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A silken black
Draped over the world
A soft touch of wind caressing
Those who wander
Those who ponder
Those who let the beauty
Cascade upon them
For the specks of light shine
Most beautiful
On this backdrop of night
Maria Nieves Jun 23
Dreams are your hopes
Nightmares are your fears
But both combined can be a tricky situation
You could have a great night sleep
But have one nightmare
That can ruin the entire night
That one nightmare that wakes you up
Cold sweat dripping off your forehead
Your breath is shallow
The nightmare that could make you wake up in tears
You just end up sitting up late
Calming your nerves
You question what the nightmare was about
But you don’t want to know what it means
It’s 4 AM
No one is awake
Instead you go back to bed
And hope
Hope you don’t have that nightmare again
Donna May 29
Today I went beach
And the ocean was so calm
And the pebbles smiled :)
Me and my son Tommy went for a lovely long beach walk today with two of our dogs ***
I see your eyes and I see your smile.
I see the things that last for a while.
Hoping that someday, life will a new.
Bring me your love, and I will hold you.
I'd be your king and you'd be my queen.
Facing this world, even when it isn't so keen.
Dreaming of flight, like the wings of the plane.
Landing in your arms, that I wish to stay.
I love you all <3
Laura Apr 3
Come here
and hold my hand
just a bit longer.

Come here
and keep me inside
your warm embrace.

Come here
and share with me
just one more kiss.

Cause when you're here
there's calmness
inside my restless mind.

Cause when you're here
this endless tension
finds its release.

So come here
and stay a little longer
and maybe you'll feel it too
I hate winter
Yes i do
Simply because
There's nothing to do

But I love the time
When it's nearing its end
And the sunshine
Returns to the land

And its rays show
The true beauty of light
As it shines in my face
And beautifies the thing
That I hate.
the only time i love snow is when the sun is shining off it and it lights up everything else in the world.
Madeleine Jan 29
I know that no matter where i am
I can always say to my Father
Up daddy up
And feel his arms around me
Holding me tight
Calming my nerves
As i focus on Him
Being held in his arms
That are always open
Leah Dec 2018
Sing to me.
Calm the ferocious
                                   t r e m b l i n g
of my hands.
Rid me of the anxieties
begging access to my consciousness.

Sing to me.
Lay to rest these thoughts that swear
I will
                                         for you.
Hold me as the Earth
threatens to c
         ­                    m
         ­            e
beneath my feet.

Sing to me.
Ignite the fire laying dormant in my soul
and I will keep you warm.
Soothe these aching bones that cry for you
each time you
                l e a v e.

Sing to me.
Lull my heavy heart to sleep
on the nights that I cannot do it myself.
Love me
                as I love you.
And feel the sun from both sides.
Colten Sorrells Dec 2018
into my head, these thoughts still creep
the sun shines far too bright to sleep
so here I lie, in our Queen-sized bed
as Shadow rests beside my head

a small, black pup
that is her name
she helps me smile
through my pain
she’s with me
everywhere I go
that’s how she got her name,
you know

through speakers Indie music blares
to hide me from the world downstairs
sometimes it helps, I don’t know why
to keep from feeling dead inside

a guilty pleasure that I’ve found
I play with no one else around
when I need time, I need some help
but need to do it by myself
Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Muse...

just to name a few
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