
rofan May 2018
as I sat there thinking about how love is a fairy tale
and now I ask my self is it ?
and even now the memory still here in my heart
so why dream did you come when you are leaving?
why do you bring a torrent of pain to my heart?
ooh if I was the moon to see you every night
ooh if I was the sun to light your day
only if I can go back in time
then I will stand there for hours looking in to your eyes
but why?why did I come to you?
and why do my heart fall when ever I see you or hear your voice?
will the tears and pain will ever stop
will the solicitude will stop to
but still the spirit  is still a spirit
hard as a rock  beautiful as the smell of jasmine
and the poem will always be the only thing
to stop me from bleeding
and to heal my wounds.
I'm not Cinderella, who came to the party and met the prince because I didn't have those glass shoes
or being Ariel, exchanging the beautiful tail with feet for a man from another world
Aurora fell asleep long enough, then love came from a prince with a kiss, could it be?
then, should I become Snow White who was poisoned by an apple then fell asleep and the prince came just to be able to see me every day. No
could I have to meet an unlovely and cursed prince like Belle, and love him sincerely?
but I can't like Elsa that freezes the human heart
because I am still need love like Jasmine from Aladdin, but I don't want to be a present
I might have to venture out across the vast ocean to find the lost, yes it's Moana
so I have to be brave and tough like Mulan about anything that will happen in reaching the dreams and love that might not be easy
svdgrl Aug 2018
Jasmine smells of Lavender to me,
except the plant of color reminds me of a time that was lonelier.
I've held a bit of the scent,
but was compelled to be rid of the dried herb that lingers,
and tickles my legs in my own bed as a reminder
to dust myself off and try again.
I sniff the freshly fallen blossoms I've laid atop
my comforters, fondly.
I try to erase the fear of the spirals,
smelling flowers and escaping sleep
and remember that I've become the company I keep.
So that when I anoint my temples with white petals
I forget the loneliness lavender reminds me of.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
My sweet Jasmine Pearls
has touched the hearts of many
So now I wonder

Would you like more of
free-verse poems about teas?
Please do let me know!
My Jasmine Pearls did great! I'm so glad everyone enjoyed it!
Let me know if would you like another poem like that?
Much love,
Lyn ***
Salmabanu Hatim Aug 2018
Small and white,
Their scent a delight,
Blooms at night.
String  them with your hand,
In your wedding garland.
Pluck these fragile flowers,
As offers,
On the graves of your loved ones,
Light a scented candle when done.
Salmabanu Hatim Jul 2018
In a garden,
As beautiful as heaven,
At night Jasmine,
With white silky lips,
Unfolded its perfumed petals,
Blossoms in ethereal beauty,
With a creamy glow.
In the morning the Red Rose in bud,
Drenched in dew,
Unfurled its petals one by one,
On a single stem with its prickly thorn,
Sassy and beautiful.
Each with an ego of,
"I am the best",
Their hatred flared,
In fumes their scent flowed in waves.
The  birds and insects looked on,
Prayed for peace,
Tried to pacify them.
Then one day their enmity changed to love.
Bees and butterflies sang and chanted love songs,
As they sipped their nectar.
Soon The Rose proposed,
My love, let's get married,
For long have we tarried.
So the hummingbird  flew them to them to a famous wedding planner,
To be stringed into garlands,
Jasmine for the bride,
And The Red Rose for the groom.
The couple took their vows,
So did The Rose and Jasmine.
They made a beautiful pair,
And their children were called Jasrose.
Poetic fairy tale
K Balachandran Apr 2018
carousing with breeze,
scent  of jasmine was my gift;
made me airborne quick!
Katie V-W Apr 2018
jasmine jostles
leaves fold

I watch

steel and glass contain
assuaged by structure

the wind blows
but not here
I always find myself mesmerized by the smallest of things.
The eternal song of nightingale.
The intoxicating aroma of jasmine.
The tiny raindrop on the edge of your eye.
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