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Reena Jan 6
There is solace in our garden
With a little bit of cheer
An everlasting paradise
Or maybe you didn't hear

Winter comes around
But we are safe here
With the long lasting tree
The Evergreen one

The warmth of the furnace
And the smell of a meal
Are enough to drive away
Any pests that come too near

Spring eventually arrives
As winter readily leaves
The garden once again
With solace in the air
Something to get you through the winter
s y kalindara Oct 2020
My heart is an addict of fiction.

Awakening your pages with every drum,
it beats to remind me
that you're my very own
perennial paramour
and I'm so sick of its pounding propaganda.

Copyright © 2020 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
Why does my heart keep insisting that you're the love of my life?
Lane O Aug 2020
Evergreen stands
still at the hearth.
Roaring red fire,
life, love and mirth.

Laughter and joy.
Cider's sweet mash.
Dull fire's embers;
glowing orange ash.

We retreat to our beds,
nestled and warm,
and dream of the morning
when the Christ child was born.

Lights festooned,
on the bushes outside;
filter in through the window,
glimmer and shine.

We long for the hour
when we flock to the tree.
Peppermint, tinsel,
ribbons, and glee.
Lane O Aug 2020
Raindrops glistening
Shining diamonds in the sun
Sodden evergreen
SA Szumloz May 2020
If only we had evergreen memory
That could last for an eternity
Holding onto those bits and pieces
Of time like summer breezes.
John McCafferty Apr 2020
She be evergreen
Her roots run deep
Age made wise
from a tactful mind
Fair with auburn hair
Soft spoken and polite
Forthright hands on
Still standing strong
and not yet peaked
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
pnam Mar 2020
When love is intense
Love flies high and feels immense

Love looks down and wonders
What if it falls down and errors?
What goes up they say
Comes down one day
My love will you still be there?
When this love flight may impair
Fly low at times unaware?

Love looks down and wonders
what if you say now it don't matters?
I know I will follow your flight
High or low my love is smite
My love will you still be there?
When this love flight may vitiate
Fly low at times to hibernate?

Love looks down and wonders
what if it drift apart and frost?
I know I will keep it warm and defrost
Hot or cold my love is gold embossed
My love will you still be there?
When this love is star-crossed
Fly low at times and lost?

When love is intense
Love flies high and feels immense

Love looks down and wonders
Em MacKenzie Feb 2020
Existence stretched through a detour,
two spots; unknown in direction.
Turning left when it was right before,
keep all guessing, slide past detection.

I’m not a one stop shop,
once I housed hand crafted originality.
With the increase in demand I let my guard drop,
and now both my shelves and insides are empty.
I believed in a watcher behind me,
I held onto tight to an invisible thread.
Everyone is just silently constantly reminding me,
I’m isolated and alone even in my head.

I hear the loud pop of plastic against plastic,
feeling both relief and shame simultaneously.
Side slipping and back breaking; I thought myself a gymnastic,
though incredulous was the thought of even competing.

But I was sleeping in a Chinese finger trap,
so assured that I would choose to make it a womb.
You couldn’t hear a pin drop but with the concept of a single tap,
ears would shake and ring as if it were a sonic boom.
I’ve got nothing but dirt and dust on my shoulders
I pass it off as glitter and simple magic.
I show no signs of tiring from passing back all the boulders
if I didn’t let them slide it would almost be tragic.

Pardon my complacent self involuntary involvement,
and excuse me while I perform dramatic ironies.
Preparing the conscious for the next inevitable instalment
of prepared monologues of justifications and fallacies.

And I can’t but think in this instance,
I remember the episode of The Simpsons
where Homer is outcasted for screaming “aliens”
and he drinks himself out of existence.
“Red M&M, blue M&M,
they’re all the same colour in the end.”
Really had to stretch for that last reference. Not the best.
Jake Welsh Feb 2020
the firmament calls forth delicate bubbles from deep beneath the soil
under my feet, pine tree roots
further below, the fountain gone stagnant

glimmering spheres moving through air compliment the evergreen needles
unavoidable bursts of rot, exuded from that which grows beside the fountain
in a swampy green place, mother of the pines

eternal life giver, balancing this forest upon it’s ancient branches
with every step, a wobble
with every misstep, another burst

to which i inhale my worst of days, and live from those days onward
prompt: write a poem that combines the impression of a meaningful song, with something you catch yourself thinking about when your mind wanders

i'd love to read what you write from this. send me a dm so i can <3 your poems
alaska jade Nov 2019
if you were a constellation
I would lay with my back pressed against the ice-cold grass to witness your miracle
she sees a shooting star, she wishes for love
I stand by the ghost-white evergreens
suddenly I don’t feel so big
the snow-coated mountain reigned over the land
but I, I can keep my own
I’ll follow you forever, don’t you worry
I’ll even follow you until the blisters on my tongue stop me from praying
through the monochromatic bliss of winter
the snow now silences the warm pulse of my heart beat
an arctic December, i’d expect nothing less
the ethereal skies scream of the unknown and the clouds yearn for me
suddenly I don’t feel so big
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