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Johnny walker Jul 11
Helen like me was born to the summer we lived for the sun
that warming glow that warmed our bodies through to our bones for the winter was cruel to our
we both suffered so much with pain for cold would reach In and touch our
very souls we snuggle to each others arms to  keep ourselves warm
and that's where we'd stay
out the cold snow and Ice of winter there to stay wrapped In each other arms were wev would stay watching and waiting
the first signs of buds appearing on the trees after the welcoming winter thraw the glow of the warming sun
felt so good to be alive with my wife by my
But sadly my sweetheart Helen has left me for a life In Heaven Is to where she now   lives so I'm left here to face all my coming Winters alone without her loving arms to keep me
But I'll keep all my memories of Helen close here In my heart for our dreams that we had I'll never let die for me to survive In this world now alone It relies on me keeping both of our dreams
Ken Pepiton Jul 10
Notice, nextime you are in a pasture
on a frosty morn,

the cows follow the bull in single file,
each dropping
a morning load of ...
you know ... on a frosty morn,

steam rises in fragile pillars of cloud that hold
the most delicate rainbows
mortal eye may see.
Placebo, y'know.
Johnny walker Jun 15
I remember the way trees looked as we sat In the park holding hand In the middle of
Trees that had been stripped of all the leaves lining up like figures on the river
Ghostly figure waiting to jump out from the mist rapidly descending around
Almost as If they were watching and waiting while Helen and I kissed so sweet her
And the trees look on while two lovers embraced each other I believe they jealous
of my Oh so pretty
Remembering the way the trees looked as I kissed and embraced my Oh so pretty girl
Katja P Jun 10
All I did I did by myself.
Because I wanted that.
It's were on my plan list.
Do not attribute my progress to yourself.
Don't pretend be a hero of my dreams.
You were just my stress.
Zenlcaudell Jun 5
It’s supposed to get easier with time
Your face haunts me every time I close my eyes
Your voice taunting my vocal drums
I just want to sing along
Even if I do **** at life
You’re more beautiful than words could ever describe
A dictionary isn’t even close to what I see inside your mind
A new color is created everyday in your like
You make me happy even when I want to die
Yet you left in a tragic way and did not say why
Didn’t even say what you wanted to say to me
Could I have been to blame for the tragedy
What did I do
What did I say
Did I even do anything to drive you away
Was it you
Was it me
Can you finally leave me be to dwell in my insanity
I want a resolution to the pain in my mind  
I want you to stay but
I can’t force you to live a lie
I love you
That will never change
But I can’t keep you on a chain
Be free
If you come back that’s okay
I always loved you
I’ll love you the same
A love that will be there till the end of my days
You are my best friend
That’s what I’m trying to say
I think I’m alive cause of you just saying
I’m giving up on you.
Hand In hand they went
to the park the first time Helen and Johnny walked
out there In the park they sat and talked for
There was snow on the ground and bitterly cold
but they didn't care for Helen and Johnny had fallen In
As they walked back home  arm In arm stopping momentarily for a kiss along the way a kiss that felt so
Arriving back home Helen
stood by her gate Johnny thought Oh Helen you are looking so beautiful to
As Johnny looked Into Helens beautiful eyes that
told more than words ever could
Johnny spoke the words will you marry me It's my Intention If you will have
Helen through her arms around Johnny yes I will
so that how Helen and Johnny came to
Empty chair were my sweetheart once did sit
now our kitten taken to sitting there as If she
knows who once sat
Rooms that no longer
echo her voice rooms
have fallen silent no
longer hear her calling
Oh how I miss her for
rooms that felt so much
love but only feel the
cold now strange I
just the simple
things Funny sometimes
It's just the
simple thing
Funny how sometimes it's just the simple things you miss when a person has
lesson #1: in the beginning, all poems on Earth were formless

on blended knee, the approaching, humility, raging, barely  
tempered by a gale force need, the forthcoming yoga pose of compose

you have urgings, mostly in a blink of an eye,
then going, gone notions, the writing is so a losing effort,
you turn the paper’s aperture sideways hoping to get an
inside straight insight,
but the poem refuses to come, the creation ******
delayed is torturous and the poem birthing, even worse

so you revert to basics to give the formless a shape,
recalling  a child’s learning that in the beginning:

“the earth was formless and void,
darkness was over the surface of the deep,
and the Spirit of God was hovering
over the surface of the waters.…”

so you insert a single sheet of 20Lb bond paper,
sliding the typewriters carriage smooth swift  
over to the starting gate hell’s bell, typewriter machine smell erotically exciting creative fluids boiling,
typing, laughing out loud, forming entree to the hinted hallway
of a womb opening to a crafting with three words:

                               in the beginning
Johnny walker May 14
I would sell my very to soul to have Helen back a one ticket for hell In exchanged for one
day with
If I could only make this wish come true nothing In this world ever came
close to
All our time and of all that
went through Oh I wish I could live all again Devil here's my
It's just but an empty shell
since Hellen's been gone give one more day when we at our best
Devil I would
sell my very soul to be again with Helen again to live with her again just day when we're at our
Remember what you once told me?

You know,
three little words?

I know you were joking,
but I still kinda can't get them out
of my head.
Words can hurt, words can heal. Make yours heal.

P.S. In this case they made my day.
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