Cries for help
Are not cries for attention
I mean
A little attention
Is all that person
Ever really needed
Just to know
You're not alone
You're not the only one
Who lies awake at night
And waits to die
I'd be a lie
If I said
I haven't tried
And these people
With their masks on
They tell me
All you ever write about
Is suicide
But they're wrong
I write
For hope
I write
To cope
I write
To let you know
You're not alone

It's ok not to be ok
I look at this blank page
And I just write
I don't think about
What comes to mind
I'm able to find
A silver line
Among the black clouds
That try their best
To block out
The Light
It gets you through
The night
goodtea Jun 6
A double sided blade to stand on
And broken wings to fly

Yet still we have not fallen
motherfucker we rise
we were ...

we were in love ...
we lived together ...
that love ...
we were in love ...
we made it ...
in a specila way ...

let's get back ...
those  moments ...
our love ...

let's be in love again  ...
as we were in love ...
to start again ...
our wonderful life ...
to make it as we did ...
in that special way ...

let's be babe ...
as we were in love ...

hazem al ...
maya May 3
Spilling the juice all over the floor,
Missing you each day more and more.

Listening to music- new and old
My decisions getting a bit more bold.

Shutting the door louder than usual,
My mind starting to get delusional.

Loving you without a doubt,
Hate seeing you with other girls out and about.

Scrutinizing every mistake I write,
Only to view every poem I spite.

Luring the unknown into my room,
Chimney blows wind with a bad fume.

Securing my own locks on doors so fragile,
My body always wanting to move so agile.

Leaving your life and entering his,
Wisdom hit but so did his fist.

Sobbing on the cold ground,
I wish I still had you around.

Listening on what to do - my friend’s advice,
Maybe I have to start trying more than twice.

Sending mixed signals and causing trouble,
Will only ever lead to a burst in the bubble.

Lacking thought or too many to count,
So many problems I have to dismount.

Serving my old yet new figure,
My body tired, and oh-so-bitter.

Latching on somebody to stay,
Words cannot explain my feelings at play.

Shouting loud but not loud enough,
My brains gone into a severe slough.

Crying for extreme help,
I cannot do this myself.
she was German

we couldn't see her face
but we couldn't help
but to admire

we couldn't see fear there


could it possibly be
because she was
Excuse me
veRy much

can we paint your hand rail
was she

just that much
Cana Feb 26
There’s a place we should not go
Where white snow falls and foxes dive in, head first.
The trains that go there do not stop.
Their brakes are cracked useless things.
Their fuel is limitless. The lever is set to full speed.
It’s not an easy train to disembark from.
Not for want or for not wanting.
I’m of the latter currently. Though I knew boarding this train would send me there. I got on anyways.
Now I’ll just enjoy the ride. Have a little ski, perhaps even become a fox.
Let’s just say the weekend was rough, raucous and completely unforgettable.
Lunatica Feb 24
You were different
You were kind to me
You teased me
But you were decent
You never looked at me with wrong eye.
You never talked to me for my looks.
You never really asked for much.
You were genuine
You were friendly
You were helpful
You had your boundaries
But still always there
Then what caused this rift
What made us rift apart
I never left
I was there too
You did not leave but
You stopped talking like you did.
I never meant to love you
But i really do
Perhaps i'm more than hurt
Perhaps i no longer trust you
You are my moon
And every star i look upon.
I will see you each time
I look at the sky
In the night
I'm sure
You again
Will befriend me ♥
Because friends can break hearts too
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