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Things be somehow
As I be man,
I dey try make I no bow
To pressure around town.
I no wan too think am
I no wan too show am.

Man dey try
Make man no cry.
To the world I sleek
Between you and me, I weak.

Come give me breast
Make I **** first,
Make I recharge my joy,
Treat me like a little boy.

I don sick
And na you be my medicine.

- @Olladave
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
Victoria has a secret,
and now it's high time
to get this off her chest:
for what seems an eternity
she's endured them.

Far from supporting or uplifting,
instead they get under her skin.
If she lets them slide on the job,
it only makes for awkward
adjustments later.

Still, they used to adore her,
now they're a form of torture.
True, they were never an exact fit,
but sometimes they worked wonders.

Now, they make subtle digs at first,
but by day's end
they've always left their mark.
It's said to keep one's friends close
but one's enemies even closer,
and that's no stretch.

Maybe it's time to string 'em up and free the ******!
Masuda Khan Juti Nov 2019
rolling drop of sweat
slowly slowly drops.
From the bottom of your breast
aiming straight it falls
On your thigh it tries to rest - but ah
--- it's a sticky plummet.
Tammy Cusick Aug 2019
Withered through these relinquished lips,
softly lays an embellished, embroidered, carcass.
Torn across flesh-like soil
caressing gently into this impermeable being,
you're only human.

So allowing in the presence of indigenous, oblique thoughts
slanting into the belly
never feeling so bare
the hunger deprives.
The nails of your eyes piercing into the forefront of mush you call a brain,
feeling the earth distinctively tremble with each step you chase closer to the ledge

Clutching onto the white knuckle breast
your hands pounding at your fingertips
its electric running through your veins
feeling it at the core
so helplessly, lost.

Your throat knots into one-thousand splinters
splicing relentlessly between your core
the wedge of your mortal body becomes noticeable to your soul

Slithering one step closer,
pull the rope
you leap
you rot

one more inch closer,
you can feel it
separating your surroundings from comfort ability
picking up between each breath
shaking at your own wake.

there you have it
at the brim of the edge
you've push yourself this close
whats one last jump out of this skin?
Donna Jun 2019
The nurse was so kind
She made me feel so at ease , on
my first ******* day
I had my first mammogram today , because I’m now 50 I get one done once a year for free till I’m 70 :-))) its important to go and get a breast scan , can save your life ** ❤️ and the nurse was so lovely so kind and very respectful **
MisfitOfSociety Apr 2019
Atoms scattered upon water, grass and ground.
Mother gathered the collection of atoms. Then ate them, drank them and inhaled them.

Specks of light interwoven to create my source code.
From warmth into the dark, my dream was cut too short.
It was cut much too short.

Where was her ******* to cry milk for me?
Where was her arms to embrace me?
I was supposed to have a long dream,
but it was cut too short!

You grabbed a hatchet to cut my dream,
Snuffed it out like a candle in the cold winter breeze.
I needed someone to guide me through my dream.
I needed you to guide me through my dream.
Through my dream, I would have found awake.
Now I sleep, never to awake.
Girard Tournesol Nov 2018
She is filled with smooth promises
Suggesting what might have beens yet to come
Languid and persuasive above the clouds
Sweet nothings whisper, "love is out there."
Jana Clay Oct 2018
She danced in the moonlight dazzle by the sun, she wanted her dreams to come true no matter what she was going through...
The Fire within kept her dancing even when she was burned, broken and weak the chemo only made her sleep... only to be told she can’t dance anymore they will have to take her ***** she felt naked on the dance floor... lost and alone in her zone her Fire Pink was completely gone!
As the sunset and the skies turned orange, red and Pink she asked God “ Please Take This Cancer Away From Me”!!!! Weaping with sorrow all she could think about was hair that was falling out everywhere..
Her last tear touched the ground as an Angel appears with Fire Pink in his hand , he reached through her solar plexus to light the Spark that was Dimmed. Fire Pink dances free now she touches those who are sleep.

By, Jana Maxwell Clay dedicated to my Auntie Danielle Denise Duckett
Justyn Huang Oct 2018
**** did she have small *******
but wow how I ****** them--
And Loved Her
And all of Her the more.
haha just a cute joke
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