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Philip Connett Apr 2021
Angel form of angel bells
Knell to the springtime of our love
Forebear to the summer heat ensue
Requite endure of somas delight
Feracious profundity verdurous express
The unct of skin and alls impress
From angels hearth of arch and tecture
I speak to you of perfecture
For if this bodies embrace wrapped in skin
Holds a heart that's true
Then let me see form of your face
And be with our love due
In the above poem the word 'arch' is pronounced as the word 'arc' following the form of the word 'architecture' thus complementing the phonetic flow of the poem's prosody:  the intention, if there is such a thing, is for the word 'arch' to carry the word associations of that particular word whilst carrying the phonetic form of the word 'arc' and thus carrying forthwith word associations of this particular word - it's all in the architecture...
Godfrey Ndlovu Nov 2020
Shy cup of Latte 🍵

Shy cup of Latte, savor of mine
Sat with ease as unto a regal saucer--
Upon my heart's amber throne
Hearth to a grandeur sublime
That trembles the first bright gleamer,
Of the early morning sun.
Portions enchanting proceed--
From your pearl purple scepter
Bade on high,
Onto lofty summits of lovesome regard,
To reign my walls for ages untold,
As Empress to a citadel ever yours

Violet petals doth my path carpet
Gracing my careful fervor stroll--
To the edge of your sweet repose,
By the smooth rims, encircling
Your gently steaming streams of splendid love
In a bid to peck a sip so healing--
Kiss your froth in heartly devotion
As unto a ring queenly royal,
Of she whom upon my love delights,

Let mine soul be merry in this stead,
With its essence to joy in this blessing
Ringing spurts of gratitude--
and whispers of promise

I sound in chime to myself

"I, then --
Be an endless song
To which I ever call for her hand in dance."
She, then --
Be my heaven-vested cistern
My shy cup of latte
A fountain cup so sweet
It never ceases to pour.
To Daisy Flower🌸, the woman I wanted, the woman I've won🧘🏽‍♂️
Godfrey Ndlovu Jun 2020
Daisy flower scented for days
I'll pick you this day
& adore you for days
Your countenance poises celestial
Plaining contours from troubled faces
Regard it in awe
O ye searching men
Feel its serene impression
Piercing trails through each grain
That lies glaze over every staring eye
Fondling pupils taut
In caresses overwhelming
Mellowing all rugged souls tame
Biting every heart's lip
In kissy scenes elating

Daisy flower hear me today
Your company I've longed for everyday,
Won't you be mine all my days? 🙃
To the woman I never got, to the heart I never won
Megan Joseph Nov 2019
le vent souffle
mes cheveux et
le soleil brille.
je vois les fluers,
ils ont beaucoup
des couleurs,
leur parfum
remplit l'air,
je suis assis
sur les fleurs
et regarde
le ciel lumineux.
c'est noire
mais les fleurs
sont là toujours.
je disparais
avec la nuit
et regarde les
belles fleurs
du ciel.
ive been meaning to write a full poem in french and i finally got around to it! sorry if i made any mistakes im still learning :)
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2019
I smeared myself against your bottom lip,
To feel the same warmth
That rests at the caress of
Your lip.
Each breath a breeze,
I myself, resting in the hammock your lips make.
If you sigh I have no fear of being blown away.
Knowing that I've reached the peak of where I've climaxed most.
I don't mind if you bite down.
Being caught between your bottom lip and the top of your grin.
If I could lay here for a while longer,
Caught in the explosion between us two.
The way I've smeared myself far from subtle.
Drowned in the corner of your mouth.

Your lips the softest pillow
I could rest my head.
Your lips the softest kiss I could drown
I'm not Cinderella, who came to the party and met the prince because I didn't have those glass shoes
or being Ariel, exchanging the beautiful tail with feet for a man from another world
Aurora fell asleep long enough, then love came from a prince with a kiss, could it be?
then, should I become Snow White who was poisoned by an apple then fell asleep and the prince came just to be able to see me every day. No
could I have to meet an unlovely and cursed prince like Belle, and love him sincerely?
but I can't like Elsa that freezes the human heart
because I am still need love like Jasmine from Aladdin, but I don't want to be a present
I might have to venture out across the vast ocean to find the lost, yes it's Moana
so I have to be brave and tough like Mulan about anything that will happen in reaching the dreams and love that might not be easy
I never knew what true beauty was
Until I got to know her
Somehow she shines
Brighter than all my luxuries
While her voice
Sounds better than all the songs
I have heard before
They cannot compare to her beauty
Her purity and innocence
Her grace and intelligence
Her heart, full of kindness
How gently she caresses each page
Of a book she holds so dearly
How attentive she is
To all animals and objects
To dream that she would one day
Come to love me
Why am I called a funny girl?
When my humour is as dry
As the pages of a book
Or Gaston's flirtatious lies
Is it because people laugh
Before words even escape my mouth
That reading is ridiculous
How could such a woman be allowed?
To the characters in the stories
They do not laugh or judge me
They share my thirst for adventure
How I wish my life would be more lively
Every morning is a routine
That requires no risk to take
If I settle and rot in this tiny town
It would be my biggest mistake
My books are like tiny windows
In lives I wish to live
I just wanted something new for a change
Something more than this town can give
Angela Rose Oct 2017
Follow the rabbit he will take you to happiness
Do not be late, do not miss that date
You could get lost in a sea of confusion
You would be deceived by the ostensible outlook

You could go fetch seven little men
You could be the fairest of them all
Beware of the deep and everlasting sleep
You would be deceived by the apple's red color

Worry about the petals, they are falling so quickly
He will be stuck that forever if you cannot make him love you
Keep an eye on the rose, it is far too beautiful to let go
You will be deceived by the appearance of a beast

Stuck in a tower, do not ever look down
Grow out your hair past the tall brick walls
Spot a good man, make him rescue your heart
You would be deceived by the family relations

Cleaning the bathroom, making the bed
Sneak out to town, be invited to a dance
"Fairy Godmother, please just give me once chance"
You would be deceived by the loss of one shoe

So waiting, I am waiting for an answer to come
Looking for one man to be the one that I want
A fairy-tale ending is nothing I am after
For I would be deceived by the misinterpretations of the story
This little poem is something I wrote back in high-school, but is one of the pieces I am most proud of and most impressed with myself over.
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