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Mori 8h
I can´t resist anymore,
I simply want to hold you,
wrap my arms
around your
delicate body.

I know you´re shattered
but I will be
your safeguard
protecting you
from any more damage,
your detective
searching for
the tiniest pieces of you
and your long-lasting glue
sticking you back

I will try my best
to stick your pieces
and again
and hope that
my presence makes you realize,
you are whole with
and without

I am the one needing her but I don´t think she needs me.
I was a rose,
a mere rainbow,
But little did I know
He wished for a sunflower
And a cloud like no other.
D A W N 7d
whenever your head rests against my shoulder,
sometimes i could feel our hearts beating in tandem.
i feel ecstatic whenever our gaze would always find each other, i could feel your eyes engulf at the sight in front of you. sometimes i could hear the butterflies flutter against my stomach every time our hands would brush against each other "accidentally", hands that are like magnets, hands that longed to be held by hands whom fit perfectly.
but i shouldnt get the wrong idea. you liked someone but me.
but if wishes came true and magic was real, how many arrows would it take for cupid to make you fall in love with me?
(more of a rant than of a poem SKSKSKSK not guilty.)
(n) the state of being infatuated with another person.
Genieve Feb 7
Looking in from the outside,
Observing, watching from the side.
Hoping you would look my way,
Afraid you would notice and look away.

Your smile,
Is like a catalyst.
Making my endorphins rise,
Pumping my blood,
Making my hormones flood.
Pushing me to a level that
I never know I could be.

I'm afraid,
Afraid I would lose my head.
Cuz we are so different in two,
So different that when I'm thinking of you,
I kinda merged into you.

When I see you,
Excitement overflows but I couldn't let it show,
Hidden well inside me
Like you are just somebody,
But the truth is,
You are someone I feel heartily.

Guessing games gone in action in my head,
He loves me, he loves me not.
I guess it's not,
And it hurts even if it's just a thought.

Please, please,
Please like me back,
I would pray.
But I know life doesn't always go my way.

Your tease,
Even just a few words make me feel at ease.
Even if I don't show,
I can't stop my heartbeat grow.

Silently I hope,
Hope that you are someone
Who would accept my flaws.
So that I could let my personality flow,
And make our differences glow.

Searching, looking for hints,
Finding your interest through the little things.
For a miracle,
That's what I'm wishing.
Thinking of you makes my heart grows fonder, I guess that's the part that makes this whole one sided thing comforting.
Stay sad Feb 7
Wanting to be the one to speak her name as mine.
It's like a stare off,
All alone.
It's like a competition,
On your own.
It's like getting stuck,
In open space.
Why do i enjoy this one-sided love?
If it burns.
If it is away.
If i am lost,
I do not seek for shelter,
I seek for pain.
Caterpillar I am
looking up to a beautiful butterfly you are.

Young I am
in full bloom self-reliant is you.

Still learning of living i'm crawling
know about intimacy you're flying.

Youthful caterpillar pouring feelings
beautiful butterfly feels discomfit.

Love I gave you
declining you do.

Silk leaves, pure I give
honey and nectar you choose.
I hope I wasn't too young for you.
Azfar Hakimi Jan 31
every sunday
every gloomy day
I'd go to your home
but you're always not there.

but a book
that you gave
just made my lotus
bloom in a different way.

so I keep
thinking that
you're running
I keep thinking
that you're flying,
but the truth is
you're lying
and you're laying
in your bed
with the flowers
that she gave
and the doorbell ring
is just a song
that you listen
and forget.

so I drove
down to town
to the supermarket
and asked
'where can I find the aisle for happiness'
they said
'I don't think we have that here,
or anywhere else',
that's right
it never existed
in my life
and in my melody.
"try to be positive",they said, but it's hard, because it's not in me.
Water flows down from your cheeks
sleeves up until the elbow
familiar hairy legs
every evening is the same.

That brown eyes never even look at me
near to god far from community
prostrate in musollah at three
from afar I'm seeking.

Husky voice, teary-eyed
softly, the prayer recitation begin
cupping dark skin hands
on the red carpet, red carpet.

Exit after feeling relieved
old shoddy shoes on the sidewalk
smiling like a Cheshire cat
waiting for me and said
"see you tomorrow at 3pm".
Ferlin peter Jan 30
Usually frowned upon.
But why?
A mother feels it for her new born.
a.k.a. the purest form of love known to mankind.
Then why be upset when you feel it for the "special" someone.
It demands selflessness.
Giving without no guarantee of receiving.
No profit, grant or bonus.
Just peace and self-satisfaction of seeing them happy.
Not many are capable of it.
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