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Look up,
slowly they fall,
the ashes turned snowflakes
of stars who abandoned the sky
come home.
Jenna Mar 7
Flakes peck my lips;
becoming more numb
with every brush and flutter
mer Mar 7
i'm inside
but i watch the snowflakes fall from the gray sky
through my window.
the floral curtains that hang there
stand out,
as if willing spring to come

it will, its warm breeze blowing the snow away.
for a moment, winter meets spring
but then, it's gone with the wind
waving goodbye.
soon it will be time

but as for now,
i watch the snowflakes, sitting here;
just a day in march.
i don't miss the snow,
but i know that soon
i will
Rei Coman Mar 1
I often wonder
if snowflakes feel
themselves falling
or if the world
rises among them.
there is nothing more perfect
than the freckles on your nose,
and the way they scatter like raindrops
on your cheeks.

they remind me of a sky
with new fallen snowflakes,
each one different
in size and shape.

i know how much you hate them,
you say they're distracting,
or decorate your face wrongly.

maliciously, you cover them,
peach-colored paint dries
the bridge of your nose cracks,
and a piece of you fades with it.

summer comes and the paint melts off,
the facade with it,
and once again the sun can paint
drops of caramel on your skin.
Happy Valentine's Day! This one is made for my cousin who is so fortunate to have the most beautiful freckles but she hates them. I always wished I had freckles, they seem so cute and girly, but I never got them to her extent. And so this is a love poem for my cousin but also her freckles.
We are like
unique in our own ways.
We all make
and learn in different ways.
It's snowing outside my window...
Star BG Feb 18
Snowflakes dancing fairies preserved in ice,
drift gracing eyes that peer out window pane
to stop time.

They divinely carried by wind
make mountains of beauty
causing children to smile
with dreams of snowmen fun.

Snowflakes Gods message to halt busy schedule
and slow mind so breath can catch up to life.

They are a gift that flies to open hearts
to the magnificence of a Winters sky.
The forecast said snow tonight but it didn't happen only rain

Rain Rain go away I do want the snow today. Then as writer I will play in a pile of words. LOL
frolicking wildly
clinging to buildings
and streets
a melancholy beauty
to be admired through
Eloisa Feb 4
White flurries descending from the gray sky
Starting to envelope the ground like blankets
Leaves are lovely as if they have trinkets
Naked trees suddenly have ornaments
The cold wind blows the crystals in rhythm
Snowflakes are dancing like tiny butterflies
Winter's beauty truly isn't pale and colored light
The earth's not asleep, only dressed in sparkly white
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