talia b Aug 23

the jewelled hands. a finger each /
peel the skin and let her blood
meet the air. this is
unbecoming of a lady / she says i will
never marry; her mouth curves
around her
laugh, beckoning. taunting /
if you keep going ; lover
i'll be yours
always / and he drinks her in. consumption / consummation / salt and iron and lust. how have they lived
so long
he wonders, inside her, on her, in himself,
how could they breathe
without it ?

watched "the interview with a vampire" as a kid and it never quite left me alone

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zebra Jun 6

I can be so tender with you, but then the monster emerges like guano out of a bats ass my precious and hes so hungry for your blood
He wants to take a razor to you . He loves your crying. He's excited by your sunken brooding face, sheet white flesh and sallow eyes.  
She gets down on her knees holding her self pert and brave for love's cruelty knowingly she is his play dough blood fuck doll in a white death gown of weeping lacerations, his sweet blood blossom splashing
Her splayed pose tells him she's made to cut like red plush butter, her flesh his pull apart pastry, her bones his marrow.

He slowly works her down from merciless blood letting and bludgeoned raw piercing .
But the part that excites him the most  is when she sneers at him hissing, the blade to her throat as she lifts her head high exposing her throat without hesitation
His panicked hungry kisses and bites unceasing as she smiles and suffers knowing her twisted dream of living deaths dark labyrinth is near. Her anus gapes wet, leaking with blood and dark waters from being sodomized cruelly.  Her cunt a drooling tortured swollen mouth, a river of blood
His bubble of poison in her, ruptures deep.
Both hyena feral ... He knows she's ready and holds her head down, a wooden block shoved between the back of her neck forcing her chin to jut out and exposing her swan throat .
He pulls out a box cutter
Is this what you need my darling ?
Is it you sweet cunt ?
She smiles eagerly, eyes glaring, poised, noble, legs spread wide, back arched, soaking with crimson copper sweat
Watch me writhe you bastard, unwind the little bitch, she demands, grinning like a hell cat on drugs she holds fast ready for her departure to some crepuscular eternal afterlife

dark cupid witch
legs tied to throat
devil cocks twitch
nipples in a mote
i've got the itch
feet scorched in rope
hot fucking bitch
hells dark pope

oh dragon man
take my life
unwind me slow
i'm summer ripe
DO IT,,, DO IT... DO IT.... she screamed like a howling  tree on fire.

Very well and as he slipped his long arterial sheath deep up in side her womb and stroked tenderly
He called oh my sweet darling pressing that blade deep through her soft buttery skin...Splitting arteries, sinews and flesh recklessly as she shuttered, her face a wild eyed Hiroshima convulsing in heaping waves, bloated with the filthy viscous red scum of Dragool
His blood a drug venomous, hallucinogenic and ecstatic

She spiraled dizzily into a primeval black watery abyss.
In a fury, he slit his cock wide, and engorged her raw shapeless mouth with his dreadful Scorpius elixir, door way to the dark life.
He raged at her, drink you sweet hell bitch, fuck pie, fat blister, and i make you my whore consort for all eternity, loving you under black winged cape, sweet princess of death unpeeled.
Come he said, we are night storms of hell...We kill for love and you will die a thousand deaths my delicious blood bell I shall fuck your soul away and turn you to the darkest midnight

vampiress whore
dark girl feeding
the sun is no more
loves the bleeding

zebra Apr 25

she became sexually excited
by the thought of being eaten
like a piece of spit roasted chicken
slow cooked
fall off the bone
melt in your mouth
sexy food

as she reflected back
she could not remember a time
when she did not harbor
this venomous ache
wanting wanting wanting
what she should not want

she obsessed
some times she dare cut herself
admiring the split tissue
first thin white peaks
the emergent sticky red plush
then the little red river Nile
just a taste
better not eat to much
he he

one summer evening
sitting alone
in a crowded pub
sharing a table with a strange couple
not from around here.
definitely not
may be from outer space

girl became fixated on
their presence

their intensity pierced
like a needle through a banana

both of them lean & tall
almost architectural
like black rod iron gates en-castleations
hair combed straight back jet black
like licorice

the woman wore a tight small bun
ornate rings with enshrined family crest
manicured like Malibu real estate
both dressed to kill

girl was drawn to them
they emitted a sense of terror
thrilling her, making her sweat
they looked good enough to eat her

she felt her cunt dampen
as they all peered at each other
the man, the woman
siting before her
like Medusa's
with shape shift mouths
and eyes that kiss your soul
till it bleeds
making girl feel like lamb chops
with a side of pom fritz
perhaps a glass of merlot

the woman mused at her
with eyes like black Cole
touched her hand and said
so veautiful

