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K D Kilker Apr 2023
Today, 4/9, turned 29;
in '94, 9th hour born;
4 craves stability,
9 thrives on change;

if you believe in
that sort of thing.
But like the dogwood,
its burnt-edge blooms;
the same each spring,
abscission looms.
Roots in the past,
leaves up for the storm
in '94, 9th hour born.
Mixing numerology with birthday feelings
Shrika May 2020
That bird -
Perched on a neem branch,
Its beady eyes search through scorching rays
For its departed half long drowned
In the dusty depths of Earth.
Hollow heart thumps
In mere existence.
Hours pass by.

Dims in this twilight sun but
Weaves its way through these
Wayward winds
Calls and cries of anguish
Shatter against the Gates of Heaven
Melodies of melancholies
Capture my wandering mind,
I watch until
Lingering love transforms into starlit forlorn.

Sketcher Jul 2019
There was a man that sang in rhyme,
Every time he found a dime,
But by the time that he found nine,
He’d forget how to rhyme,
Then go back in time to rhyme,
Until he found another nine.
DM00 Apr 2019
lucid, iridescent.
A vibrant remedy
to a gray backdrop.
three months felt like six,
and the past four have felt like two.

A pretty blade on my ear, benign,
what a lovely reminder that
the world can be good again--
you just have to shift the angle
to see it shimmer.
A Simillacrum Apr 2019
Dip me into the flat line,
under the frame,
where the sun sinks,

The longest day of my life suddenly
ends with a twist, turns
out, your venom

burned negative space
in the lid and
let out the damage

you did.
sunshine Apr 2019
and Gucci
he's got his legs around mine
and kissing
I have my fingers in his hair
and sunshine
we didn't tell anyone about it
and Fendi
he's never loved someone like me
and that drip
I told myself I wouldn't get attached
and friends
we're more complicated than we admit
a rap?
but everything is Gucci lies  

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