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Elle Brookes Oct 5
Come dance with us.
All glowing skin and long hair.
Come dance with us.
You with your gentle touches and sharp eyes.
Come dance with us.
With all your deep cutting love and laughter like a coyote in the night.
Come dance with us.
Bearing your toothy smile,
Offering your kindest words,
Compassion dripping from your mouth,
Blood dripping from your hands.
Come dance with us.
Mitch Prax Sep 24
The witch of the woods
makes a home in my heart and
conjures her magic

4:06 PM
Erian Sep 21
Crow’s sung in the wakening night
Causing ghosts and ghouls to stir up a fright
Kingdoms broken down in ominous sight

A moon drowned in red
Hanging on by a thread
Scarecrows wandering from field to field
A night escaping by echoing cries

Where the black cats pounce through dusk
Where witches laughter is cold to the touch
A whisper heard in the atmosphere
Halloween is near
fray narte Aug 3
we do not
burn down
with the fire —
we become it.
fray narte Aug 3
the world will go down the same way it tried to hurt her —
through fire
and she will dance
in the debris.
On my journey to the center of the world
Of phantoms dreams, I find all my thoughts with
Mysteries. The moon is shining bright and there
Must be a werewolf out tonight. In the dark I see
Ten people in white-a group of preachers, cursing the
Zombies, and I can also tell the vampires around
Every corner must be down below. Every night it's the
Same, the sanity of reason never seems to be
In anyone's brain...the full moon comes I hear
The wolfman call, this seems like a normal night
In fall, but then I can tell you it's just filled
With witches calls. They cook their roasts and cast
Bolts and hail, and I can hear them chant while I'm
On the speeding city Light Rail.
Hello Daisies Jun 13
Crooked hats
And oozing

Glowing moon
And sparkling

Soothing brew
And boiling

Flying brooms
And zooming

The bats our out
The kids are afraid
What is it about this day
That takes my breath away

I get down
I feel cold
The chill in the air
Leaves a story untold

It's coming
Glowing jack o lanterns
They're watching
Spooky ghosts

Are you ready
My heart's not steady
I feel thrilled yet calm
For Halloween in autumn
Idk I'm really depressed and keep thinking about autumn
It's always been the one thing that kept me happy or calm so I'm excited
Kyra Jun 3
their whispers
are like
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