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Mister J Jul 19
Everything stopped in time
When you walked in my life

Those blue eyes staring back
Placed me under your spell

When your fingers touched mine
My mind went into a trance

Those whispers of your desires
Made me a slave to them

A Kiss
A passionate kiss placed on my lips
Sealed the deal and locked my fate

You entwined me in your embrace
Gentle, yet subconsciously Greedy

You kept me under your enchantment
Playing with me under your fingers

Thrown away like trash in an abyss
When you were done using me

The spell became a curse
When you took my heart away

You left me in despair
In a cage of your enchantment

The enchantment became a curse
The spell remained only in my insanity
The dreams turned into vicious nightmares
Pushing me to the edges of my mind
These games have fulfilled their purpose
Costing you nothing
But leaving with my everything
Dumping some thoughts

Happy reading!

Eloisa Jun 18
State of enchantment
Moon dances in a ritual
Solitary me
Lyndsey May 27
Enchantment is a fools game,
one we’ll play with raw abandon.

Tastes of bitter honey,
of wishes we can’t count on.

Consider your challenge called,
before the end you will be mine.

I hope you know what you’re asking for,
to the risks I remain blind.
This poem was also a combined writing/editing effort. <3
Nathalie Jul 2018
Grace and love is forever woven in my daily existence… Each new day unearths a newfound appreciation and joy for living… My life draws enchantment, the mysterious and genuine experiences that speak directly to my soul… All that I learn is for my highest good … There are no coincidences, only invitations to live in the most mesmerizing light and gentle playfulness of the universe… I am guided to follow my intuition, my purest, wisest and caring councellor…All there is entertains the opportunity for growth, expansion and living in beauty, joy, light, peace, abundance, grace, play, health, authenticity and love...

Nathalie Jul 2018
Love grows from a well
Which overflows from desire
Longing and love
Simultaneously coupled
for each other..intensifying
Fixation and admiration
A sentiment which knows no bounds
As lovers step through the portal
And into their sacred garden…

Heart stealing glances
Fingers touching… so sweet
Pulse stopping between breaths
Unleashed, is a union so deep
Not for the faint of heart
As one stands so close
To this fire dwelling passion

Hiding no more
This tantalizing enchantment
A dance for two
All –pervading intensity
Sharing one breath
Letting go …surrendering
To the exalting beauty of pleasure
Encapsulated in golden rays of light.

I thought I had dreamt of perfect beauty,
Of something so perfect
It could only exist
Hidden in the dream realm
Behind my closed eyelids.

I had never seen such beauty for real,
Enchantment so perfect
It could never exist
Outside of the dream realm
Before open eyelids.

But you, who is so real with such beauty,
You are real and perfect
As I breathe you exist
I never knew this realm
Beyond my own eyelids.

Your beauty is to encounter Heaven,
Angelic and perfect
I can barely exist
Here in your gaze’s realm
Lost beneath your eyelids.

Thank you for the surprise of your beauty.
Dreams were not as perfect
There you did not exist
Somehow here is your realm
To open my eyelids.
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Robin Carretti Jun 2018
Passionate Meditation swordmen salvation-

She's the Nymph of the congregation.

Hearts breathing heavily drink Moet                      

Fresh Flowers set minds song- duet              

She’s the singer he’s the traveler hiding

wedding finger

She’s at the tree top pink lady love slice dimple.

What suspense mystery bite apple.

Fresh-cut of a thorn rose—of—innocence

Declaration of Independence

Strong love keepsake- energetic-Erotically-sake.

Nature morning stretch she-devil wake

Knight of a traveler Shakespearian castle

   She throw’s a kiss heart- shape.

   Two nature healers dream escape

     Butterflies from love shape

__ Two-Embracers___

Nectarine exotic plants feast tree tops

_ Love makers____

The tree grows in Brooklyn ancestry future lands

Google everything that's nature

Is it in our nature to see a greener pasture?
The traveler the lover or a beauty of our trees the greener pasture is it really so green how things enchant us how a person takes our hand a moment he kisses you like the good earth of hands
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