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Hammad Dec 2020
It's another wintry night
and a moment ago,
I was dreaming
catching snowflakes
with you...
The dream is over now,
There are no more
and pine trees - of the North
but the Night,
is still cold
and somehow
I am still
feeling your warmth...
UnluckySomebody Jul 2020
tiptoeing lightly on tiny feet
fidgeting quietly in your seat
snowflakes dancing through the air
imagine them landing in your hair

fingers tapping on your desk
eyeballs darting over your test
snowflakes laughing at your troubles
they laugh so hard your stomach bubbles

pencil markings from pencil tips
erased so hard the paper rips.
snowflakes watching the whole ordeal
while spinning around like wagon wheels

write your name, turn it in
let the outside fun begin
snowflakes dancing through the air
now they're landing in your hair
Hey everyone. I'm new, and I would love some tips for better writing.
Eloisa Apr 2020
I woke to a soft morning light
filtered through my pink curtains
and the neighbor’s heater vibrating in my ear
And through my window
saw snowflakes carefree dancing
in a radiant and romantic rapeseed field
Warmed by the scent of brewing coffee
and lovely thoughts of you
This magical sea of yellow
adorned by tiny lacy flurries
Let me forget the freezings that I’ve felt
and the dimness that I’ve seen
purple turtle Apr 2020
You’re like December to me
With one or two events
But you were so cold

You’re like the snowflake that landed at my fingertip
You’d melted and gone away
In a new state
There are so many snowflakes in this world
But eventually they’ll all melt
Just like the way your heart did for me
All is still
my little
of ebb and
flow, I am
still, and
yet I float,
with those
the ether
that is
far yet
near, the
gentle on
my skin,
in the state
of being
& therefore,
Mamta Wathare Feb 2020
Like a threadbare rug
weaved in only the colour of moon
I carried you in my soul
long before
we met

Being with you
is like watching snowflakes
for the first time
Ice melts
warmth fills my soul
and a folk tune plays
in the universe
Rina Nov 2019
oh! how beautiful is her soul,
where the fireflies of hope swim.

under the ugly sky,
where nothing but piercing winter
meets the eyes,
she walks to the
snowy crossroads,
beating through the snowflakes,
to sell red warm roses.

but, how cruel is fate,
her shy bouquets
always ending
on his doorstep.
c a r o l i n e Nov 2019
You were like snowflakes, snowflakes, snowflakes
Falling on my skin
You were like sunrays, sunrays, sunrays
Feeling warm within
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