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Carmen Jane Sep 2
Don't pretend you can love
All the whispers of the wind
Stop a second to behold
The beautiful truth

It lays at your feet,
In the morning dew
Just kick off your shoes
And feel its touch - so sweet!

See her sneary patience,
She's the sheep at first sight
Yet all was calculated
She's a wolf in disguise

Pay attention to her moves,
She's got you as a fool
Wash your face,don't hesitate
Don't become her tool.

Walk away, don't give her credit
For everything you can do
Your pen is in your hand
Remember where you stand!

Let go of all the fears,
Yet don't wipe all  your tears
Instead let them flow
Like a mighty waterfall!

And don't say your sorries
Don't show your worries
Truth will stick with you
If all from heart you'll do.
Huffy puffy, smoke till your
lungs get stuffy
Drinky dinky alcohol till
your mind's no longer runny
Poppy pills till you almost
drop dead
Funny how you cope is not
a joke
But a scary reality that I can't

You're killing yourself every day
You promise to quit,
But you relapse into addiction

You tell me that all I do is write
"stupid poems"
If your health had a status, it'd
be "It's Complicated" filled
with terrible afflictions

As I watch your health snap like
a defenseless twig on a hiking path,
I feel beyond sorry for you

I do everything to keep you alive
But ****, you're like a breathing
corpse to me
Passive in life and breathing to
You used to smile, but now,
You only cry

Please, I know that changing
your ways will take time
I'm beginning to feel out-of-line
As each day adds on to your demise

Please don't die. I want you to be alive. There's no shame in getting treatment for addiction to substances. In this poem, someone's heart is crushed as they witness their friend's life being destroyed from substance abuse.
Water crashes.
Rumbles and echoes on the rocks.
Cool mist fills the air.
Above, a river falls off a cliff,
while below, it falls off another.
A bridge beneath my feet.
Green plants.
People taking pictures.
A wooden lodge for dining,
with a gift shop.
The hum of a freeway.
A river with barges.
The sound of a train.
The wild meets man,
at the waterfall.
John Glenn Apr 18
Her collarbone is a basin
And it reflects the stars
Twinkling in her eyes
When the liquid salt
Fills it to the brim
And drops like an irregular
Waterfall down a honeyed chin
Ed C Mar 29
I looked in your eyes and they were moonlight,
piercing the darkness, unlike sunshine, unlike
the burning you feel when you get too close to something
fake. I looked into your moonlight eyes and I saw pools
of blue cascading like a waterfall over crystal, distorted shimmer.
It wasn't even like looking at eyes, it was just looking into something
I wanted to steal and lock away, in a corner of my closet
where no light could scratch.
malluraeh Mar 23
I am on the edge of a waterfall.
I don’t want to do this.

To stop this waterfall,
I think of all the good things in life.

Now the waterfall,
got heavier.

And I fall deeper
into it.
Bhill Mar 2
Drip, Drop, Splash

Drip, drop, splash...
Water, as it finds its final resting place below.
Falling with fellow (drops),
Falling off the cliff side, (drip)
Falling to form very special, beautiful waterfall, (splash).
Coming out into the light.
Waters from storms aged years ago.
Making their way through the tiniest of sandstone cracks.
Having been inside the mountains above for eons.
Not seeing daylight for all those years,
What a surprise, when finding themselves
falling and falling,
to make,
Drip, Drop, Splash...

Brian Hill - 2019
Inspired by Poetry in the Park @ Zions
This was inspired by a storm waterfall in Zions National Park today while going to Poetry in the Park poetry class....
JRF Jan 28
Storm water channelled by terracotta roofs,
Falling to the Earth like waterfalls.
Green plants clinging to the walls and you.
Dancing on the wet stone.
Just my imagination
all by leigh Jan 27
Just as water runs, so does he.
He can't be contained, like a river running to a waterfall. Even with all his strength and power, he can't help but choose the path he is on. All I was to him was simply the dam to restrain his natural stride. He does as he wants, not needing to have an excuse. It's just nature, isn't it? He's the river and I'm the waterfall.
Falling for his guise, hoping that I'll run back into him soon enough.
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