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Lane O Aug 9
white jasmine petals
like the finest silk so pure
nature's sweet perfume
Safana Jul 26
You told me, it's
one day, IM
will be sent to,
my eyes awaiting
for long to see, the
arrival of your words
on a screen

You are my flower,
A sweet jasmine
Flower 💐
Y ♥️J🥀
IM= instant message
Amy Perry Jun 20
I feel pretty and soft,
Like a jasmine flower
Blooming with fragrant power,
Feminine and unique,
No two alike in pale white and pink,
Harnessing, absorbing
Sweet summer light,
The rich scent of jasmine
Carried aright,
Weightless and pungent,
Expressively existing.
I feel pretty and soft,
My presence caressing and kissing.
Jessica May 12
I whisper, "I love you"
Into a sky lit by the brightest moon and scented by the loveliest Jasmine flowers
My face shines in the light like silver,
and the truth is musical in the night air.
Cinx Dec 2019
There is this friend I have,
with a heart that's full of love
A flower color of a moonlight
Not dull, not bright

An angel with a ready smile,
as if she's always high!
with a sweetness like her own?
you wouldn't want to make her frown

A lady who'll sing you a melody
If needed be, a lullaby
But when she's acting crazy?
She'll define catastrophe

For tens of years, a hundred face
Few have caught my gaze
You'll never find someone like her...
Says her lover, one named Euller.

Though not a princess of a fantasy,
she's beautiful, not just pretty.
At dahil english ko ay paubos na...
To you my friend, I dedicate this poetry.
I once was told
In Broooklyn New York
I had a lackadaisical attitude.
It was the first time I was hearing
That whimsical adjective !
So lackadaisical I was !
Looked like an illness
The way they said it
It seemed I could contaminate.
So I stopped a few seconds to think  and dissect the word
I lacked a daisy somewhere !
Sounded like I lacked a fuse in my brain !
Next thing I know I was checking the word
In my reminiscences of the Oxford English Dictionary
Or may be it was Webster's
And  it said in black and white ferns I lacked purpose
I wasn't properly lazy, I just lacked directions
I lacked enthusiasm, stamina
I was devoid of zest
I was blasé
Translated into  more French I was nonchalant and better said
It was during an encounter group
And they threw that lackadaisical attitude ******* to my face
And guess what i did ?!
I just kept on smiling
Jemenfoutiste to the extreme.
And they kept saying
See what I mean, you 're so ******* lackadaisical , man !
You're so pathetic !  You're so apathetic !
It was Winter in America like Gil Scott-Heron would say
And it felt so good, so warm,
As far as I could see,
To be called lackadaisical
And not laconical.
I not only lacked a daisy
I lacked a bunch of tropical flowers indeed !
Like bouganvillea, orchid or hibiscus
Anthurium, jasmine or bromeliad
I lacked sun and sea
Strange as it was
Even though I was near Atlantic Avenue, Coney Island
So I was lackaseacal and lackasuncal
But what I didn't lack was ants in my pants
And until today they make me dance
My forever lackadaisical dance.
kerri Aug 2019
Why do you criticize me, dear one?
I get that we don't see eye to eye almost all the time,
But you're the closest thing I have to a friend.
Written around 2014.
Anastasia Aug 2019
I've been thinking
About the moon
Her sweet scent
Of jasmine and rose
She glances
Upon the night blossoms
And smiles
Her beaming light
It dances
Upon my skin
And her reflection
Is just as beautiful
As her star-children
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