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Aug 8 · 66
- y o u -
gabrielle Aug 8
the limited words i once knew , kept growing and growing 'cause of you .

the words i knew , i ' m afraid , it was all for you .

and they , the words , stood meaningful and lasted forever . . .

all because of ' you ' ?
i had written 30
of you
and i ' m shocked
what have you made me do ?
Aug 8 · 34
1 2 3
gabrielle Aug 8
seriously ? i did not see that coming .

i haven ' t prepare a wonderful smile

so i stared at you

and ( un ) luckily

my heart didn ' t go with horses

yet it stopped

my whole world stopped

i couldn ' t scream

i couldn ' t do anything

i just

- s t o p p e d -
don ' t be so silly to say things like that
i ' m always caught off - guard
Jul 15 · 134
gabrielle Jul 15
i am nowhere to go

i took the road

and i knew it was wrong
yet i took it

i am oblivious of things to do

i chased questions

and i knew it wasn't answers
yet i yearned for it

but honestly
i dont know me
Jul 11 · 314
t h a n k y o u
gabrielle Jul 11
the eyes
that reads
that sympathizes
just the little thought
of me writing on this platform
is very honorable

and the thing that happens
is wonderful
when y o u
read my words

@/tasha @/phoebe and the gang
Jul 11 · 117
how, why
gabrielle Jul 11
a glimpse of you
the eyes
wanders far from me

a look
and the stars within you
they glimmer too much

it sounded
as if your gaze
screams, "who are you"

yet the fool
believed you knew me
and it shatters me fully

an eye
for my heart
does overdue

i still love you
give me answers
Jun 19 · 121
gabrielle Jun 19
i've loved you thus far
and i never knew why
i felt alone
with you

i've swam in your eyes
and i never knew why
my hands are tied
with you

i've read your mind
and i never knew why
i lied to myself
of you

when the reality
is the only truth
and i never knew why
im just afraid
wondering what to do
if i'm with you
i tremble and crash down
Jun 19 · 182
for real
gabrielle Jun 19
i've risen
from the depths of my despair
i've chosen
you still of my love incompared
i've written
the stars of mine
and you, you've not shared
i've been hurt
of the times you weren't there

i'm forever lost
by you
i never knew where

my eyes is open
for you
for real
comin back
Mar 31 · 135
a friend
gabrielle Mar 31
the people
who stands after me
that falls beneath of who i am
whom accepted my being

the wise ones
who taught me
that brings the best of me
whom shared time in loving me

for who i am;
in goodness and the worst
them who acknowledge
to what i am and to what i do

the advocates who i am thankful for.
@moots, @noeowu & @cami

thank you
Mar 17 · 758
for myself #11
gabrielle Mar 17
t h i n k   t h r o u g h   v i v i d
g l a s s e s
a l t h o u g h   i t   b r e a k s
a n d   s h a t t e r
i t   i s   c l e a r   w i t h o u t
a n y   w h e t h e r
fact 7 - i am still a frustrated poet
Mar 17 · 77
gabrielle Mar 17
for eternity

so be it,
let the wind pass through.
for my eyes.
be still with,
let them envy your blues.
My love,
With the chapters of life.
With the beauty of words.

Leaves are you.
Leaves are needed.
Leaves that fall.
Not with me.

Leaves are you.
Leaves are being read.
Leaves that are loved.
Not so me.
Mar 17 · 702
for myself #10
gabrielle Mar 17
t o m o r r o w   i t   i s
i   w a n t   t o   d o   s o m e t h i n g
b u t   i   s h o u l d n ' t

w h a t e v e r   h a p p e n s
k e e p   t h e   s t o r y   a l i v e .
k e e p   t h e   l e g e n d
w i t h i n   y o u r   h e a r t
Mar 16 · 602
for myself #9
gabrielle Mar 16
i s   e v e r y t h i n g   w r o n g  ?
n o t h i n g   m u s t ' v e   b e e n   r i g h t

s o r t   i t   o u t

f i t   i n  ?
c h a n g e   y o u ?

n o , b e   y o u .
be likable

but be you
Mar 14 · 325
without matter
gabrielle Mar 14
Moon have always glowed
this color
Sun have always shone
this bright

Moon have always shown
no love
Sun had always gave
all it's love

No matter what.

