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aennij Jul 2016
Hanapan na lang ba palagi ng kahalagahan?
Tila wasak na wasak na puso kong iniwan.
Pero huwag ka magalala diyan,
sanay naman akong nililisan.

Nililisan nang basta basta na lamang,
at ang resulta? Ito ako, walang pakinabang.
Pero heto pa rin, bumabalik sa'yo na parang lutang.
Huwag ka magalala, sanay naman akong matawag na hibang.

Nahihibang na at tangang tanga,
isuot ko na lang kaya ang sarili sa isang banga?
O di kaya'y magpariwara at magpawalang bahala?
Huwag kang magalala, sanay nga akong nagmumukhang tanga, diba?

Kahit kailan ay huwag ka nang magalala.
Baka bukas o kaya ngayon ay sumalo na lang ako ng bala,
ipatama sa puso o di kaya sa ngala-ngala.
Huwag kang magalala.
Gladys P Oct 2014
A soft, and magical pearlescent blanket
Covered the alluring streets
Lightly and gently, to the touch
Falling slightly, beyond adorable tiny feet

With sparkling snowflakes
Streaming into delicate strokes, with ease
And frosty icicles, decorated the land
On this snowy, winter freeze

In laughter, tots place their teensy fingers
Upon their crimson precious face
Looking up in happiness, and reaching out
Capturing the beauty, of tumbling sprinkles, in amaze

While gently unfolding their little hands
And flakes, mysteriously disappear
A fantasy, and wonderful experience
As they mesmerized the season and shed joyous tears
Äŧül Jun 2014
Whenevel I clied hungly,
Chhe would give me milk.
Whenevel I do not dlink it,
Chhe will tly that I dlink it.
Whenevel I am chho angly,
Chhe will tly that I dlunk it.
Whenevel chhe loshesh hope,
Chhe will look at my papa.
My daddy will only shmile,
Lift shweetly in hiz armsh.

They would then shuksheed,
Togethel they enteltain me.
They dichhtract & feed me,
Milk I lyk not chho vely hot.
Twichhe they tly & I leject,
They sing me some lhymsh.
Mom then poulsh two dlops,
On back of hel hand chhe tlies.

'Tsch! It's hot,' chhe ekchclaims,
I let out a shmall shlieky laugh.
Daddy lent hel a helping hand,
He blung a khup of cold watel.
Finally they togethel feed me,
Calefully & lovingly they do it.
Whenevel I lemembel my lisp,
I am chho happy & smile bloadly.
In India, the tiny tots often have a cute lisp for many sounds like 'S' as 'Sh', or 'Sh' as 'Chh' or 'R' as 'L', and trust me it sounds so cute whenever their lisp is more prominent than what they actually have to speak. I used to lisp in my childhood. This poem is based on that memory.

My HP Poem #640
©Atul Kaushal
Gladys P Apr 2014
On a bright and delightful Easter morning
A furry white rabbit, wiggled her pink adorable nose
Peeking through lush bushes
In a lovely and distinctive pose

And jiggled her cottony soft scut
Aiming into a vegetation
On this sunny day
With so much motivation

Quietly hopping into a blissful garden
Placing decorative filled eggs in pastels
With little time to rest
As she quickly inhales

Adding vibrant colours, to an emerald spiky blanket
And into a rainbow of unfolding tulips
Enlightening her way, like a dazzling carnival
For little peeps enjoyment, upon soft winds movement

Beginning in the latter daylight hours, as tots of all ages
Eagerly carried empty interwoven baskets, on their quest
Pacing through, as in peekaboo
And observing who competes the best

— The End —