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Jordan Gee May 2022
God made me into a marionette
He pulled me from the dust
He scooped me out of coals.
He breathed life into my belly
and now they call me animated earth.
He carved my bones from alabaster stones
long buried under piles of pine needles and leaves
He sang songs of Light and Life
and put them in my ears
and taught me all the words
and cut me silver keys.
now i stand up tall
like the Lighthouse of Alexandria
or the Colossus of Rhodes
i take showers under jungle waterfalls
full of orchid petals
and with angel fish climbing up the rock walls.
my head and all my limbs are hanging by
golden silken strings and threads
and where I walk the moss and lichens grow.
He fashioned my eyes from glass
blown over the hot geysers
and sulfur springs
of thermopylae
and the salt basin dunes.
He plucked my pupils from the pregnant blackness
of the Void.
He struck them over steel and flint
and the sparks made it bright enough to see.
my heart is a time-piece
keeping minutes with its beats
like a great shadow cast behind a sphere.
the elements once kept me apart from me my identity,
I was a hungry ghost
walking around town like a hypodermic voodoo doll.
everytime I turned around
I tripped over another basket full of rattlesnakes
hissing from both ends.
I gave up and crossed my heart
and gave it over to the chemical egregore
hoping I would die while somehow staying alive
and learning how to fly away home-
so i could leave all the piles of ashes and teeth alone
and maybe plant a rose garden.

but God made of me a marionette
strung me up from strings of silken gold.
He breathes for me,
and dances me to the music of the spheres
and now the whole planet is a
Hanging Garden of the Fallen Babylon
and now I keep snakes
as exotic pets
and as company
when i’m lonely
and for afternoon tea.
I am suspended
annh Feb 2022
so much depends
upon a green pencil
fitted snugly between
the blue and the yellow

upon a line drawn
across a page
where the sky
and sunburst clay meet

— as neighbours
who smile and wave
without names
or words exchanged —

upon a silence punctuated
by shafts of pine
shaved close by winding
laneways into storyteller points
so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white
- The Red Wheelbarrow, William Carlos Williams
neth jones Jun 2021
amongst the night scented pines
i register                
                 with an impish partner
     plugged from off a fancy tiered cake
      her school dance dress
                                       and me a lumberjack of fashion
new together
                   us toys two
splintered from our band of goofs

you are crow
                    I become antler crowned
a primer of pranky static
          amongst the wooded pines
                    roots and leaves
rhythm extant
                      and a flashlight
and slunken and bravado
and hip checks and embarrass
                        and mischief seek
and mischief applied
and bombast
                         stolen alcohol and torso
spatty wind and forrest
                           and pines and dark
cloud covered stars and no moon new
all the time a thing impending
                             romance with exposed wrists
a sick excite
glassy glances into eyes                          
                and our mind could speed friction into flame
feel the spin of the earth
  it's all just speeding up
we clutch
the pine roots hold it all together
drawn silence....

and she laughs                                
              to unnerve the 'breath withheld'
then wind springs
                   and creaking and branches again
and we dance our feint  
                     we dub it 'the turpentine'
one flashlight
                       each takes turn and spotlights the other
drunken performances
                         hers a showy enchant      
                                   and baiting stumbles
                     discarded slippers
           earthy wet knees
                      through laddered tights
      playing meekish prey
i only take a quick awkward turn
(some tribal hunter mime)
           so she can clown once again

our spotlight scatters life
steals the nights light
strips auras from the trees
        and we fire out the beam
        in waste and hazard                
     as only courting humans would dare
clmathew Mar 2021
~the wind feels the smallest birds
It's got.

—Primus St. John, "Biological Light", Gift of Tongues

The winds blow and gust
written March 19th, 2021

Today the winds blow and gust
bending but not breaking the boughs of the pine
sending the last of the fall leaves swirling
along labyrinth paths only the wind can see.
We who can take shelter
in constructs we have sweated and sacrificed for
built to withstand the winds that blow
so proud of ourselves,
while the smallest bird
without a straw to it's name
lets go and rides the wind
letting fate take it where it will.
i didn't realize you didn't care.
i tried so hard
to be there for you,
but you blew me off
like birthday candles.
my favorite smell;
next to pine trees,
on a cold december morning,
where i find myself missing you,
it just turns out,
that all the pretty words you said to me
were lies
and thats alright
ill just find myself lying in someone else's bed tonight.
Ell R Oct 2020
i have loved
i have lost
to shining waters
i've been tossed

you will yearn
you will pine
but on shining waters
you'll be mine
just a random set of rhymes... not sure if it makes sense:)
Garrett Johnson Sep 2020
That time we walked around for no reason.

Wooden door.
Brain rush.
Closing eyes.
What's her name.
**** I forgot her name.

Garrett Johnson.
Bored as Michelle.
annh May 2020
t r a i l s
of light-glazed ephemera
w      a      f      t
from plain to hills;

*G i l d e d*
grams of silken
warm with pine
and noon.

p i t t e r - p a t t e r s ,
D a N c E  S t E p P i N g
the length
of a polo field.

‘Is not this a true autumn day? Just the still melancholy that
I love - that makes life and nature harmonise.’
- George Eliot
Jenish Mar 2020
Grape vine held out her soft hands
Red pine bow down and hold hands
Will they care not my shy look?
Love in dark woods that thrive lands.
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