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Jeremy Betts May 18
Make sure to be sure whatever you're into is worth your investment
Feel free to absolutely and completely question any involvement
And you might as well entertain all thoughts on forfeit
I expect you to do so at any moment anyway so go for it
I'm so use to it, being the easy one to forget,
That I notice it before you mention it and am already over it
It's not genuine grit,
It's just avoiding a downfall that hasn't bested me yet
Even though it's a who's who when it comes to who's counterfeit
And I'm sure you're surely as surprised as I am I bet
When the breakdown is broken down and we're all faced with what we're gonna get

Nigdaw Dec 2022
If I ever make it
these books will burn
I don’t want anyone to know
how I suffered to make
the good stuff glow
like a photographer
shooting a thousand frames
for a keeper
I want people to think
it flowed
here to entertain
not the sympathy vote
Ken Pepiton Dec 2020
touch, con tact
con fide in me, tell me mere tallies,

count my worth in touched
virtual buttons, pulled virtual
triggers of emoticonic
emerging as a wish, a want, a will

to make or take or fake a known
hidden in my bag.

abstruse obscurity, arcane, esoteric, recherché

y'knowaht ai mean?

click, think fast.
Past last learned truthz in everlasting shame games,
swallowing whole
guiling lies left to stumble entertwined
entertained public minds dulled
by constant rub, that mobs
force squeeking
gears of grace, to make while
grinding balance points, tipping the wheel

of time as imagined by sailors on opined currents
swept by winds of geistic hinting hid,
to see, know to pay attention.

Jeffry Epstein was a hoo-min, can you imagine…
calling him friend?
And having no clue?

Linguistics, Style and Writing in the 21st Century -

with Steven Pinker, relating an email,
{received prior to Oct. 28, 2015 YouTubing}
"It is important
to approach the subject from a variety of strategies,
including mental health assistance but also
from a law enforcement perspective"…

translated as:
"We should consult a psychiatrist about this man, but
we may, also, have to
inform the police."
man, not subject, understand… the translation

who was that man {the subject,
I assume, was the deed which a man mutually known
was known for doing}

I think Epstein. Hm, a sick seed… sprouts out,
first the blade,
then the ear,
then the full corn in the ear…

then I think, Krause, a colleague… can I be sued
for thinking I can imagine…

worse can I imagine knowing what
is mutually known, there is a guilt game
that needs linguistical magic
meanings to be hidden in
abstruse obscurity, arcane, esoteric, recherché

ways and means of keeping the plebes entertained.

"It is important
to approach the subject from a variety of strategies."

-- or as I continue imagining being a knower, we could
arrange with other knowers
**** him, and thus the guile goes un detected…

check with the lawyers, no incriminating emails…

"It is important
to approach the subject from a variety of strategies…"

In 2007, when Epstein was first indicted for procuring a minor for prostitution,
Pinker "provided his expertise on language" 
for Epstein's defense,
according to The New York Times.
Pinker offered his services for free and,
he told the Times,
at the request of his friend,
Havard law professor
Alan Dershowitz—who has himself been
 accused of sexually assaulting minors trafficked by Epstein,
which he denies.

From <­-epstein-ties>
Bits that formed a seed, what fruit? I cannot say, it's Christmas Day, my thoughts are on other angels.
Ken Pepiton Sep 2020
How much can a lizard know, I wonder,
looking out my window at my rock
in the shadow of my house,
always a glance away when
an I am in this position
and aware there is
there, the rock, the still threaded witness,
in granite,

the shaking that shook up all the mountains
shook them all all up
at once

it was a whole planet shaking at once, rung
like abaodingball

abiding in the echoes we can hear with our augmental
we know whales sing when no one is listening,
as we know the sound of a certain tree
a legend, new and old, a sticky thought,
ancient of days, is this lizard brain,
you still work?

WOW, OLD CODE FROMe ericfrome-ish havingbeing
Tomas Auge, reviewexpress weighting algorythm,

it tipped. 13 years, 327 days, 57 minutes 13. nnnnnnnnnnnnn

Any time this happens we yoostasay selah,
now we breathe,
once to be
once to have
once to hold and look around. are we dragging any fool
to madness?
The game is afoot and boredom is pushing all my seldom used stoner buttons to occupy time in an entertain ing ing in way with no ads.
Mona Aug 2020
wine n dine
they say
faux sophistication
how pretty

oh culture, they say
but there's a price to pay
for the theatre show
endorse inclusion yet divide into rows

the stage is free
art they say
entertain me in exchange for pay

******* culture
deeper entrenched
day by day

isn't it peculiar?
we are politically correct
yet flawed in every way
shhhhh, that's not what you are supposed to say
Big Virge Dec 2019
I'd Rather Feed Brains Than ... " ENTERTAIN " .... !!!!!  
How Many Who Do Now Use ... ******* ... ?!?  

I'm Saying ... I'm SAYING ... !!!  

