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Reha Apr 2022
The cherry blossom petals falling are fragrant
As they pass me by;
I close my eyes for a moment
And loving thoughts of you bring joy to me.
Your Fragrant always on me
When I got a new book,
I have found my favourite smells
and also remembered all about her.
Indonesia, 22nd February 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Hopes and dreams
are soft and fragile
as the petals above.
Bathing and blossoming
in the radiating warmth,
love and happiness
of the sun.
But attached to these
fragrant petals
are thorny stems
the one needs to climb
to bathe and breathe
the intoxicating and enriching aura.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Easy it is to be caressed by
the soft-wine colored petals.
Easy it is to breath in the aura
of the fragrant roses.
But are you ready to come close
hold the razor sharp thorns;
enduring the pain of the thorny stems
are you ready to accept the roots
from which she grew.
Jo Swan Oct 2018
In the fields of fragrant flowers,
I see Mother’s supple silhouette
shimmering with the soft sunlight.
Her hair tied with peony barrette;
Sweet smiles radiate at sight.
The sentimental scents of myrrh
Wafts from her body; my eyes gleam;
I run towards and embrace her.
Is this a dream? Is this a dream?

In the fields of fragrant flowers,
This time and space is of great blest-
I wish there was no tomorrow.
For months I have been left bereft.
I tell mother of my sorrow;
I wish to be with her and roam
Away from life’s chaos and gloom.
Return to the land of our home,
And see orchid blossoms bloom.
I ask mother if I could stay;
Thousand tears cloud her gentle eyes;
She kisses me like rainy day;
It is time to awake and part!

My heart weeps with the wintry wind.
Her spirit; many miles apart.
I am alone and left behind
To face this world’s reality.
Must this be my sad destiny?

All that is left
Is scents of fragrant flowers.

(c) 2018 Joanne Chang
There is a thing that makes someone that we love and rose become our favorite things.
They both,
Beautiful yet lovely
Fragrant yet addicting

They are also painful

Like Rose which has torn and bleed our arm when we touch it


Like someone that we love who promise us something, but only words which gone hopeless until we upset with tears.

It always ended up to loving and wanting them back, over and over. Even though we knew how it felt being hurt.
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
I begin to stir
Fragrant scents of memories
Wake to see sunlight
Starting the day with a haiku!
Lyn ***
Kimberly Jan 2018
Someone once asked me, "How does it taste?"

I responded, "Perfumey." because I didn't think that they would understand, "Fragrant."

They still didn't get it.

So I tried to make them understand what was meant when things were called "fragrant"
...and then I tried to get them to identify with smelling a smell so strong that you can taste it- I gave up...
and answered,

"I'm just weird. The food is good."
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