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Laiba Nov 2020
Today Is the day I was born
The day i hate the most
Why was I born
If only to be be hurt by the person who help produce me.
I'm bad luck and a jinx

guess what to the man who hurt me
You ain't worth of being my dad
So i am going to celebrate my birthday embrace it no matter what..
You are not worthy of controlling me at 16!!!
To the victims of the 9/11 attacks
I apologize as a Muslim and a human being
For what those ******* did to you
If I had the choice I would die protecting
As for the *******
Who ******* up everything
Might I suggest
An apology to vics, muslims
And to Allah and Mohammed
For acts of sheer insanity
And murderous rage

‎لضحايا هجمات الحادي عشر من سبتمبر
‎ أعتذر كمسلم وإنسان
‎ على ما فعله هؤلاء المتسكعون لك
‎ إذا كان لدي الخيار فسوف أموت وأنا أحمي
‎ أنت
‎ أما المتسكعون
‎ من أفسد كل شيء
‎ قد أقترح
‎ اعتذار لفيكس المسلمين
‎ وإلى الله ومحمد
‎ (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)
‎ لأفعال الجنون المطلق
‎ والغضب القاتل
I am saddened by
What my precious
Had to go through
All those years ago
In opposing
Sides of the attacks
He was hurt by someone
Whom supposed to protect him
And I triggered by the idiots
Who caused the attacks

‎أنا حزين
‎ ما غالي
‎ كان لا بد من المرور
‎ كل تلك السنوات الماضية
‎ في المعارضة
‎ جوانب الهجمات
‎ لقد أصيب من قبل شخص ما
‎ من المفترض أن يحميه
‎ وأثارني الحمقى
‎ من تسبب في الهجمات
Shrika Jun 2020
You said, "Together forever".

When did forever become so short ?
Riley Jan 2020
We met in a beautiful way,
But we didn't know that we're both cursed.

There's many things I wanted to say,
But the Separation came first.

At the beginning of the journey - Me,
At the very end - You.

We're both stuck, don't you see,
Our shadows are lurking, that's true.

So, pushing ourselves away,
We're both losing each other.

I will trust the Universe,
To break the Curse from one another.
Max Neumann Jan 2020
many of us know this date
many of us probably dislike it because...

good words, likes and hearts were deleted.
so i disliked january 11th until i figured that
god (others tend to call it "karma", "fate"
or "the cosm") is testing me.

every trial strengthens the
spirit of a fighter.

I do thank you God.
Today is a good day.
b Nov 2019
my class ends at 11:30 and ill
be home by 12.
so little in this world can give me
comfort like a closed door and a
grey sky through a
blushing prince Sep 2019
where do mattresses go when they leave your home?
do they hitch a ride back to Oregon
that place that you only pitched as an idea for a funny road trip
but never actualized
instead the map with all the pins of the places you've visited
has become the places you'll go and now it's slanting askew  
because your sense of perception is always a little crooked
do they sit by the curb of a dilapidated 7-11 and watch everyone
give them bedroom eyes
is there such a thing as pining or are we naturally drawn to the new?
something foreign that can be learned with time and patience
but the patience runs out like the water in the bag where that fish you won at the fair came in
and when you got home there was only plastic and the rubbery upside down belly of fish scales in an airless vacuum

do they enter through the window and shimmy under the
other dusty things in the attic?
Do they make themselves at home telling you stories of
everything they've seen and don't you wish that
the guests always stayed longer than you could hope for
but forever is not in your cards, it's not even in the receipts
you horde in the kitchen drawer
forever is stuck under the couch but you never check
because it's easier to just sit and think about it
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