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daycrow Sep 8
We’re going there-
where lips and eyes meet,
between waterfalls and fireflies;
I spin around in circles.

It’s home to you-
might not seem to be,
but the scent of wet grass and sawdust
almost moves you to tears.

You’ll learn it soon-
though you don’t want to,
life is a cycle, and you’ve stopped still.
Move on, but keep it slow.
the people are talking
Brian Turner Aug 20
Behind the waterfall
I stand tall
Time stands still
There is nothing here of ill

All is at peace
Worries have no place
Happiness on my face
More people enter with grace

Join me behind the waterfall
Hear my gentle call
Hear the water calling you
Do not miss this view
Happy thoughts from my trip to a waterfall in Wales this Summer where you can go underneath it.
The metallic taste
of lightening
infuses the wind.
Trees tremble in dread,
anticipating the drenching.
Will they dance?
Will they moan?
Will I?
I do not know
but I hope to dance.
Falls of the liquid clear
rushing and crashing
transparency diamond sheeted
beyond a glimmer of another world
lies hope of an eye seen

Bewildering beat within
skips in song
thirsty I lavishly drink it in
beauty perceived in a moment quenched
as I survey the tumbling tears of creations cries
Was thinking of a waterfall earlier so wrote this
Balaguer Jul 4
And there I saw your face in the high waters,
it was ugly.
I hated it because you discovered,
the real me.
Unselfish and wanting to distribute,
unconditional love,
falls short of an expression.
I lost the sight of you along the hot water
it was love
it looked like

Mysteries of the Earth
Nathalie Jun 5
I inhaled the invigorating
scent of mint leaves and
felt the day's tension simply
melt away
I cocooned in a warm
blanket and gently
stretched out on the couch
I was lulled by the soothing
sound of the waterfall
and flute playing in
the background
I relaxed into serenity
and slowly drifted
off to the land of dreams

Like a waterfall
I flow myself into him until he was
raging at the rock bottom

like hard steel
He bound his heart to mine and welded himself to me

like the bright sun
I filled myself with rays to cover his darkness

like a safety blanket
He shielded me from the troubles underneath the cozy covers

like strong magnets
I was attracted to his energy until we collided

like a baby seed
He felt himself grow in my warmth

Together, like fireflies we disappeared into the night sky.
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