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her delicate touch
inside of me
growing like
my coconut tree
if one girl
was created
from my rib
that girl would be you...
Donna May 2019
Coconut shampoo
and conditioner! Today
I’m a lush palm tree
Me and my fambo love coconut shampoo and conditioner x anyway inspired me to think of lovely palm trees , so today I’m a palm tree :-)
K Balachandran Feb 2019
breeze ripples palm groves,
a gleam in coconut fronds;
past peeps through the mist!
K Balachandran Jul 2018
A coconut grove,
With one tall wind turbine;
Every wind blows amused!
Robin Carretti May 2018
What happens
_ to space_
between us
This is the
human race
Ah, Vey?
Just pray

Overly smitten
But not seeing
  clearly picture-prey
He or she runs!!
Little darlings
here comes the sun

The lime doing the time
Falling trees of coconut
Feeling- overloved
Deviant artist
splat coconut milk

No Security Cat
comfort box
So out of recession
Killer fox__

Chocolatey coconut
Cleanse my mind detox
Almond Joy concession
Rise up Face Botox

He cannot
read you
Haywire always
wired up his words
Hurried Hazelnut
coffee if you mind
Increased brain
functions bitter rinds
So commercialized
The Cocoa Puffs
Going bananas
monkey ***
Lexie Vamp Vex

Mr. Ed overload
of Oz colors baboon
Going up Air Balloon
So many airheads
The  Rainforest
GQ  he's gone IQ
((Quarterly Neck of the woods))
Not orderly Outback

No shortcut
The nervous system
The fast have a drink
Cracking a coconut
Her Safe__
6-6-6 combinations
Could crack her
Coconut oil neck her
City Girl call her

Intellectual brain
Gene Kelly
Raining coconuts

(On Overload)
Strawberry Fields
This will be short
Yeah right forever
shortcake, not any sort

The trend of
Nearer because
of you I am
She was the
Brazilian Nut
With her
blind gut

((Coconut Houdini))
Island of Bali
Beauty of Judy
Somewhere so over it

King Kong
Hairy chest banging
coconut drink slurping
Of girl talk
Strong New Jersey

***** of Venezuela
Overload of
Prima, Donna's
Instant Karma
going to get them
Knocked them off
there feet
Where is my
John Lennon
He has the best beat
You will be tasting my coconut drinks every line your on to read
So take this trip please don't ask him for a sip you have the best drinks
with men of GQ what divine coconut  winks
Alegria Mir Aug 2017
c o c o n u t
the girl is so random
pointing at objects and saying, "coconut"
a different type of crazy
chill and cozy
*insert heart emoji
The Alphabet of You
K Balachandran Nov 2017
coconut trees hold,
tight on to their umbrellas,
wind upsets that plan.
Vexren4000 Sep 2017
The lifegiving gourd,
Hanging heavily from a tall tree,
In a lone tropical paradise,
Waiting to fall and possibly,
Grow into a towering tree,
But most likely to be eaten,
By the castaway.

dotty Jun 2017
coconut coconut,
high up in the tree,
coconut coconut,
a simple reminder to me.

coconut coconut,
can't break through though I try,
coconut coconut,
my favourite 'till I die.

coconut coconut,
why won't you break,
coconut coconut,
it's too much to take,

coconut coconut,
never thought you'd break me,
coconut coconut,
well at least now I'm three
in collaboration with MrT_is_my_name
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