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Paul NP Nov 23
The Cut off to the cries of disorder.
As I looked over my shoulder to its beauty.
At the collar of a nurse who stood by me.
She asked me why are you crying?
Its the paper and the order of the checkmarks. And all that has happened before me.

Pressurized Sapphire.
Potent yet impotent.
Capturing the light for our eyes and reflecting like delta. Deep and relaxing waves, like a nights breeze cooling down the fires of stress to which our tears may not always supress.
A soft and cool happening that took place in the relief effort of a panic attack.
Alexis D Cruz Jul 24
the brightest sapphire, the clearest skies
all are beautiful, but nothing compared to your eyes
consumed in waves of my favorite ocean
feeling blue is the greatest emotion
This is an alteration of my "Feeling Blue" poem edited to fit into the chorus of a song. Maybe I'll finish the song and share here soon.
Kenshō Feb 1
the sapphire albatross
winding way of will
break the hardest
and wear away until
all has measured furthest
and met down that last hill
as all the drops converge
becoming less even still
all becomes one
in the ocean of time
all is perfect
not a single spill
Deanne Nov 2019
I can't help it when I look into his eyes

When he tells me that his mother's middle name was Martha
That he loves the smell of the supermarket and snow
And that he doesn't like the taste of pickles
Because they're too sour for his tongue
When he tells me that he's never loved a woman like me before

I want to know everything he has tucked away under those sapphire stones
hannah Sep 2019
Eye contact
From across the cafeteria table
Maybe you were saying something
But now we don't speak
We just sit quietly
And we might as well be alone
In this room together
Your blue green eyes
Locked on mine
Until we look away
I'll just bathe in your smile
We have these little moments of eye contact that are just a little too long to be normal. I sincerely enjoy them.
Verse 1:

I thought that
It'd be obvious
That you and I
Would be

I knew it
From the very

But maybe I'm
Since I met you
I've been

At The


But now that
Things got hard
We lost our way
Between what we
And what we

Let's go back
In time
This crime
And we'll
We Just

2nd Verse:

We were at the top
I thought that
We would never fall
The view was
From where we

Days and months and years
Would pass and
All would stay the same
Cause we would do
We could

Last Verse
To Come
Pyrrha Oct 2018
I didn't grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth
Mine was made of diamond, sapphire, ruby, and jade
Far more precious than those spoons of silver and gold
Because I didn't know money
But I knew love
The most precious gem that you can't buy
Savannah Oct 2018
Sapphires wrapped in suede,
She was every color I never defined.
An icy remembrance lingers and grows,
How I wish to rewind.

I dreamt of her last night,
Empty past in my present mind.
A deaf god before me,
The planets finally aligned.

She was free,
Yet she no longer shined.
Still, I cannot forgive myself for such foolish mistakes.
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