girl found herself in a plain house dress
pantie-less, bare foot
her toes had been lovingly painted
black with with rich clear lacquer
with no memory of her arrival

woman saunters in
buoyant like a pink float
scantily clad

her countenance
like white seamless marble
her eye socket darkened
like pouting dark rose anus
walked to girl
kiss her mouth
then again and again
each time longer deeper sweeter
like a swarm of licking bees
i am yellow daffodils girl thought

man enters like grand swinging doors
to a great cathedral
licks kisses girls mouth
so tender
he tasted of dark butter rum
a hint of worm perhaps
touching her breasts
her nipples growing attentive
cunt wet wet wet
like low hanging summer fruit

man says we are not human
we are


may we please eat you my love
we like for food and the darkest sex
we treasure every morsel
your blood gives us strength
your viscera a prized dark stew
your death brings us optimism
your sacrifice sustains us
we eat you with tears of blood
because we love you
and your body is our holy sacrament
you are our Christ

girl says
you are my destiny
my beloveds
come show me your love
feast on me
take me slow with kisses, black mamba tongue and razor teeth
i do not run from you my darlings

girl disrobed
centered herself on the table
spreads her self wide
like a contortionist
knees held to her chest
toes pointed
feet arched

the man and the woman
on all 4s
hovered like hyenas
first with kisses
womans ass curved like a pearl
her breasts longish as if
stretched silk
with foreboding dark plum aureoles

the mans cock
arterial contoured like a tear drop
a creeping snake with dark appetites
a dispenser of paralytic toxin and MDA
a cock thats poisons and exults
some where between love and death

each of them beautiful
girl thought ooooooowwww

there where long periods of kissing at first
then wet tongues insinuating themselves
in dark rose anus
pink primrose pussy
mouths feeding mouths feeding mouths
foot adorations and then teeth and little bites
and mumblings about the grace of Satan
and uncrossing themselves
and thunderous goetic rituals
for fear that god would take their girl away
their lovely food
there sweet bleeding lover
their robe of blood
and starve them
they wept tears of gratitude
as they licked and tore flesh

the pain of their bites excited girl
oh it hurt so
braking her soul
as they ate her sweetbreads

pushed passed limits
pushed past limitlessness
despicable delirious delicious
her cunt inflamed

girl thought in fractured clouds
and heaping orgasms
before fading in to dark water labyrinths

finally she thought
i am lamb chops
with aside of pom fritz
perhaps a glass of merlot

but most of all i am girl
feeding those i love

her very last words
come my darklings
finish me now
clean your plates
drink your wine
and remember

eat up
there are children starving in Africa

zebra Apr 24

"Claim me,"
she whispers in a plea
"claim my soul as I wilt"
Crimson lips parted,
head thrown back
in ecstatic ache
jugular bared
she needs to feel
that sharp -edged love,
skin and barriers broken
as she melts into
the underworld
of a new grace
a magenta cry into
the inky sky
sacred silence penetrated
as only gasps are heard
milky breasts decorated
with red liquid ribbon,
his nourishment,
her demise
nipples pierced with
beads of her sunset life flow
as he sucks and bites...
and howling
into heaven's delicious gate,
she writhes
Her soul dissolving
into his night
and as his spirit
absorbs her vermilion soul
their power rises,
black as coal

your lips
stick black  
sanguine smile
tremulous murmurs
oh happy blood blossom of deaths surrender
sacrificial lamb
cats sparrow entranced
thighs on fire
sobbing from a thousand needled kisses
nipples tearing blood
each wound a weeping mouth licking
milky white alter of cold stone
saturated alizarin rust
legs wide
feet and breasts trussed
in chains and drenched rags
for cruelties arrow
o crimson queen,
pomegranate half eaten
mouth smudge black
snake tongue dancing
through cherry lips twisted
darkened eyes of fire and blood
a wash in devils incense
beloved veiled
in evils cradle
bind not the demons kiss
then face down my love upon the crypt of mist
black heavens gate
vampires bate
a blood moon shaking
a scourge you are now
goddess of pleasures wretched
in the Tuileries of the abyss
your every piercing fang
ducks tail cunt
a boiling cauldron
spilled out

dark cupid witch
legs tied to throat
devil cocks twitch
nipples in a mote
ive got the itch
feet scorched in rope
hot fucking bitch
hells dark pope

vampiress whore
dark girl feeding
the sun is no more
loves the bleeding

erotic horror

I sucked the blood outta ma woman.
I sucked the blood outta ma hoss.
I sucked the blood outta ma pard.
Wanted dead or alive or Nosferatos.