No matter if Moon
doesn't give any
No matter if Sun
hurts everybody

Sun had always gave
love in it's fullest
Moon had gave
nothing at it's best

No matter how
no matter how painful to us.... sun has to show it's love
so sun shined and shined forevermore.
Mar 10 · 152
gabrielle Mar 10
here came, the hardest goodbye
see it, here comes the end
farewell soon, here comes the sunset
not enough to bear
but the only choice is to stare
Mar 10 · 209
gabrielle Mar 10
the mask
that hinders you
would be forever you
a lie and never the truth
Mar 10 · 148
Just A Glimpse
gabrielle Mar 10
i'll always have a glimpse of you
like the clouds, anywhere
i would see you

i'll always have a glimpse of you
just a glimpse of you
it would only be me
it would always be a glimpse by me

just a glimpse by me
Mar 7 · 172
Danger & Heavens
gabrielle Mar 7
wherein my love is great
but dangerous to what may occur
brought me in utopia,
would fall in nostalgia.
caught in a glimpse of heaven -
  i was without you,
  never loved me then.
now im torn in hell or heaven
Mar 7 · 1.4k
for myself #8
gabrielle Mar 7
i am not taught
i am not dictated
i am not seen
but i ponder everything
with the people around me
of what will happen to me

i want you to continue.
gabrielle Mar 6
madness and elegance
of thorns and lust
she was born
without end nor bourne
exquisite but ever torn
sophistication and thirst
of blood and the gracious curse
beautiful imprecate
gabrielle Mar 6
oh they shatter
they glimmer
in a forbidden house
was full of corpses
the girl accomplices
with her rope
and hope
with slits
by glass bits
she hanged
and blood had banged
by glass bits was the stars
that witnessed her death
that witnessed every scars
Feb 25 · 162
wise words
gabrielle Feb 25
the wise one, said things
that should be done.

a wise one, gave meaning
to my poems i've done.

my wise one, understood the things
i didn't notice i've done.
"your passion controls you and
that makes you a better writer,
your writing obey no rules.
you wrote something,
oblivious that it speaks not one
but different stories. "

you made me a better writer, you did.
Feb 25 · 97
gabrielle Feb 25
work those hands up,
learn these things.

do this, do that.
say these, say those.

control me world,
take over me.

just **** me already -
and I'll die not doing the things
that would make me happy.
shame on you, self
Feb 25 · 220
The Commandments
gabrielle Feb 25
I have sinned
and the commandments are you.

As your order is to be not loved by me
and to be loved by you.
Thou shall not love you,
thou shall be loved by you.

and it was all disobeyed.
Feb 25 · 205
People Come and Go
gabrielle Feb 25
You came
you'll go,
you won't stay.

But I will -
even if you'll leave and go,
even if no one is to stay.
people come and go
why can't someone stay ?

that's why i exist, to stay.
Feb 20 · 697
full you (four)
gabrielle Feb 20
i wish
my love will be
as full as you
a whole circle like you

so my love
wouldn't be a
one - sided love
unlike you
love me too
Feb 20 · 167
gabrielle Feb 20
a question
that will make my heart stop
will be a blast
and will leave me in aghast

are you inlove with her ?
i'll continue to live
be fine
with just your happiness
Feb 19 · 224
full you (three)
gabrielle Feb 19
all and full
to you
and my heart

all and full
and rejection
Feb 19 · 154
full you (two)
gabrielle Feb 19
give me you
horizon blue
take my soul away
see you just far away
give me thyself, even for far away
Feb 19 · 322
i HAD you
gabrielle Feb 19
i hoped
i have you

better to love
and to had

than to never be loved
and never have

i am on my worst
i hoped, i had you
if it's better to be loved, to love and lose
than to be never loved and love

i am on my worst
as i hope to have you
Feb 19 · 359
full you
gabrielle Feb 19
give me your all
won't make me bawl

love me full
believed - and i am a fool

stars witnesses
blooming of these roses

thorn you may
but lovely i say

i love more and more
hopeless to you and nothing more
full of you
nothing of me

full moon 190219
Feb 18 · 102
gabrielle Feb 18
you wrecked me
i learnt
and i loved
Feb 18 · 150
your map
gabrielle Feb 18
let me show you

the way to the place

you won't go to
a map to my heart
Feb 18 · 186
gabrielle Feb 18
your song
i long

i sing
lone wing

by myself
without thyself

all alone
without my favorite tone

" you "
to sing your song

by myself
Feb 18 · 239
Do You See Me Now ?
gabrielle Feb 18
do you see me now ?

i'm setting on west
and you're visible on east

completely facing each other
giving you light to shine thither

do you see me now ?

see here
let you hear

i love you
won't you too ?

