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Marco Dec 2020
Poem written waiting outside the club
that my brother and I frequent
together -
a hundred mouths breathe clouds
into the biting air,
cold of a Friday night
security at the door, screaming
a sea of voices asking
"can you take me in with you? I'm not old enough"
and the growling of boys half drunk
my brother tall, pushed against me

Poem written at the back of the club
that my brother and I frequent
together -
and scene:
us, scouring the dancefloor together
us, drinking ***** lemon on the sidelines
us, stretching necks to see if we
know anyone in here,
half-poised to
should we need to
(we don't want to see others)

Poem written standing at the bar
that my brother and I
frequent together -
this scene:
spilled on the dark, chipped wood
euro bills
sticky cocktails
nose blood
and my hand, washed
in the mix
of liquids
it is 2 a.m.

Poem written waiting outside the toilets
that my brother and I
apart -
now, scene:
him, nowhere to be found
line, endless
girls, loud and crying, laughing
and my foot tapping
to the bass that makes
the walls vibrate
and shake

Poem written in the parking lot of the club
that my brother and I
just squeezed out of -
last scene:
him, sober, hands on steering wheel
my eyes, unfocused, trained on
the electric blue of his car radio
playing our after-club mix
coming down, silently
no words between us
only deep-bassed beats
and intoxicated breath
our minds as spent
and exhausted
courtney Dec 2019
Electricity, vibes
Coursing, surging
Destiny, fate, temptations

Legally indebted
               Effy Stonem
Mark Sep 2019
Singing high to Fernando and dancing down low in Orlando  
When ecstasy suddenly turned to tragedy  
They were just out bopping, then he came out just popping  
The pulse was beating, while he was out cheating  
His wife new about his scouting  
But she never thought 'bout the victims  
That the families would be counting  
Forty nine were just out to dine and wine  
Fifty or so, still lying so low, feeling not so fine  
He tried to crawl out, just after his last shot  
Popo's saw him on the floor and said no more  
Put a bullet in his ***, the same place he liked it, that's for sure.
neth jones Aug 2019
10:45 p.m.

Music Mage Floats The Room

Accounts Balance Of Patrons

Grooms The Crowd Pattern
neth jones Aug 2019
02:20 a.m.

To the Glutton ; Dance

Fleshing for your Gazing Heed

The Mating Glances
neth jones Aug 2019
03:15 a.m.

The Crowd Steamy Cloud

Violently Unsilent Noct

Expelled from party tomb
Aa Harvey Jul 2018
Should I stay or should I go now?

The same old people are here again,
Selling their soul’s in the name of love.
Under the spotlight they have a beautiful face,
But as the light moves on without them,
They do not like what they have become.

The beautiful people need the light to shine upon them,
For all the world to see.
People like me we only sink into the background,
Happy to never be seen.

I cannot face another beautiful face,
So full of false smiles and a made up beauty.
I must hide behind this face; I hide away from love,
They think it is insecurity;
But I am secure in the knowledge that I am no deep thinking muse.
I am no thing of beauty;
I am nothing like you.

The beautiful people shine in any light,
While I waste my life;
I waste my time.
I fall down into my broken mind and simply turn out the light.

Put me out of your mind,
I am not waiting in line to be loved.
I already know that I will never be good enough.
Leave me be, here in my own misery,
Or I will never be able to see the vision of love I am waiting for…
As she finds me I hear her siren song;
Love is endlessly calling out for me.
She is unique; I am obsolete,
But she is reason I have not yet walked out of that door…

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Angels in a nightclub

There are angels in my heart and angels in sight;
There are angels everywhere I look tonight.
This is surely Heaven, for there is magic in the air.
The finest, most beautiful, angels are here.

There are not enough words, to express the way that I feel;
There are not enough ways to say you are beautiful.
There is not enough time for me to show you my feelings are real.
There is just enough time for me to change your world.

To catch your eye, to make you smile;
An automatic response, you cannot deny.
Admit you love me, or at least don’t hate me,
Then my heart can be set free.

One day angel tears may fall from our eyes,
But right now we could be something, so raise a smile.
You can’t be sad, when I look so silly,
When I am simply, being me.
Trying hard to make you laugh;
Exchanging vanity for looking daft.

Darkness lets you dance freely,
So you can let go and fall in love with me.
We are two people; we both know one is not enough.
Let us become Romeo and Juliet; let us each find love.

Kiss me goodnight and hold me tight.
My angel in the nightclub…
You changed my life.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Bruises scatter my legs
from falling over at the bar.

My throat burns dry
from tequila shots with strange boys.

My lips are swollen sore
from stealing kisses on the dance floor,

but my heart hurts the hardest
because I would rather have spent my night with you.
Don't walk away
with the noise of voices calling
Don't walk away
give a little of the love for which you pray

She told me I was dancing too close
I told her I was dancing so close
to try and feel the glow and the vibration
He told me I was dancing too close
I told him I was dancing so close
to try and share the glow and the vibration
Your holy vibration

I will throw all these notes printed on paper at the sky
let it fold in the wind into green airplanes if for only one

Small moment to feel you just dancing, just dancing
If for only to feel you just dancing, dancing
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