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DM00 Apr 10
lucid, iridescent.
A vibrant remedy
to a gray backdrop.
three months felt like six,
and the past four have felt like two.

A pretty blade on my ear, benign,
what a lovely reminder that
the world can be good again--
you just have to shift the angle
to see it shimmer.
Gnat Apr 9
Dip me into the flat line,
under the frame,
where the sun sinks,

The longest day of my life suddenly
ends with a twist, turns
out, your venom

burned negative space
in the lid and
let out the damage

you did.
Sunshine Apr 6
and Gucci
he's got his legs around mine
and kissing
I have my fingers in his hair
and sunshine
we didn't tell anyone about it
and Fendi
he's never loved someone like me
and that drip
I told myself I wouldn't get attached
and friends
we're more complicated than we admit
a rap?
but everything is Gucci lies  

Johnny walker Mar 23
Sat drinking my coffee whilst thinking of you the now  empty chair beside me where you used to be started thinking  of times gone
Better days spent with you and the things we did do such happy days never thought to end true happiness we really
Sipping my coffee to days gone by thoughts In my head that will never leave me the memories of you that never will die for true love lives
In thoses left behind for they Carrie the flame that will never burn out keep all the memories  rest of there
to be lucky one
time In my
so grateful I am for the  love of this girl called Helen who turned my life around and showed me the meaning of what true love really
Helen who thought me the true meaning of love this pretty girl I fell In love with who went to become my wife
It's scaring me,
What humans can do.
To others, but mostly ourselves.
Take some pills.
Talk yourself into depression,
And out.
Humans scare me,
Am I one?
Or am I the monster on the opposite side of the mirror?
I'm writing a small poem every day about how I feel or the world around me. This is #9
gabrielle Mar 16
i s   e v e r y t h i n g   w r o n g  ?
n o t h i n g   m u s t ' v e   b e e n   r i g h t

s o r t   i t   o u t

f i t   i n  ?
c h a n g e   y o u ?

n o , b e   y o u .
be likable

but be you
rgz Mar 16
I can see
in the way
that you move

and so pure

that for me
you will be
big trouble

I can feel
when you move
in that way

the demon
take over

he sways me
towards you

For the way
that you move
so freely

I can't help
but to stare
you seen it

and I knew
how you moved
was for me
I did do
a tricube
of tricubes

3x3x3 = 27
2+7 = 9
3+3+3 = 9
9/9 = 1
(no, it's maths)
If you're looking for a reason not to **** yourself tonight, this can be it.

Sometimes, we feel as if nothing matters.
We all do.
So i made a list of a few of my own reasons,
13 Reasons Why
I'm still alive.
And hopefully you'll change your mind.
Those moments you feel happy, and nothing but lucky.
And you wish nothing will ever change.
I will try my best.

Reason 9, Drown in your words at midnight.
"****, my window makes hella noise after last night's thunderstorm."
"So does that mean you can't sneak out at night anymore?"
"There's got to be another way, I'll fix it."
"Do you think you can do that?"
"If I want to."
"What do you want?"
"You. I want you. I want to love you. I want us to be together in a safe place. I want us to finally be okay. I want us to have a normal life, without hiding the drugs and alcohol, without hiding at all. I want to talk to you. I want us to realise. I want to write and paint and listen to music forever without the need to stop. I want to cry. I want to smile. I want to drown in your words at midnight.
Kamimi Mar 12
The tallest tower for the eyes to see,
The glory of which is hard to believe,
Standing tall as a soulless ghoul,
Visiting everyday to take the fall.

Inside they seek to make us creak,
Broken shadows rolling steak,
Plunging untorn raking dimes,
Invisible chimneys incinerating minds.
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