May the words of my mouth
and the meditation of my heart
be pleasing in your sight, LORD,
my Rock and my Redeemer.

Good Morning Beloved

It is good to be among you this morning.

Let us pray….

Gracious Lord

As we sojourn the pathways of life
You have brought us to the places
Of ecstatic splendorous peaks

You have blessed us with resounding joys
You have filled us with good things
The grace of your unconditional love
Is made manifest in the abundant life
you have promised to all your children
We bless you Lord for your provision
And your unfailing unrequited love

You have also humbled us Lord
With times of perplexing trial,
deep sorrows and pointed loss

Our earthly journey
has led us to places
of dread, devastation
sickness and pending death

Our plans and aspirations
Have turned to dust
Our eyes fill with tears

Our crestfallen hearts
have hardened
We fail to receive the
balm of love

We have been routed
We have lost the battle
We have been conquered
by separation, sin and despair

The spirit of life
Has evaporated
From our bodies

All that remains
Are dry bones

Scattered in the
valley of death

hidden by the shadows
In the nadir of our lives

Yet your abiding love
remains the
strong Present Helper
calling us to your light

May we rise from our
Afflictions as Lazarus
did when called by his
beloved friend Jesus

May your grace anoint
Our ears with the sound of
The Great Resurrectors voice

May you stir our hearts
With the wisdom of your will

May you bless our lips
With the grace of prophecy

That we may
Prophesy to the broken
And brittle bones of our lives

Prophecy to the bones
so they may be joined
With sinew and flesh again

May your words
Become flesh

May we walk again
In the land of the living
And rejoin the beloved
At the table of
Your abundant grace

In The Good Deliver's Name
We pray...


Eric Dolphy, Come Sunday

Ezekiel 37 The Valley of Dry Bones,
John 11, The Death of Lazarus

Prayer of the Dry Bones
Faith Lutheran Church
Lavallette NJ
4th Sunday in Lent

Lenten Prayer, Valley of Dry Bones, Raising of Lazarus
delivered 4th Sunday in Lent
Faith Lutheran Church
Lavallette, NY

I picked him up on the highway because he really looked like he needed a ride
  he had never really even put out his thumb
But as he  climbed up into the cab of my pickup I could tell he was like a man dead inside
No light shining through his eyes as if there was no light down deep inside
I asked him where he was going to he said he didn't care one places the same as another..... all the same to him anymore
so I put the truck in gear and then just after a mile or two
I looked over to see he was asleep and slumped against the door

I lit the same cigarette that I'd been smoking the last three days
Turn the radio on low  and set it to the blues  to fit my mood
About three hundred miles of highway and suddenly I thought about my luck with strays
And a voice inside my head said " now you're getting a clue "
I tapped him on the shoulder but really just to verify
He never stirred an inch and no waking ruckus did he raise
I wondered as I took the next exit how long after getting in did he die

I found a deputy sheriff sitting a radar trap
And I told him what I had and how it came about
He stepped over to see for himself and I thought now here comes the crap
' But  as he turned back and stepped away from the trucks passenger door
He gave me a soulfull look  and asked where it was exactly that I had picked him up
Doesn't much matter really every body around knew the score.
" He was down at the bottom, long before any even had a chance to catch his fall!"
"BUT THERE WAS A TIME " the deputy said; as tears began flowing from his eyes,"   THAT MAN WAS A Tower and walked 10 feet tall"

Then stepping away  the deputy saying he needed to call the sheriff and coroner
I imagined a bit of that- probably -would  be to wipe eyes and compose himself.
He returned with a cup of coffee for me from a thermos named Big Marlene
He caught the smile I tried to suppress and knew,.
That's my wife's cooler and my daughter ...little Marlene.
She was 7 when she put that on there and said so NOONE would get us mixed up
You won't have no trouble here mister ( I said Dave) Okay Dave" We've all been expecting this for over 4 years now.

At one time he was our doctor and was a great doctor ,but he was one that could not be saved
it was the night the big parade pep rally and football playoffs more game we would  clinched division ..everyone was so excited we could taste it
It was them on the way back from our victory over Hayes 10 cars were following honking their horns and making a grand return when that  bus  flipped..... rolling  over and into the river
It was Crazy. I was on duty so when I arrived on scene there was over 20 cars on the bridge  parked every which way, lights on lighting the bridge, dozen of people in the river- every where in the  the river ....we won the game and division  that nite ,but lost everything else to the river

I found Doc Wilson sitting on the bank talking to himself
Didn't know it then but he was not only wet cold and talking to himself ....he was dead .
We didn't know it for some time yet to come but  he was already dead ..just as dead as if someone had as if he had put a bullet in his own head.

