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Andreas Simic Apr 2022
Like thousands of soldiers in parachutes
they come out of the winter sky

One by one hitting the pavement
to claim victory for the season now unfolding

At first they are vanquished almost instantly
a price paid for those leading the charge

However as they begin to accumulate and cluster
a formidable foe is being created

Inch by inch, foot by foot, a fortress is being built
one that can be transformed into an igloo for shelter if needed

Soon the landscape will be covered by a heavy white blanket
left unattended it will run amok overwhelming all

As plummeting temperatures assault those not ready
once open lakes and river pathways no longer escape routes

A battering ram of inclement weather hampering travel
imprisoning those caught unaware of its fury

Snow drifts form obstructing passageways
entrapping those not prepared with an escape route

Waiting out the enemy a defensive strategy now in use
As it surrounds you on all sides building an oppressing presence

High winds and frostbite commingling in the air
that will dominate at the end of the day

Beauty or beast
The conflict yet to be decided.

Andreas Simic ©
There is nothing like the first day of winter snowfall and this poem celebrates and vilifies that which is yet to come.
Persephone Jan 2022
No two snowflakes are alike. Do you know what that means? Are you able to grasp just how much weight that statement carries? That means that even during a blizzard when the world is being consumed by snow and the flakes are falling faster than a torrential down pour and you can’t see your very own hand in front of you, still even then not one of those trillions of snowflakes will ever match another.
It’s practically unthinkable, a laughable old wive’s tale. But then I remember how I saw you that one day with your friends, laughing at something one of them said and I realize in that moment then how something like that is truly possible
Anna Alycia Jul 2021
fall little by little,
this town becomes
whiter and whiter.

old memories
keep lingering in the air,
cold breeze
can never blow them away.

in her mouth
the snowflakes melt,
in her lungs
the bitterness overspreads.

old memories
are too precious
to be thrown,
yet too heavy
to be held.
Anna Alycia Jul 2021
snowflakes fall
little by little,
this town becomes
whiter and whiter.

people rush to home
with longing,
people stay at home
to keep warm.

leaving an empty street
with snow,
carrying love back home
but never the snow.

like my heart
the empty street is,
like my soul
the snow is.
Anna Alycia Jul 2021
fall little by little,
this town becomes
whiter and whiter.

move to a warmer place,
trees somehow
have fallen asleep.

no blossoms bloom,
no soothing tune,
somehow, I'm missing you.

fade away little by little,
this town become
brighter and brighter.

perhaps, you'll come to me,
like the spring promised to me.

or perhaps, I shall cherish
the cherry blossoms
for I've gone through that
all alone.
somehow, I'm missing you.
Svetoslav Apr 2021
brown • branches
break • white • crystals
into • disappearing • pieces
iamgone Mar 2021
the first thing i was able to remember
was the cold
maybe because it resonates today
with my soul
the snow fell around me dancing
in the air
my eyes frozen along with my body
forced to stare
the snowflakes were teasing me
with their ballet
and I was forced to watch them
as my light died away
Marie Lemieux Mar 2021
Eyes closed - frigid wind
mouths open to tease snowflakes
onto waiting tongues

Leaving branches bare
we licked the icicle spears
floating in midair
Maria Mitea Dec 2020
leaving the cotton sky,  
flying and falling at the same time,
and, after, waiting, în silence, waiting,
in your dreams,
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