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annh Apr 2022
Marge retrogrades lazily towards the hills;
Her name, printed the width of her cab-over dinette
In crinkled cobalt cursive,
Totters eccentrically as her handbrake fails.


Oblivious to errant camper vans (and centripetal forces in general),
Barney speeds maniacally along a deserted city street;
Golden coated and joyously poochie,
His tongue flabbers as fast as his bicycle courier dad can pedal.


Mr Blue buys buckets at Bunnings
To match his cerulean suit and shinier-than-shiney satin shirt;
Periwinkle rhinestone shoes carry him unabashedly passed the second glances and sideways looks;
There goes the best dressed DIY-er in town…don’t ya know.

Oh, and that’s Antigua Street photography not Antigua street photography. :)

‘I only know how to approach a place by walking. For what does a street photographer do but walk and watch and wait and talk, and then watch and wait some more, trying to remain confident that the unexpected, the unknown, or the secret heart of the known awaits just around the corner?’
- Alex Webb
Lane O Aug 2020
barn swallows take wing
cobalt streaks in the gray sky
over fields they fly
Mark C Apr 2019
the storm clouds threatened
to pull me into the blue river
and drown me in a mix of cobalt and smoke

i was pushed into the rift
the folds of brine,
so i pulled out my pockets
hoping the last bit of blush pinks
and buttercup yellows
would save me from the patches
of leaden gray
day 09: furor (focus on a color)
I think I (unwittingly) swayed away from the prompt and went off the rails with this one.
A Sep 2018
I glimpse above a
Cobalt chocolate sundown, you
Chasing violet.
trf May 2018
i rest my head gently
against wooden beams,
cigarette smoke clouds
pillow case dreams

on a star spangled night
dangling feet off a ledge,
the moon bends light
along a noose i've pledged

the devil calls my name
the weight pulls me down
the angels aren't to blame
ignore their siren sound

i kneel beside my bed
and shake my fists above
this reckless life i've led
sings blue cobalt love
Overlooking Star mountain, my backyard's landscape; I like to have a break, dangle my bare feet over a 60 foot drop and try to smile. It's a sight to behold.
I had walked miles that day.
Finding myself in these old
Los Angeles side streets,
was to travel back in time.

Bougainvillea, overflowing
with color, festooned the
weathered cedar cottages.
Heavy trumpet flowers,
sleepy in the filtered light,
stirred beside huge green
leaves, in the easy marine air.
I walked on.  

Evening had come, and with it,
a few stars shone over the ocean.

After a perfect dinner, I still
craved a bit of sweetness
on my tongue.

Walking back from the end
of the pier under deep
cobalt, the night sky held me.

Just ahead, tiny birthday candles,  
and warm, kind faces, welcomed
me into their midst.

Softly, they sang 'Las Mañanitas'
in one voice, and I sang with them.

Someone's hand
reached out to me; a
thin paper cake plate,
heavy with treasure,
was silently offered.

Tres Leches, soaked
with tender love
and milky sweetness.

Heaven could only be
more of this.
('Las Mañanitas' is the lovely, classic Mexican birthday song. Traditionally it is sung in the morning to awaken a loved one on their special day. Tres Leches, the cake of the' three milks', has no equal in moist, sumptuous sweetness. 'Dulce de Vida' means  'The Sweetness of Life'.)
©Elisa Maria Argiro
Cori MacNaughton Jun 2015
Perhaps I am simple
I love simple things
Glass, blown or slubbed
Crystal or colored
Sparkling in sunlight
Catching the flame
These simple pleasures
Bring me joy
As much as any gem

Exception, the Opal
Begins life as water
Seeps into stone
Becomes over time
Fire within water
Shadow of aeons
Life within stone
Water gone solid
As solid as glass,
and as fragile

I wrote this poem after collecting shells and beach glass one afternoon.  Opals are my birth stone and have long been favorites.
I have read this poem in public many times but this is the first time it appears in print.
Upon the shores of Malachite
Next to the cobalt seas
Under molten silver slivers of moonbeams
That shatter on the crystal icing
Covering the diamonded waterfall
By the golden sand . . .
Gather the Unicorns
Of Neptune , Uranus , and Pluto and beyond
Playfully cavorting between
Steel seas and emeralded mountains
On the frozen sands of time unchanged
For a thousand Earth's comings

But it's just a dream
A lunacy , a nothingness in the night
All my Unicorns have taken to flight
And were never there
Or were they ?

All the frozen seas . . .
Are now warm Florida Keys
Under a full August moon
And all the mountains . . .
Are impossible fears
That have faded into prairies
Swelling like seas
And there are no proof prints
In the sands of time
Of a far away race
Frozen in time
Gladys P May 2014
Just when the sun illuminates,
Upon the sapphire skies,
And the clouds appear,
To slowly dance, side by side.

Shimmery, cobalt blue waters,
Perform a low sequence, on the seaside,
Leaving a bubbling blanket,
On the surface of smooth sands,
Washing away, pretentiously.

Bringing a gentle tropical zephyr,
With rhythmic sounds,
Echoing, through evergreen pinnate leaves,
Swinging gently, into the calming air.

Inspiring a magical after glow,
With dreams fulfilled,
In ecstasy,
Leaving a warm and peaceful impression.

— The End —