These People Maintain ...  
That Doing ******* Helps ... raiSE Their Game ... !!!  
They ... ENTERTAIN ME ... !!!  
They're ... Ever So FUNNY ... !!!  
When Acting Like ... DUMMIES ... !!!  
From Poets On Stage ...  
Who NEED To Be ... "CAGED" ... !!!!!!!!!  
To Girls These Days Who Do ENTERTAIN ... !!!!!  
Words From Their Jaws Now EXPOSE Their Flaws ... !!!  
"I'll send you a text later on this week,  
then give you a call, so that we can meet definitely !"
But What's In Their Mind ...  
Are CLEARLY Some Things of A DIFFERENT Kind ... !!!!!    
"You said you would ring, it's been two weeks !  
What happened to you, now you want to speak ?"  
"I've had some issues !"  
"Yes, clearly you do !  
Don't try to play me,  
i'm no Rubix Cube !"  
"You're so cynical, and really, quite rude !"  
"Hey, i'm not the one who said, I would call you !  
So you deserve to hear some truth,
be careful now, watch your attitude !"  
Actions Like These Should Give You  Some Proof ...  
That Girls ENTERTAIN ... When Acting The Fool ... !!!  
YES Men Do It Too ... !!!  
But Trust Me Girls ...  
I'm ... NOT THAT DUDE ... !!!!!  
My Movements Are Shrewd ...  
And DON'T Entertain In .... " Foolish Ways " .... !!!  
I'll Say It Again ..... !!!  
I'd Rather Feed Brains Than Just ... " ENTERTAIN " ... !!!!!  
I'm Not Frasier Crane I DON'T Do ******* ... !!!  
My Wordplay Displays A Clever Array ....  
While Most Now Want To ... ENTERTAIN ... !!!  
From Women To Men MANY Are The Same ... !!!  
And Feed Me Lines That Deserve A  REWIND ... !!!  
I'm Saying Some Folks Are ... " LOSING THEIR MIND " ... !!!!  
Check These TRUE Stories Told In Rhyme ....  
"What time will you be there ?"
I Get Via Text ...  
"What time will you be there ?"
Is What I Then Sent ....  
So Next I Get These Words In Text ...  
"I'm gonna move soon,  
chill and have a drink when I get in."
I Send ....  
"Alright cool, i'll have one too !  
I'm gonna be late, because of train delays !"  
I Get ... " No REPLY " ... ?!?  
And When I Arrive ...  
The Girl Who Was Texting Is ...............................................................  ­
................  ..............................................­..... NOWHERE In Sight ... !?!  
I Then Send A Text ...  
"Where are you ?"   
From My Mobile Tool ...  
"She's stuck on the road, traffics moving slow ... ???"  
Which Goes To Show ...  
What Comes From Those Who SNIFF The Coc' ... !!!  
Things They Quote Just Give Me Jokes ... !!!  
They Make Manoeuvres That STINK Like Manure ... !!!  
These Stories I TWIRL Are YES The SAME Girl ... !!!  
Of Course I'm Now Thinking She's In ... " Her OWN World " ... !!!  
Now Here's The LAST FIX of This Youthful ***** ... !!!!  
Easy Now .................. CALM DOWN Feminists ... !!!  
SHE Chose To Enlist The Usage of ... " ***** " ...  
When Using Her Mouth ...
To Speak About HOW ...
She Acts Like A COW ... !!!  
One Night I Asked .....  
"Why do you act like you're on crack !  
Trust in this madame, men like me, aren't into that !"  
I Then Chose To Say ....  
"Wherever the wind blows each day, makes you sway,
and then you're swiftly swept away !"  
She Then Said ....  
"I'm an addict of living organic,  
where nature sways, is where i'll play !"  
I Guess That's Cool At The End of The Day ...  
But Then, Of Course I Had To Say ... !!!  
" You do entertain, Coc' isn't organic !  
So don't try to say, that natural ways affect how you live,  
from day to day, for heavens' sake girl, give me a break !  
I've got things to do, so, be on your way !"  
She's Really Quite Young ...  
And Could Be Some Fun ...  
I'd Like To Find Out What She's All About ...  
But Only When SENSE ... Comes Out of Her Mouth ... !!!
I'm Saying Folks ...  
This Girl Gives Me JOKES ...  
Through The Things She Quotes ... !!!  
If You HAVEN'T Laughed ...  
" Do You SNIFF The Coc' ?!? " ....
I'm Saying ... I'm SAYING ... !!!  
I'd Rather FEED BRAINS ...  
Than JOIN The Brigade ...  
Who Say ... STUPID Things ...  
That DO ....  
..... " ENTERTAIN " .....
People REALLY are very entertaining, when all's said and done !
Kada Oct 2018
Gifts entertain people while an anointing changes lives.
                                                                ­                                 -Kada
Walking in your purpose is the most fulling thing that you can do in life!
Alan S Bailey May 2018
I would add so much to this
With my creative essence providing
Some sort of balance to my aim,
Finding a way to inspire and entertain.
***** that lets just entertain for monetary gain.
Insane whilst filling adding excess facts into your brain.
Morrison Leary Feb 2016
Darkness leaped in, smothered my psyche.
Led me down a hall, into the cinema I went, not willing.
A theatrical presentation, an outcry ensued.
Perception forever altered.
A mind completely new.  
My ideals, my dreams, dissipating with the ending scene.
Go forth I did, dashing into the illuminating beam.
A challenge of realization, no immediate hesitation.
Advancement granted, the understanding,
of another dimension.  
Speechless, words cannot explain.
Abandoned, with nothing left.
An experience to entertain,
while under the dancing rain,
Vanity's Game.
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