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Anna May 12
And now? What else do I do?
What will I do when everybody is gone?
For who shall I fight if I don't even know myself anymore?
A poem of doubts lives in my head as a flea lives
In the ear of a dog that maybe, one day, barking will stop.
The nights were made for ******, drunks and the sick of love people but also for those who minds won't ever stop barking.
I never quite know how to organize thoughts after midnight
Once were dinners a deux, you see,
Was it only a few months, or a century?
Once were schools abuzz with kids,
Teachers agog to see what they did,
Once were universities,
Alive with youthful dreams, indeed,
Once were pubs with beers.
Once were football here,
These are viral times, my dears,
Once were bushfires too,
A horror story for me and you,
Yes, Stephen King wrote this year,
Once were Oz fun times, not fears.
Feedback welcome.
Mujen Apr 23
I still remember
your odor.

You don't agree, but

That close
you were to me.
Aynjul Apr 10
I am told not too,
holding back is unbearable
yesterday never felt so close
as tears of gratitude fall
I pour out my heart,
and run to you
even if its
against the law.
we really are breaking the rules here.
were not suppose to be together.
andrea nicole Mar 24
one day, i will say with confidence
that i have forgotten the name
of the scent on your favorite shirt;
i will think i am better off not knowing.

one day, while i am here, in the places
we used to roam, i will hold my own
hand. i will not look for you.

one day, the memories will fade
from my mind.

one day, i will not cry.
but that day is not today
Euphrosyne Feb 29
We were
Just friends
Until we fell
on each other
And spoked
like lovers
And that seemed
to be enough for
Two teenagers
who were
scared to
love one another.
And that was the reason why we held back on confessing our feelings for each other because before we started to be lovers we were bestfriends but I'm hoping she gives me a chance to be her lover and now I can say that I love her even though she's trying to avoid me.
jonas tate Jan 14
You say support for us is “collaborating with madness”
I must really be nothing to you
Someday I will wake you up
The alarm clock will not come with a snooze button
If you want to quiet me, you will have to throw the clock
Against the wall
Let it smash into a million pieces
But you will always hear a faint phantom ringing in your ears
It will grow louder
And louder
It will never truly be silenced.

You think I’m crazy
A queer little copycat
Let me let you in on a little secret
The world moves on, with or without you
I will move on, with or without you
I know that it is likely to be the latter
In a way, I almost want it to be
Black cannot become white without first having specks of grey
You are the deepest, darkest black of night
I am a myriad of colors

“Have I gone mad, Alice?
“I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But let me tell you a secret. All the best people are.”
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
We’re all mad here.
Some of us just refuse to see
People hide behind their bibles
Yet speak of things that aren’t even written in them
Where does our God say, “Thou shalt not be transgender?”
You use the book as an excuse
As a shield for your bigotry
You may as well spit on the cover
Or light the pages ablaze with your disrespect.
written in may of 2018 for my transphobic grandparents.
Seanathon Dec 2019
How could people die, I'd ask
In the springtime of youth
Most ignorant, find

Now I know, why people die at last
When the aches and the pains
Persuade, the mind

For they pass
And pass
As all do in time

And the new want of me
Is mine
This time

Because now, there is no one
Who remembers my ask
Noone outlives the time
Dying is fine
Aiden Hand Dec 2019
There we were
We sat together at the table
As all true feelings and secrets were expressed and shared
She shared a piece of her truth that no other body had heard before

Then the sky went from light to night then quickly back to the trite sight of the morning
And all of those memories came rushing back to me
Then came with the memories, the images

And there we were
Meeting each other for the first time

And there we were
Walking to class together

And there we were
Eating with each other at lunchtime

And there we were
Sitting close in the weather

And there we were
Letting out our most held back tears

And there we were
Together in our own zone

And there we were
Sharing our most inner fears

And there we were
In this world all alone

And there we were
Lying in bed with each other

And there we were
Being friends

And there we were
Watching the sunset together

And there we were
Only being friends

And there we were
Holding close to one another

And here we are
Best friends

And that is all we will ever be
Let the Truth guide you.
gabrielle Nov 2019
you were the ... one
you were the days
you were my life
since i've held out your hands

you were the ... one
you were my ways
you were the most
that will be the first and last

you were the one
in the time
of our eternity

in the life
we've shared
of you and me

it was all you
but in the past
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