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My halls,
The walls,
my wicked falls turn'd from stone,
dissolved to nary a diffid tone thrown by ******* bones.

An amorphous form born from the aimless mourning that now has no space to face and call my own.

Telltale swarms of which I myself did warn would come,
Once and again I crumble from what once which I would succumb.

Myself. Dear. Gone.

I am,
afloat in limbo forever struck with what,
I Left only to silence my mind until once again,
I would find the cut.

Page 2

My totality revised,
Scratched through like the words unworthy.
Smoothed over the rough draft,
Autobiography progressive,
Nary writing another day's pages.
rig Feb 15
hillbilly highlight:
thy itty-bitty
jig i did? flip it!
hi, lil kitty! high?
iq ****’d… pity.
(prisioner's constraint: not using any letters with ascenders or descenders.)
whatever this is: the reverse of it, so, only using letters with ascenders or descenders (b, d, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, p, q, t, y)
Eli Feb 1
i loved you.
i wanted nothing more than to be with you,

so am i really okay breaking your heart like this?
intentionally playing the villain is just so much easier,
than having to explain a loss.

sometimes i think that i still do.
rig Jan 30
purple hardcover,
blank pages – empty.
beautiful. thrilling.
i’m not done with my
current one though. but…
V of Wands
Accept the challenge

Concurrence excites you
You have a need for rivality
You think you're steady like a rock
But you have a need for flexibility

Your ego says you're strong, so
You try to defend yourself by fight
To claim the power that isn't yours
Are you really doing what's right?
A poem every day
V of Swords
Empty victory

You won the fight, but not the battle
For you didn't fight with honesty
You weren't true to anyone
You're filled with anxiety, not modesty

You need to compromise to win
Don't break just because you can
You need to find what you stand for
You live like a boy, yet you say you're a man
A poem every day
V of Cups
Memories in the way

You grieve yesterday as if your life has ended
You sorrow like the world ended yesterday
Self pity consumes you like a pest
But for disappointment you don't sway

You mourn on your own grave
You don't trust anyone else to bring you flowers
You fear the future like the past
You and your lover's gravestone stand like towers
A poem every day
Jim Davis Dec 2020
Finally... she destroyed his poetry
Payal Dhiman Nov 2020
In the empty but crowded places
In the heart full of things and people
In the love that screams needs
In the darkness of lights
I hope I have that someone
in whose heart there is a special place
with whom the crowded places seems empty with just him and me
The needs of ours are fulfilled with love
And in each others happiness We are able to love our darkness too.
pea Aug 2020
the clouds grow heavy
and now the rain falls softly
the animals dance
a haiku! the inspo was from another limerick i wrote when i was ten
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