M Harris Apr 2

Magnetic Contaminations & Audiotronic Visions,
Sublimating Poetic Transmutations Of Her Catatonic Provisions,

Primordial Metamorphosis Of Her Synthetic Overtunes,
Revealing Self-Perpetuated Biotic Tunes,

Protoplasmic Sparks In Her Cryptic Eyes,
Condensing Into Labyrinthine Whispers & Mortal Butterflies,

Myriad Phantasms On Feral Nights,
Fervid Effigies Under Moaning Lights,

Phantasmal Echoes & Mystic Whisperings,
Catalyzing Crepuscular Skies Under A Moonlit Spring,

Spiritual Crafts & Her Supernova Screams,
Evaporating Molotov Solution Of Her Liquified Dreams,

Untouched Realms & Her Ecstatic Overflows,
Refueling With Fantasy Effects Of Her Verbal Glows,

Arcane Stains & Her Floral Clones,
Primal Profanity Raining Over Her Coral Throne,

Handmade Essence Of Her Still-Born Eternity,
Recklessly Serenading Through Her Lacteal Galaxy,

Hypersonic Dreams & Venomous Virility,
Tampering Her Ionic Revelations Of Exquisite Hostility,

Progressive Factuals & Her Motionless Serenity,
Invocating  Her Violets Serving Blue Infinity,

Apparitional Mirrors & Her Immaculate Misconceptions,
Weaponizing Fireflies In Whisky Perceptions.

- 05:52AM -

At the stage of being novices
making inroads
gaining small advantages

kids on a raft
learning the craft
of sailing
not sinking
keeping afloat on this
ocean where hope is a tide
that turns

Experiences teach me
it's all within reach
only need to persevere.

I'm sat here
when I should be out there,
where are you?

Ritika Dev Mar 25

The Great Barrier Reef
A beauty born out of rock and sand
Seldom touched by human hand
An image of beauty
Slowly demolished
By the unpolished

The Great Barrier Reef
An unexplained bleaching
Its beauty compelling,
Its color expelling.
It lays in pain,
Forever longing a voice.

The Great Barrier Reef
It burns with heat
A half now surrendered
To the changes from above
A feeling unknown
Whirlpools surging
Destroying all we’ve known.

The Great Barrier Reef
She’d given up
The destruction will never stop,
Her perseverance now lost.
But maybe someday,
The world will once again live in peace.
The Great Barrier Reef

Light House Mar 24

Did you know that corals orgasm?  & do so tremendously..
under detected moonlight? by using ancient genes, which howl
...even deep, underneath the sea?  Sort of neat, if you ask me..  Interesting,
to say the least..  I wonder what this implies & means?  It's strange,
& at the very least can cause one to rethink; everything ..is strange,
& makes me curious & intrigued.  Everything is far more compacted
into far more perplexing boxes than it all seems.  Everything is crazier than we think it is..  But, perhaps, everything is way crazier, than even that...

Not sure atm, but interesting fact.

stunning coral reefs
beneath the tidal oceans
a paradise place
colors blending beautifully
the world of marine finery

Eriko Mar 2016

returning nightmares moonlit
if somewhere past loses
sea corals forging poetry

Pauline Russell Mar 2016

A most gracefully bird, but not of the air
White caped waves are his clouds
Water proof feathers is what he wears
He stands on the beach mighty proud
His wings won't let him fly
But through the ocean he quickly glides
You'll never see him in the sky
Behind the corral is where he hids
When lion seals are on the prowl
His play ground is a winter wonderland
He is by far the best dressed fowl
With his dashing tuxedo he looks mighty grand
By design he was denied freedom of fight
But that my friend doesn't make him sad
For in the ocean so deep he reaches new heights
The icy slides are his launch pad
He certainly is a wonderful bird
To call him anything else would be absurd

Sarah Molitor Dec 2014

Vocal drowning
Coral feeling
Water seeping into
Stretched too thin

Moisture madness
Soapy silence
Steamed saliva
Pursuing red stained

damp and dainty
Shallow and soaked
heavy and heaving

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