I don't think that the doc could even imagine what he could ever say to any of us.
And no way to know if he ever heard us as we tried over the years to get thru
We know it wasn't alcohol or drugs or excessive speed
But doc was driving so that was all the things he would need
Simply put it was an act of God and the sudden snap of tie rod ?

That's why I still carry the thermos all this time.
As I sat there listening ,I said all I could by nodding and shaking my head listening to the horrors of that night
When some triggering pain and came over me and I knew I didn't want to hear
What he was getting ready to say

Now days every time I pass that exit ramp on the highway I hear those words
Yeah I lost both my wife and daughter that night ..I was on duty so they rode over on the team bus

A few hours later I was back on the hiway , only headed in the opposite direction
Yeah I was headed home and to my wife
No longer was business all that important to let it be the excuse
So it's possible to put off and avoid participation
I was a total shit to get mad and leave for a week while she gets to worry over it.

The deputy said all people that seem to be content to wallow within their own crap.....
......That just becomes weight
Should  remember what doc would say those times when he would and did .

" I am getting so tired of always carrying yesterday with me I go on into tomorrow !".                          doc Wilson James Hall. Jr.

And when he evir er did speak

My beautiful sweetheart is very very clever
She takes me along with out any en-devour
When I kissed her that was a kiss of class
Twas long time back but I still feel the flavor
Love is from the heaven ,rivals should know
Love is so sacred please do not be the broker
What is there deep down in ocean I don't know
I am just a beginner and I am only a surfer
I kiss that hand which drags me to the slaughter
I am to be butchered my beloved is the butcher
I love her I praise her ,I gaze her I chase her
Her gestures make me bold I am proud of candor
Where hatred to terminate where love to culminate
Due to my innocence I still can not decipher
Beauty is the master and love is only a servant
Fate is written in the book and I have to follow
But still I failed to know how fortune to conjure
How can I be blind how can my eyes just strand
When your beauty travels with me as path finder
Enemies have resorted to all the dirty tricks
Mehr is in danger and seeks mercy of the Master

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

ryn Nov 2016

November days sees me pummelled,
bashed and clubbed to a pulp.
Buried then exhumed...
Skin and bones,
hair and scalp.

Dusks watch me stretch,
warp and break.
Bitten, chewed and spat out.
So that I could come together...
So I could nurse
the same old doubt.

Nights abrade,
as they span for hours.
They sap, they wear.
They mock and they jeer.
There is bittersweetness in the solitude
where coherence of mind
is scarce and rare.

Dawns greet with tiptoeing feet.
Cradle my body where it had lain.
They resuscitate me. Fill me up.
They ward off nightly deaths
so I am reborn,
again and again...


I loathe November.
Scarlet McCall Sep 2016

[These are quotes taken from a New York Magazine article around 10 years ago. They are all from firefighters]

"doing funerals....getting the bunting, hanging the bunting...step by step...

When it became a myth, the whole event...

people were terrified, crapping their pants...a woman in the legs...her someone took it off with a saw.

Why did I survive?

...None of 'em were ever found. Not even a tool.

I didn't see victims. They were dust... When the wind blew, you couldn't grab them.

long spears of glass...Huge panels turned into shards...a piece of window, a small piece....It's right here in my hands now.

...can't look at a plane landing"

Not long after Sept. 11 I was getting stopped by tourists on the subway asking for directions to "Ground Zero." I was incredulous. I avoided the area until it was cleaned up. Now of course it is a memorial and an ongoing construction/development area.

I've kept this pain away.
Held it at bay,
since the day
of Your

Now You are old.
I take care,
as this is My loving
duty. Reversal of

Time has stilled
the tremors
of angst.
Turmoil and

Yet, when bothered,
Your harsh tones
enter My body
and heart,

with words,
accusations that
I was the
troubled one...

Grown Woman
that I am,
I find myself
11 years old
once again

Copyright © 2016. Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved

Pixievic Feb 2016

Dear God - are you there?
Dear God - are you listening?
Dear God - I need you

Dear God - have you left me?
Dear God - I can't hear you!
Dear God - I am alone

Dear God - what's he doing?
Dear God - I am frightened!
Dear God - this hurts!

Dear God - how could you?
Dear God - I was a child!
Dear God.... Fuck You!