I sucked the blood outta the stagecoach
of schoolmarms heading west.
Red bourbon beckons like cathouse
perfume from a saloon of necks.

When Sheriff Twilight rode out,
I sucked the blood right outta town.
Red eyes beneath a sable Stetson  
mesmerise Main St.  come sundown.

I sucked the blood outta the injuns,
tho' the Sachem sensed I were no chechaquo.
I sucked the blood outta cowpokes too,
whether Johnny Ringo or Clayton Farlow.

After feeding I hit the Bozeman trail,
atop the wagon teeters my coffin.
But this Drac Palance ain't killed so many folk
as John Wesley Hardin.

Van Cleef cast as Van Helsing,
or Clint with a crucifix can't hit
the Billy the Kid who becomes a bat.
My high noon's the dawn, tells me ta git...

My rivals draw their sixshooters,
but two bent dentine bullets never miss.
Colorado sucked the blood outta the lungs
of Doc Holliday, my daywalking dentist.

Founding father whose prairie
piranha legacy is red, red and red flood,
I'm only paleface the night cannot buck.
But the rest still suck each other's blood.

Traveler Jul 2014

So calm the city night
That quickens
The heart of stone
An awakening
Of immoral desires
The day will not condone

These neon nights
Never seem to dull
A thirst for excitement
At an endless beggar's ball

The power of magic
The star-struck eyes
The crystal moon
So high in the sky

The illustrious fashions
Of the filthy rich
The seductive lure
Which drives my itch

Such smells and sights
Has only the night
As I turn to the shadows
And take to flight

Here I am sacred
Here I am whole
The night sets the stage
For my favorite role ...

Traveler Tim

They are Immortal.
They are dead inside.
They are pale.
They often sparkle
but naturally don't.
They bite necks.
They are nocturnal.
They are out for blood.
They enthrall people effortlessly.
Their loved ones are often dead
or being mourned
while secretlly alive.
They act like the cool kids.
Or the awkward emo clicks,
but are treated like this exclusive club.
They don't show up in mirrors
because this IS their reflection.
They don't let the real them see the sun.
I am reflecting.


Why have I only dated vampires?
I'm loosing lots of blood.
What am I gaining?
Besides y'know...
their blood diseases.
And lots of exciting! moments
That belong in movies
that would get
or already have gotten
way to popular.
And be better as books.

Some of them can throw me across a room.
Some of them love to count.
some of them seem to only show up around halloween and looove chocolate

Don't get me wrong.
I still love all these terrifyingly
Seductive temptresses.
I have a type.

But I don't know if it's A
Or B
Or O negative?

I'm an optimism junkie
Oh, Positive?
I'm not afraid of needles
But they're afraid of me.

I tend to be a universal donor.
Which makes matching blood hard
Blood that works with my body is rare.

This is not to say anyone
could use my blood
Universal donor or not.
I am infected
with a blood disease
It could be vampirism
Or well, whatever causes one to seek

I Can't confirm anything about wooden stakes
Or decapitation or garlic.
But i can assure you setting them on fire doesn't work.

No matter how hot or fiery I make them
Their anger never kills them
It just makes them stronger.
But it does repel them quite nicely.

Hushhhh, let me let you in
on a secret: when Mummy tucks us in
for the night, we're not in for the night
- gap between ledge & limb, we leap it,
springheeled imps!
Moonlite's orphans in batcaped dressinggowns,
we skive the sheets. Lil' devils shimmy down
to a midnite playground.

Shushhhh, tonite we hunt
Lady Barbie from Dolltown Abbey.
She'll never get a crick in it, but I won't gob out
my plastic fangs at her plastic gregory.
'S dangerous game getting mislaid during play,
Lord Ken's action men haven't got the bits for a stakeout.

Mummy & Daddy don't believe in us,
but we don't want Daddy & Mummy's blood.

Whoooosh, from foldedup towers
of 'Twilight' duvet covers,
Castle Ovalstein we glide! Bat ballet,
but not to do battle with
wiener werecubs, rugface rats.
No, our supernatural dustup
is with the real Lords of the Night:
yellow peril, Bananas in Pyjamas.

Don't touchhhh me, Van Helsing,
you lay a garlicky glove on me
& I'll dob you in to Social Services'
nightline. Just because I'm a vampire
doesn't mean I'm not a virgin.
Boris & Igor are my teddybears,
disinterring the toybox,
Paddington Burke & Winnie-the-Hare, yeah!

Mummy & Daddy don't believe in us,
but we don't want Daddy & Mummy's blood.

I am a jimjampyre, jimjampyre,
vanna drink your cherryade!
Am a jimjampyre, vanilla vampire!
I vont to drink strawberry shake!

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