Jay Lewis Dec 2017

As plain as it is to see,
I think of you,
when he's with me.
I still love you,
and it kills me.

Every single time,
I try to leave,
I hear your voice saying,
Don't you dare,
give up on me.

I tried to live as if you were by my side,
But theres only so much acting,
I can do to get by.
I've loved you through this year alone.
And I can't do it anymore on my own.

mint Dec 2017

it wont ever be the same again

it wont

i can see the cracks inbetween the minutes

there is no turning back to the way we were

and i miss you

i fucking

miss you

Please just love me again
Lure Pot Dec 2017

I respect your mama
because she's
a part of you
I love your girl
because she's
your heart.

I honor your baba
because he's
your idol
I like your son
because he's
your goal.

Your shadow is
in my heart
and I'm melted
around you
I miss you, my friend
though we're apart
I must say
You're spellbound.

Lure Pot Oct 2017

We're young like the bright sun
in the quiet morning
The night will be gone soon,
the victory will come easy
by the youth of us.

God believes the young people
and others are afraid
The work of younger generation
is the best choice to the Lord.

People are free, the best mankind
it's truth because of youths
The child or older can't help saving
the freedom in this world.

The youth is in the dream of the child
regretting for the old man
the desert rain of a thirsty young lady
and the satisfaction to every mom.

We're young,
the biggest mind of the friend
and the confidence of the world
the happiness to the sadness.
The enemies are terrified of us.

We're young,
the brightness to the darkness
and the sunshine to the clouds
the optimistic person to the Creator
and the pleasure of the wretched.

Andrew Aug 2017

And so man had been where few were
And I, a tiny stump of nature once heard
Shall say little as the boy and girl of today say
Hey not a thought means more in a horse hay
And so it were fools scarce and beams a plenty
Not a tidal of hope for those who've a plenty.

And so it were, I was born a man in few or many

Smart was my first girlfriend,
Open minded she was a friend.

She was my 3rd crush,
Often she would blush,
Forget I'd all the rush,
The bosom of hers was so plush.

Why I remember our third kiss,
Ended it so sweetly in a bliss,
Royal caramel chocolate I miss,
Enthralling was her soft hiss.

Her memories I remember sharply,
Exceptional was my every reply,
Really my kisses were never haply.

Lies never ever appeared among us two,
In fact she wanted me to be her Mewtwo,
Penance she was my life number two,
She wanted to kiss me but atwo.

I can't help how I always rhyme my poems.

My HP Poem #1641
©Atul Kaushal
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