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We stretch out our hands,
Waiting for salvation.

We watch the dripping sands
Of the hourglass with poignant resignation.

Our society demands
Of us to disregard those in isolation.

But the isolation is the only thing that understands
That this life is really nothing but eternal damnation.
This week has been nothing but stressful, and I'm on the edge of losing my ******* mind.
annh Dec 2019
Time lapses, as quick sands sift from flask to flask,
Half empty - a flick of the wrist - half full;
Hours of glass, ground into powder, measuring my frailty.

'He dreamed of deserts and great empty cities and imagined he could feel the minutes and hours of his life running through him, as though he were nothing but an hourglass of flesh and bone.'
- Laini Taylor, Strange the Dreamer
Undead Nomad Nov 2019
Golden essence shifts through my fingers, spilling on the ground, shifting over my feet.

A gentle breeze passes through, the sands become its body, emulating its spirit and casting its shadow.

The glittering glow sings to the sun a melody pleasing to the eyes.
quiel Aug 2019
listen to the distant
of your
all that
remain of your
dreams are compressed into
orbs of light,
carefully placed inside
an empty box;
leave your house and search the
idle sands of time for me,
x marks the spot.
i was thinking of writing a poem from a name. this one was one of my favorites. //leonardo calix//
Mister J Jun 2019
Golden sunlight kissing my skin
Gentle breeze whispering in my ears
The sunset covered by a crown of clouds
The skies slowly dimming towards twilight

The fine sand on my toes feels warm
Getting cozier as each minute passes by
The waves come and go in a gentle rush
The salty mist refreshing to the withered soul

Coconut trees sway back and forth
Slow-dancing with the gentle breeze
Lying alone in this small and cozy tent
Waiting for the stars to sparkle bright

As the night approaches bonfires littered the beach
Like small tongues of light in a dark, serene canvass
People singing songs not very far away
Blending smoothly with the strumming of guitars

I guess this is what people call paradise
Yet why does it feel so incomplete?
The gaping hole in my heart feels empty
My arms feel like they're missing a big piece

If this is paradise, then what is it missing?
Why does everything look so perfect, yet feel so empty?
And then the memories left to wither
Came like a tsunami on the horizon

It was your warmth that it lacked
Your presence it was missing
Your scent blending with the salty air
Your eyes glowing with the moonlight

It was your love that was my paradise
The love that you took with you
When you left me stranded and struggling
In an island of my sadness and misery

But for tonight, and all the coming nights
I choose to bury the past in these sands
To break the chains that still cling to me
Along with the painful memories that haunt me

So as I sleep under the blanket of starlight
I remain hopeful of the breaking dawn
As I forget you like the passing waves of the seas
And the winds bring me to the arms of a paradise just for me
Trying to get some sleep.
Dumping my thoughts

Eloisa Jun 2019
Your last sweetest kiss
In the land of the palm trees
Faith and golden sands
Seanathon Apr 2019
I am the fire beneath the sands of time
Worn and torn into a thousand pixels
Burning bright in the last hour of daylight
Beneath the surface
I am the last step of the marathon
The breaking of the tickertape
And the blackness of the screen beneath
And at the same time
I am fire
I am all of these
How his heart feels sometimes
Tanay Sengupta Mar 2019
I tried not to let go,
But she slipped through my hands.
I didn't realize I was against the flow,
Unable to adjust to the shifting sands.
Now, I sit in this emptiness longing to see her again.
I miss her presence,
Like the barren land misses the summer rain.
I want to drench in her essence
And feel alive.
She has been drained out of me.
I regret going against the tide.
There was so much that I wanted to see.
Adventures I wanted to share,
Of deserts, mountains, and the sea.
Tell her that I care
And know if she cared about me.

Oh Life, I miss you!
I realize as I sit here in my agony.
I am sorry for all I made you go through.
It is such an irony!

Because as a kid, all I wanted to do was grow up.
I could not value you when I had you.
Now, you have left and I miss you.

Oh life, I miss you in my agony.
I am smiling in my sadness,
It is such an irony!
Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2019.
All Rights Reserved.

We often value things, after we have lost them.
An oval
lude in
the hair
of platitude
with just
an air
to ginger
his tea
O madly
in the
sands of
a stump
sure meme
that gladly
fornicate him
but a
sound view
A law in brief
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