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thing of beauty
soaked in light
saturated with every emotion

You leave me weightless
static as skin

overwhelmed with the deepest of joy
when I get to stand in your rain
For the last few months I have just been overwhelmed with the beauty of the clouds in my city, and this poem is my love letter to them.
Bede Aug 31
I walk into the mossy wood,
The Sun above me shining.
Around me I can feel it warmth
And I see the ray's wide-winding.

As source, it gives me light and heat
And gives the moss it's green
Through grace, I shall be warm again
Even when I'm left dying.
My first attempt at a symbolist poem
Annie Aug 22
Another morning, girl wakes to the sun
sitting on one cheek.

Born again, her lashes dense with dreams.
Could she roll over
and delve into emptiness
for just a moment longer?

Girl rises nonetheless, girl folds herself into clothes.

How to live repeatedly, relentlessly
without knowing for sure what it is that girl is living for?

Is it just another day in which to smile?
To soak up knowledge? Or to
leap right over the edge of comfort
and say something she truly means?
No, she couldn’t possibly do something like that.

Do thoughtless humans lead better lives?

Outside, memories fall on girl like sycamore seeds.
Reality, girl knows, has only just begun
to stir up the world she never thought could be so overwhelming and
all at once.

Small reminders swallow girl whole-
that no one truly knows anything.

She’s wondering now, if she can actually feel
the shape of her soul becoming a
xenomorph (unusually and irregularly shaped).

Sun rays will wake girl once again,
zigzagging across her skin.
why do i see the sun white on all things?
but when it shines at your face it decreases

that your white becomes more lights
or you have shine than its rays
the one who loves sees her or his lover is the smartet one
The brightness of a glorious dawn
Brings to this world its healing light
The bright rays streaming on and on
Though I may be in darkest night

Although it’s night, the sun shines still
The rays will warm my body soon
Should my faith waver, then I will
Find comfort in the lighted moon

Just like the sun - my wealth is sure
My hope increases day by day
While new horizons I explore
And prosper now in every way

If darkness hides my wealth from view
My faith remains - it shall be shown
Abundance from my heart renews
Revealing all the wealth I’ve known
This is Prosperity Poem 26 at  and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background here
Donna May 30
The sun poked out its
legs and walked upon the earth
Each step full of spring

Me and Dean saw beautiful sun rays today what a lovely picture it was *** ❤️
Thank you to my lovely friends who left lovely messages today for me and dean becoming grandparents for the first time , much love to you all so kind and sweet of you , very much appreciated;❤️
Madeleine May 27
Many colors
Many shades
Morning and night
More colors than day
Daytime rays break through
The giant cotton *****
Hidding the light
But pop with color
The light falls
Striking the highest points
Nightime comes
and the light goes
and many smaller lights appear
Yo are
in your own ways.
The sun
can't be so big or
so bright
if it didn't have
all those little rays.
My point being, you are who you are and you add up to what we are. Each and every one of us can do something great if we come together and try.
Annie Feb 24
Green leaves My hands
into upwards into forwards.
Got that water.        Got that water.
Got that fire every morning.    Got those sun rays every day.
I’m sitting in I’m living in
the kitchen      the hub of it all
I’m flourishing. I’m flourishing.
The sun in her last strength,
As she readies to takes her rest,
for the next day at length.

Leaves behind a pretty picture,
One of,
Blue, and

Composed and hinged,
All perfectly together,
In the most beautiful gradiant.

Admiring her zestful Rays,
Landing a simple kiss,
As she gently fades.

Into the noir sky we go,
But I will see you again,
Because you are, you know,
The best part of my mornings.
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