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A woman awoke with a bite,
Two punctures that happened at night.
    She works with two Ronalds
    At night at McDonald's,
And flees from the dawn's early light.
In between the teeth of weeping
angles lurks death and permanent
night. Such tragedy is this life.

Wolves vent their howls,
as I awaken.

Ti's a night of dark desire,
my weeping soul rises from the
depths of the earth.

As the moon bow's in its
throne of star's, eternal
darkness surrounds me
I arouse and the light
bends for my shadow.

Cold breath of winter shrouds
my form, a lurking beast
with a lust for blood.

My black ***** hair cascades
over tragic shoulders,
as my lips part slightly
revealing my true nature.

To taste the flesh beneath me
as blood streams from my plumped
lips, is ghastly and ghoulish.

But no peace do I ponder,
forever I wander.

Now a night of misery and plight,
I grow weary of the night.

So I go down to the river where
it is warm and green, and I enjoy
the night until morning brings
ash and light.

Goodbye! The end!

Au revoir! La fin!

©️ 2022 By Amanda Shelton
This is written as a personal viewpoint of an old vampire tired of living in eternal darkness. I've been thinking about writing this for awhile. I had another lucid dream about vampires and it inspired me to finally write it down.
Greyisntwell Jul 2021

Roses are on the grave
The dolls are spread over the bed

Centuries have come
Centuries will go

Statues of the old times
Remind me of your face

The ashes dance across my lips
Your burnt flesh is a reminder

Of the pain, you left behind
When you left me there
In the rain...
Madisen Kuhn Mar 2021
someday i’ll be too busy to notice the vampires
the sun wakes me up and i know who i am
maybe the chaos will always be there but
i’ll find a way to break it down into mulch and grow
pears and herbs and gardenias from what’s left of me
it takes a while to accept that the shadows matter
and i can’t pretend to know the watermelon lollipop
without the tongue that exists only to melt it away
to turn it into nothing until all that’s left is a paper stick
it might feel like freedom now but it can’t forever
i’ll pull down the curtains and never snooze an alarm again
the worst thing i can think of is writing the same poem
each day for the rest of my life and everyone knowing it
but me
Niel Nov 2020
I am a beast
                         A child of darkness
I exist in multiple realities
        It cannot be helped
Elena Mustafa Sep 2020
******* blood sugar
Yes its tasty
As the normal sugar
Cut my wrists
And gently
**** the
Is that better then candy
Renee' Sep 2020
As the sun starts to set and the night becomes darker,
There's a familiar chill in the air and the leaves start to change.
I start to feel my heart racing and pounding through my chest,
That certain urge comes along knowing you will be near soon.
A certain desire and taste no one could ever know,
Unless they felt that deep kiss and no other life you bring like I have.
Greyisntwell Sep 2020

Follow him down
Don't breathe it in
Knock knock (let me in)
Don't let him in

His words are tainted
With poison
Don't let me drink it
Follow him down
He's knocking on my door

I'm the scared kid
Lying naked on the floor
Knock knock (let me in)
Trying to fight it all
Don't let him in


His shadows are lingering
In the cracks of my mind
Follow him down
To where his river lies

His blood fades to black
No light to shine
No light to guide the way
Knock knock (let me in)

In the doorway
His light shines so bright
He's coming in.
Inspired by Let Me In
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