(C) Pixievic 2016

Written as part of my healing process  - I never did find God again

रजे नों

दाजा दुखु
       गोर्बोखौ खामग्लिहोना
उसाव बादाव दाजा
      बिखायाव दाहा लाना।

दं आं रजे
     नोंखौनो अरायनि मिजिंथिना
नोंनि अननायखौ गोर्बोआव लाना।

हाया आं बाउनो
     नोंनिनो बुंनाय राव
नोंनिनो अननाय
   नोंनिनो महर।

गोरोन्थि जागोन आंहा
     बावगारोब्ला नोंखौ।

नोंनोनो अननाय आं
    गोर्बो बुंजासे
नोंखौनो फोथाइहोना
    लुसोमना होग्रोदोंमोन।

Yosef Amaryahu Aug 2015

The system
Aint never been down with me
So why the fuck should
I believe in liberty?
The system contradicts
Itself because of corrupt politics
The system
Says they for you but really for them
They only interested in their power
There laws and there wealth
The system dont give a damn about the poor
But always finds moneys for war
The system
Got thousands of soldiers who died for nothing
Trying to find a man in some cave
When Bin Laden been in his grave
The system supports money
More than facts its an unhonest act
The system tells you how to think
When to blink n whats the new brink?
Style fashion fad
Everybody who was straight its suddenly fag
Even got men dressin' in drag
The system plays the race card carefully
So they can divide us individually
The system says we love you scream for peace but yet i still see bombs over Baghdad
Bombin' innocent brown people
For power or for control over some bullshit oil its the ultimate turmoil
The system needs to be revolutionized
By the real patriots
The indians the blacks along with other indigenous peoples of the america
Illegally stolen and sold for profits
Of white western europeans
The system never ever works
Its up tous to stop the damage
Before its completely destroyed
Wake up hear me clear
Dont be a slave to the system
Dont be guided by fear
Let them hear the shots
We wont miss them
And we unite as a people

Hope you bitch ass fbi cia dea bitches watchin' ill never die thug nigguhs multiply killuminati
Yosef Amaryahu Aug 2015

Yo guess who's bizzack
Attack the mens in black?
Where them pussy cops at?
Blastin' us for no damn reason
We at war with each other for no damn reason
Daily treason
Commited by the fuckin' senate
Masons evolve around the sun
Not the holy son
Open ya head cuz its brain dead
Knowledge is power im here to devour
Make my enemies bleed
From gun powder
Deep in the flesh hard for ya to ingest
Air into ya system
Takin' mad shots
Aint no missin' em
My style be simple
And complex
Fuck the chains the cars n the rolex
No plex
Cuz you dont wanna see
Me act a fool
Bring out the tool
Know the rules
To the game used be 48 now there's  50
Got every fool in the hood
Actin' shifty
When we gone break some leven
And embrace heaven
Naw i feel like im the only one
Left revengin' for the sons
Of satan
Watch me get blatant
No panic yea im growin frantic
I try to remain calm
Put theres an itch in my palms
Murder after midnight
Gets the mind right game tight
Blurry vision
So i had to realign my sight
Now im focused no hocus pocus
Im back on top of thangs
Got my own biz in my own name
Still spreadin' luv
To all colors affliated cuz
We all in the same gang

N these for all my homies
Who i see when i hit the reefer
Deaths on a creeper
No sleep i stay up most nights
Tryna figure out n fight
Why do we live like this?
Its ludicrous
Somebody tell me this?
Or is it they tryna bring slavery back
Fools aint even realizin'
Too busy after the fame
I peep game
Wastin' time to maintain
Temporary fame
Only to end up in shame
Hearts full of flames
Cuz ya soul done burned out
Keep the smoke out
Uh out of my way hit the highway
Half a tank in my glasshouse
Make a stop to my spouse
Put a tag on tha ass
Then step back out
Once my feet hit the street
I bang original or screwed
Loud music
So nigguhs can thank
But they say im crazy
And they phase me
Out the picture
Too busy drunk on  the spiritual liqour
I killed the ol me
Along time ago and now i know
Ain't no pot of gold on the end of the rainbow
We just inches below
Bring the heat
I bet i get them sweatin?
No more lettin'
Off this trigger man
CERN just waitin' to flip the script
Manifestin' demons into the light
Pretty aint it?
Got many believin' in dead things?
Reality aint what it used to be
Art imitates life
But all I'm painted with is strife
Roll the dice
Tryin' not to get" snake eyes"
Keep ya eyes on the prize they watchin'
Be vigilant and stay true
No matter what they do??
When they try to attack
Dont hold back??
Revolutionizin' the game black
Guess who's back???

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