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kain Aug 2019
Bring out the lights
The ones that glow orange and purple
Slip on your black and white tights
And plant some spiders
We're bringing the aesthetic
Creepy glam and full face
If there isn't a pumpkin involved
I'm not interested
Let'***** Party City
And get this started
I can be Inigo and you can be Buttercup
Or I can be Noel and you can be Sandi
We can dress up as our favourite
Spooky characters
I'll go full axe murderer
And you can be a creepy doll
We'll hit the streets
As wasted teens
They can tell us we're too old
But what do they know
Collapse back home
To watch horror movies
Stay up all night
On fright and candy
This isn't just one day
It's a two month event
So let's get real spooky
And live while we can
It's spooky season, *******.
Also yes, it is August. Do I look like I care?
Liam hopson Sep 2018
Costumes of different breeds populate the EARTH
Costumes of different breeds have controlled us since BIRTH
Costumes of different breeds
Decide OUR Worth
Costumes of different breeds must work together
To bring peace here on
Idiosyncrasy May 2017
When you put on your makeup
     to turn gray into vibrance
Or when the costumes you wear
     are no longer pretend
I'll be with you till the very end.
There are things to tell you but the show needed rain.
Aaron LaLux Mar 2017
“It’s 2017 those pants they just won’t do.”,
it’s 2017 undressed by a 16 year old,
hold on though it’s not ******,
even though yes she is truly beautiful,

we are in the dressing room of a mansion,
attending a costume party that's themeless,
and everyone here is dressed up,
dressing and ******* no salads just ballads and suits that are seamless,

and here I am in this Dream with,
this girl I don't even know and she's 16 with,
an attitude to match rude but just a bit,
and sure she's cute but there's no way I'd hit,

I am not attracted,
to Ms. Red Red,
in Love but not in Lust there’s a difference,
she's a friend's sister and that’s it,

Ms. Red Red,

ridged rounded scaled scarf,
I know that sounds hard to explain,
and I’m not attempting to try,
I’m just saying judging is a waste of time in the Wild.

this life is so surreal,
that even when it’s viewed with vivid realizations,
it still doesn’t always even feel like it’s real at all,

all of this,
as insane,
as we are,

are we,
anything other than Out of Control,
O.C. Baby I’m ready let’s roll already,
oh well who knows not me no one tells not even those For Whom the Bell Tolls,

are we,
anything other than Out of Control,
anything other than everything that’s so fckn Cliche,
can’t escape it not even if I tape it up and cast it away.

Fck you,
fck me,
fck this fckn Sociopathic Society,
so long I’m gone gonna join a Progressive Alternative Community.

Are you feelin’ me,
forget the cliches,
let go of every label you were ever given,
especially the labels you’ve given yourself,

here we are again,
at the point in the poem,
where you ask what the point is of this poem,

there is none,
the Secret is there’s no Secret,
come on don’t be so passe and blasé,

yeah I know,
you told me that already,
but there’s no going back to the Past we’re headed where we’re headed here we go.

welcome to the Future of Dreams,
and that sounds cool,
but I don’t even know what it means,

sometimes things make sense,
even though,
they’re things we can’t comprehend,

oh well then,
I guess we’re in,
a whirlwind of real life pretend,
living in this Factory of Dreams Happily Ever After,

living H.E.A.,
true Deja Vu with No Rules,
then she shakes me from my daze as she says to me,
“Hey it’s 2017 those pants they just won’t do.”…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

her one and only claim to fame*
was not a reputable asset
indeed it bought upon her shame

around the ears we weren't wet
accounts galore she'd create
was not a reputable asset

she e'en had some on a sleeper plate
the guises used didn't fool a bit
accounts galore she'd create

why the need for many an outfit?
multiple costumes being worn
the guises didn't fool a bit

ever other identities were born
writing under trillions of naming tags
multiple costumes being worn

but viewers were wise to her wags
writing under a trillion naming tags
her one and only claim to fame
*indeed it bought upon her shame
Thomas Newlove Oct 2016
In a world where horrors lurk on every corner
When terror's found on every news report
When violence is celebrated at the movies
And death is seen by elders as a sport

It's no surprise that Halloween is hip
That costumes and liquor are our daily bread
And that the "scariest" 'guise people can think up
Is a ****, whorish version of the dead.
Note to self: should probably change the third line to "When violence has become the new world order"
Gracie Knoll Dec 2015
We're all actors just looking for the right costume
We're all puppets just looking for the right strings
We're all clowns just looking for the right masks
We're all rabbits just looking for the right holes
We're all people just trying to fit in
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