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GaryFairy Apr 2022
I was like 13 years old when I realized that a square shape didn't ever exist, until someone made it up to confuse people. I could name a lot of other things that they tried to make me do in school and I refused. They wanted to keep us stupid because they thought we couldn't handle knowing the truth. So they made up fake shapes that don't exist in nature, and fake Gods that that have the generic "god" name. lol
Idk if this technology will even exist after 09/11/22 or maybe 02/03/23, but if it does I will be like a prophet. Get ready folks. Especially in america.
GaryFairy Oct 2021
Do you see it yet?
the you inside of me?
or have you seen it all along?
Making you want to destroy me, and leave you

I saw it so long ago
the me inside of you
he was the reason we didn't get along
Making me want to destroy myself, and leave you

You destroyed yourself though
leaving me all alone
now i feel like half of a person
Thank you for making the sacrifice, and bless you

I feel like a heel
knowing now, that the other half of me is out there
in a parallel world, with a parallel mind
Walking by myself, looking for you

just so i can find me
Sinister thickens. I know, you're not an animal...blah blah blah
Safana Sep 2020
For you
to see me, ride on a
polar bison to cross,
the Arctic circle and
bring to me, a snow
peacock feather

Safana & Bamalli 2020
To archive greatly, we must passthrough different obstacles
Pete Elliot Jun 2020
My mood is constantly fluctuating,
They are the mighty seas of my life,
Sometimes I feel like a faithful captain,
Never abandoning my ship,
Other times I feel like a shipwrecked sailor,
My ship overturned by the waves of my emotions,
I feel second to the raging waters,
I know I would fight for my life to stay afloat,
My ship is made of my experiences,
I make small repairs every now and again,
I tear up the mast when I can’t look too far ahead,
I question my own ship and walk on my own plank giving in to the rushing waters,
I feel like I have done wrong,
That my ship is not special,
That I should be no captain of my soul,
But there is no one who knows my boat best,
I know every crack, crease, and leek,
My cabin is safer than the mast,
I go here to write of a fearless sailor they say once inhabited my boat,
A man who knew no fear except to one day find calm waters,
He would climb to the crows peak with a dirk in his mouth to loosen the chains of resentment and self pity,
The hurricane slowed and the captain returned to his cabin,
Now all I know is the fear of the storm,
My soul needs rest,
Company is always appreciated, but I never really swabbed the deck,
I pray you overlook the mess friend,
My ship has nothing to hide.
I’m not a stranger to sleepless nights and racing thoughts. If you or someone you know is struggling there is help out there. And there are people who can sincerely empathize.
I've lost innocence.

I've lost faith.

I've lost my soul to this dreary place.

It's so cold, it's so very dark.

My lonely heart has lost it's spark.

I beg for a little mercy.

I cry for some kind of grace.

There's nothing, not even a trace.

The hellish demons in my mind elope with the ever lasting darkness I've came to find.

The clock has chimed...

I'm out of time.
This is a poem I wrote about the hopelessness I felt while suicidal.
elle jaxsun Mar 2019
am i ******* crazy or are you?

i can't tell and it's putting me
in a pretty ****** *** mood.

everything's back and forth
back and forth
back and forth
back from the grave (I found this in my deleted stuff and it made me laugh)
Anya Oct 2018
It's the start of the school
year and everyone's
milling about

Water particles
Milling about
and breaking
hydrogen bonds

There's a group of
new kids,
awkwardly standing
off to the side

A large crystal
of salt
is dumped among

Some of the old kids
start milling
over pulling
new kids
their friend

The water starts
bonding with
ions of salt
positive with negative
negative with positive
pulling them
to form

Eventually all the
new kids are
incorporated into
friend groups

The lattice of salt
is broken apart
And all the individual ions
are surrounded
Known as H2O
If you find quirky analogies to science interesting check out my collection "science poems".
Ophélie S Sep 2018

not bad,
i commented to myself as i watched you do your thing
for the first time ever ;
not bad was my way to say
still is today
i have standards, you see and —
they were met when i
heard you say,
"that's only half what
i can do."

let's get this straight:
i was the best at what i do until
you came around ;
it's not like i'm mad though —
quite the opposite 
in fact.


here's something else:
i have always liked the way your eyes
shot daggers
even when you were smiling ;
a death stare, they named it and, you know,
i won't call them wrong —
i'm rather fluent with the concepts of
and staring myself, after all.

do you remember?
when we spoke to each other —
it was always a sparring of
rather than words.


a fact:
you have been called cold
more often than
you have been called pleasant ;
i know  —
it's not like you'd disagree
not like you'd be stupid enough to
deny ;
cold is a comfortable shadow
to hide in,
something people like us
wear as a coat or
a scarf
from july to june.

there's this saying that the addition of
two negative objects
turns them a positive
result ;
i'm not much of a scholar so, honey,
what's on your mind?


i get it now,
if i'm propellers
you are wings —
rather than a mirror, we're
distorted reflects
a thing evolution knows
a great deal about ;
this yearning is the aspect of you
i'd wish to keep
bottled up ;
"what for?" you'd ask.

yearning is not a thing
i'm a stranger to ;
i've yearned for many things including
and you —
i've been struggling
to make them mine, though
perhaps because i'm never really trying.


that's how you do it:
you take what you want with
clawed hands
accomplish miracles with
thunderous silence —
an entity of cruel fairness,
icy anger but —
what you want is a complicated
with definite shape to your eyes
but blurry to those of

i'm neither believer nor seer but
here's a little prediction :
the day you are satisfied is the day
shuts down upon us all and
half of me
prays for it.


about extremes —
some will say grey is a better shade and
though i confess
it does have its charms,
it still has to paint me a picture more striking
than a soul with
adamentine purpose.

see —
i stare as you pass by,
terrific in beauty
beautiful in hardness and
off —
goes my heart, sanity, ego
and shirt.
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