do you see me.... now ?
look ahead... look overhead... i'll shine forever for you...

but do you see me now ?
Feb 11 · 215
Insufficient Grace
gabrielle Feb 11
is it enough ?
are my words enough ?
am i good enough ?

nothing will change,
nothing will be enough

i am loving you
going on without yours
i think that is enough.
- a random question... for almost 80 poems i have published here,
am i good enough ? for my age, am i ? not better, not best but good ? -
Feb 9 · 148
at least
gabrielle Feb 9
i love you
and you may not love me

but at least
we're on the same sky
so near, yet very far
Feb 8 · 141
gabrielle Feb 8
have you ever thought -
that you are running through my head
that wherever am i you're there.
haunt me whenever
follow me still wherever.
too hopeful
Feb 8 · 1.4k
for myself #7
gabrielle Feb 8
d o   n o t   f o r g e t
t o   e x p r e s s  y o u r   d e e p e s t  
g r a t i t u d e
i n   a n y   w a y s   p o s s i b l e
b e c a u s e   t h e y   h a v e  
a p p r e c i a t e d   y o u
fact 6 - as far as i have known myself, i am a selfless person
the kind where if everybody around me is okay then i am okay too
Feb 8 · 213
gabrielle Feb 8
if i have hundreds of eyes
i would only gaze at you

if i have billions of hope
i would continue to hope that you'll love me too
if i have thousands of hands
i wouldn't let you go

that is if i would have the chance to hold you
Feb 7 · 4.6k
a fantastic disguise
gabrielle Feb 7
the wonderful world
would cover up my affection

the sky's gradient in every dusk
would cover my colorless self

the earth's mighty wind
would blow my tears away

the night's luminous stars
would outshine my endless love

the land's languid flowers
would bloom before me -
while i withered of your love

in the latter time,
i will be forgotten
caused by the pain of the unrequited

the world's grace
and the universe' elegance
will conceal every agony i have

but in every fantastic disguise
wouldn't care to obscure
that you don't love me too
we have an amazing world,
it can keep out of sight the things we are not capable of obscuring.

and as for the truth, it can never be hidden.
Feb 7 · 115
gabrielle Feb 7
reminisce the days
when two of them are by the swing
back and forth ways
lovingly perfect as they fling

now, think of this poor old swing
lonely, alone with me
without you and nothing
without your love, I see it not rocking
it needs two, to work it out.... someone to sit on it & someone to push.
see me and my swing.... without you.
Feb 6 · 867
for myself #6
gabrielle Feb 6
s t a y   o n   g r o u n d
e v e n   w h e n   y o u ' v e   r e a c h e d
t h e   f a r t h e s t
fact 5 - i want to make a book, i mean i already finished the contents of it,  a poetry collection and i want to make a manuscript out of it..... but i don't know how to make a manuscript :((
Feb 5 · 264
gabrielle Feb 5
i only hoped
i dreamed
i wished
i yearned that
i was enthroned
as your queen
because you're my king
Feb 4 · 206
gabrielle Feb 4
the greatest dream
but it became
the nightmare , so grim
i hope to ( not ) wake up soon
Feb 3 · 930
for myself #5
gabrielle Feb 3
t a l k   f o r   y o u r s e l f

s i n g   t o   e x p r e s s

w r i t e   t o   r e l i e v e
fact 4 - i only have 80 poems/words/thoughts written so far
Feb 3 · 334
for myself #4
gabrielle Feb 3
h a v e   t h e   t e m p e r a n c e
t h e y   u s e d   t o   a c c e p t   y o u
fact 3 - i can't believe someone reads my poems
Feb 3 · 314
for myself #3
gabrielle Feb 3
w i l t   t o   b l o o m
fact 2 - i'm young... and when i say i'm young
literally young like.... 12 years old
Feb 3 · 303
for myself #2
gabrielle Feb 3
t r a v e l  t h e  d i f f e r e n c e s
e x p e r i e n c e  t h e  o d d s  i t s e l f
fact 1 - i'm from the philippines
Feb 3 · 299
for myself
gabrielle Feb 3
i  n e e d  y o u  t o  d o  m o r e
w o r k  h a r d
a l l  i s n ' t  e n o u g h

t a k e  t h e  p a i n
i'll be putting facts of mine...
in this series where i post things i want to say to my self
Feb 3 · 107
gabrielle Feb 3
wonder -
drifting to your arms
the cold sensation of the land breeze

i cannot breathe
to wonder , i ' ll fall into yours and you drag away my soul .
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