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toleomato Jul 13
The drops of mist from crashing falls
descend upon my face
and scatter in the whirling breeze
to dance in playful grace.
toleomato Jul 13
Emerald pools
that pour into
cascades of foaming white,
thrashing about;
RQ May 15
be a river and let everything flow
then be a waterfall as it flows down and crash
when it crashes into a lake you can begin anew
a lake is your new beginning
if it does not work out be a river again
be a stream and flow into the ocean
be free in the open upon the horizon
Strung Feb 24
Heavy beast and heavy burden
Burned into growing feet,
a mile above all great sentiments of
Home, clouds settle into molds
Carved inside carnivorous minds.

There is no quadrant on this island
You could go
Where I could not see who you created
In me, fiery and dormant, whirlwind
Of silence and fear. I see you everywhere,
In every line on my face,
You exist.

I exist amongst a million cold dandelions in a weary field.
Inescablable youth, river stones wrapped to knarled knees
To ground me to three separate waterfalls,
All who whisper of the dead
To creatures who eat the love from out the backs of children’s heads.

I own a million fragments of a life
And nowhere have I found the one
Who makes them whole.
KHY Feb 11
the waterfall pours from my eyes
pedals fall underneath the guise
stunting growth, lethargic dope
cogs and knots, perched atop  
Frozen locks, offset and lost
denial of fact, unravelling fiction
dine in solitude, reset and listen
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2020
The cube, the sphere
and the triangle

Building blocks, visionary shapes
that brace wind, cut clouds

Industrial smoke goes against
the grain of architecture

Maybe we can find where
they breathe tomorrow in naturally

It will be opaque and after breakfast
arrested by cantilevered thoughts

A ripple in the calm
whirlpool above the falls

As Liliane enjoys swimming
in the **** and collecting modern art

By nightfall and before the uniting
there's a solemn dream to be had

Haunted fragments
within the libretto of a Shining Brow

The contents of Froebel gifts
form organic steps, and led us
Wright to the water's edge
For Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959)
daycrow Sep 2020
We’re going there-
where lips and eyes meet,
between waterfalls and fireflies;
I spin around in circles.

It’s home to you-
might not seem to be,
but the scent of wet grass and sawdust
almost moves you to tears.

You’ll learn it soon-
though you don’t want to,
life is a cycle, and you’ve stopped still.
Move on, but keep it slow.
the people are talking
Brian Turner Aug 2020
Behind the waterfall
I stand tall
Time stands still
There is nothing here of ill

All is at peace
Worries have no place
Happiness on my face
More people enter with grace

Join me behind the waterfall
Hear my gentle call
Hear the water calling you
Do not miss this view
Happy thoughts from my trip to a waterfall in Wales this Summer where you can go underneath it.
The metallic taste
of lightening
infuses the wind.
Trees tremble in dread,
anticipating the drenching.
Will they dance?
Will they moan?
Will I?
I do not know
but I hope to dance.
Steven Boston Jul 2020
Falls of the liquid clear
rushing and crashing
transparency diamond sheeted
beyond a glimmer of another world
lies hope of an eye seen

Bewildering beat within
skips in song
thirsty I lavishly drink it in
beauty perceived in a moment quenched
as I survey the tumbling tears of creations cries
Was thinking of a waterfall earlier so wrote this
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