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If there is something
To be avoided
Avoid VIPes

I repeat
They are
Time vampires
Energy vampires

They will ****
Your life
The last sec
The last drop

If confused
Read it again
Genre: Observational
Theme: Self Made VIP || On VIP
Author's Note: It's easy to be VIP. If someone lends something from you, and try to avoid you or search enough reason not to pay back. They could be normal human, but for you, they are VIPes. What you need to know.
The uniVerse May 2018
Lovers are like vampires they either bleed you dry or grant you immortality with a single kiss.
Giving her the choice
He drinks her like chocolate
A first and last kiss
@LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 101
Jackie Mead Apr 23
Vampires gathered in a Brood
One large group, up to no good
The most bad *** kids in the neighbourhood

The Vamps wear their, hair faces and clothes the same
White pallid faces, all colour drained
Against dark tailored suits of silky cloth
Their hair dark and long, the look they favoured was one of a Goth

The brood smoked cigarettes without a care
And the total look was one of flare
Blue Suede shoes upon their feet, with the Devil inside them made the look complete

When the clock struck midnight, they would all gather
Drinking, singing, shouting, it did not matter
Together they were going to Hell down below
To where the Devil would sell them some poor persons soul

They would hand over the price they had to pay
30 silver dollars would save the day
Then off to their lair, they would track
With the poor person they had bought, upon their backs

First, they would play a little game
Teasing the poor person with a burning flame
The Vamps, they had no shame
And did not need to know the poor person’s name

Next, they would eat a rather large meal
Whilst the person remained tied and at their heels
Knowing that soon their fate would be revealed

Lastly, they would stand the poor person upright
Bind their hands to a post, ensure they were bound tight
Then each of the Vampires would take their turn
To drink the blood from the poor person and feel the burn

As the blood poured down the back of their throats
Their eyes would roll, and they began to float
Such a pleasant lovely high feeling
They didn’t notice the poor persons soul leaving

This time the Vampires had won their game
No stakes, crosses or garlic to slay them and bring their families shame
They continued to feed on the warm blood
Until the sun began to rise, and the light began to flood

Now it was time for bed, the Vampires all retreated
To their coffins in the basement where they would lie
For now, they remain without worries and undefeated

They would use the time to regenerate, regroup
Tomorrow would bring the same
They would group together in a brood and follow the flame
a late night tale for all you vampire fans
Mysidian Bard Mar 25
May the night grant us
a second chance at those dreams
that by day we lack.
Written for a nocturnal friend of mine. <3
Autmn T Mar 14
I want to give you infinity. Bloom immunity. This could be our forever.
Steve Feb 10
Demon’s lust for blood
Bathed in Dragon’s fire
Pixie’s dance like Pixie’s should
And Witches curse the pyre

Mermaid’s love to laugh
With a Unicorns fair grace
Be Werewolves’ bite along the path
And Vampire’s kiss that smile from off your face

A Wizard’s spell
In a Fairy’s mist
A Goblin’s lair - there if you can tell
And the Angel’s touch impossible for mere mortals to resist.
12 names 1 pome
Lieke Jan 26
they hunt you down to slaughter you
they are done when they see you bleed
they drink your blood to stay alive
they feel like they have a purpose

they look in the mirror and see your blood
they burry it in their heart full of ice
until your blood has frozen.
5 May, 2018
Thomas Mackie Jan 20
Fangs are sprouting from my skull,
you cannot stop what must be done.
Bound indoors with curtains drawn,
until moon takes the place of sun.

Needle sharp teeth puncture your skin,
the transformation has begun.
I whisper something in your ear,
your human form and gender, none.

When coven blood out-thickens water,
we have just started all the fun.
Vampires have to stick together,
no mother, father, daughter, son.
This poem is meant to create a parallel between the transgender experience and that of a vampire. The duality between two different transformations both fueled by puncture wounds, as well as the pattern that happens after you come out. Once one person in a community is out of the closet, oftentimes others follow because they feel safer to do so. This is not a critique of my community. Trans folks are not monsters. However, sometimes we are ostracized and treated as if we were. I think I'd be proud to be a vampire, too.
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