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this gloomy,
these cloudy,
the softness in,
these Fall days.
Summer Jul 2021

tangible darkness
let me take a picture of you

paint you on the wall
scribble your name on waters

in your naked form
bend you, so no one else

knows you but me, alone

insomniac darkness — tell me
my muse, let me taste you,

bewildering, like arrows in disarray
and white birds

surreal as falling seraphs and forked tongues

moist darkness
what is sulking inside you must submerge

with manta rays hemmed in circles long ago
curled horns probing, testing bygones,

frozen dawn condensing my azure dreams ashore
Melody Mann Mar 2021
Blinding and radiant the sunshine trickles through the windowsill,
Bringing life to the shadows as it kisses the surfaces surrounding her,
The rays bare news of a world afar,
Reminding her of a beginning anew.
I like the way
The mellow January Sun
Shines by the evening in my kitchen
No one
in sight
I am too
I wish I could
I cant so Ill
Maniacal Escape Jun 2020
Basking in the glow of a lacerated sun
Dripping blessed rays, life pools in an agonising emptiness.
Smile upon me with your godless grace
Light of life, prying open a necrophyte visage
Spotlight upon a murderous parade
Of life and happiness. Always watching with
Catastrophic intent and purging flame.
Behold the beacon of rage as it rips
At your vision. Blinding illumination.
A scar in the sky.
Cataclysmic vista.
atop the east hills
an outer edge of sun rays
were seen early this morn
John McCafferty May 2020
Glances of a golden glow
Face raised up
and layers thrown
Childlike fun
Mid May rays
its warmth absolved

Cindered slow and tender
Scarlet tones rendered red
The invisible hand slaps
with a silent clap

No spite or bite just light
Remember this tightness
Dangers unknown grown
Charred from above
upon those below
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
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