Aa Harvey Jul 10
Terminator X

A cloud burst into life and rained down acid rain;
The skin peeled from the bodies of those who couldn’t be saved.
The future termination just waiting to send us to our graves,
Means our destiny is already written and we cannot be saved.

So call on Arnie to save or ruin the day,
Here he comes in a rush to redeem or bring rage.
Is he good, is he bad?  Let’s write another sequel,
Because we can’t get enough of this cyborg killing people.

Terminator 1, Sarah Connor is forced to face death head on.
This Terminator X is going to rip somebody’s face off
And Terminator 2 saw Arnie as a Hero,
For John Connor likes Guns ‘n’ Roses, look out here comes a truck.

Terminator 3 the machines are on the rise again,
The future is shown to us; it looks like humans live in pain.
We are obsolete; the robots now rule the entire world.
So let’s rebel and give ‘em Hell, one of Johns acolytes is a hot girl.

So stab your blade shaped arm through a chest
And hope you find the right Sarah Connor.
Dead bodies litter the doorsteps of random nests;
You know he won’t stop until he finds her.

Get Arnie some new clothes to cover his nakedness,
Use nitrogen oxide to put an end to this X-file government,
Conspiracy of robots, they are here to end our lives;
So crush their body and throw this terminator into the fire.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
helena alexis Jun 30
stars exposed along her back
bordering constellations down
to her thighs wonderful expressions continued throughout her body
vivid hallucinations and disturbing illusions
control her unconscious mind as she feels
the painful machines puncture her brain

she’s not like the rest of us
she’s the future of humanity
not really sure what this is
HB Jun 13
The machines are taking over
I'm sorry but it's inevitable
But unlike every sci-fi movie
It may end up being quite equitable

Today I saw machines that detect cancer
Earlier and more reliable than a doctor
Trained from years of data
This is an AI earlier adopter

Deep Thought learnt to play arcade games
Then beat the best at a game called Go
Now machines are clearing up a poker
What's it'll do tomorrow

Driverless cars are on their way
Energy companies can tell you your fridge is about fail
As they look for spikes through the day
Then automatically send you an email

A probe attached to your head can read your thoughts
One day talking and putting a phone your ear
The kids will say
Oh my God that's so middle ages my dear

Google Duplex can make your appointments
Phoning a restaurant or a  salon
It'll chat away to person
Who would be hard pushed to tell it's not human

The robots are learning
They can compose and conduct
They'll touch all our lives
And no doubt will get used for smut
I attended the world's largest AI Summit today

If you're interested  check out Google Duplex, it's pretty incredible and maybe coming to your phone this year

nawke Jun 13
love is for the infinite beings
and remains so eternally
never will a turing bot

tomorrow when robots arrive
the heart that is not in love
will fail the human test
Ponderings of The Rise of Machines and AI.  2018@copyright
Ginger R Mar 13
Why are we so dumb
Why are we stupid
Why don't we know

They said flying cars would be abundant by now
They lied

They told us they'd make the impossible
Three years ago

So maybe humanity is falling toward disaster
So maybe no-one really cares
So maybe all people really want is the newest I-phone X

If the technology and time spent on video games had been invested in vehicles
We would all have flying cars running on peaches

Soo, yes. We really are all idiots, blind to the world around us.
We could've had a wonderfully green planet.
BUT, Don't Worry, cause YOU have a new Amazon prime membership that is destroying malls as you read this. Surely you will be fine. Fat, unable to move, robots responding to your brain waves, but sure, you'll be fine.
sorry, I kind of went off on a rant there... but I just got back from a mall where literally half the stores were closed. It was really sad, so I went off on a rant.  But it's important that we don't grow up into this horrible future that's leaning closer every day.
Emma Nov 2017
We are absorbed
From one click of a button
To 5 hours of life
Reliving a cycle every day
Thinking it can’t get any better
The more followers
The better life
Only posting what you want
And not letting them see the other sides
Pictures only there for a moment
Then washed away never to be seen again
When moments could be spent better
Long lasting moments
With no worry of a time limit
Instead we are made robots
Dependant on 5 inches
Missing what life has to offer
Too afraid to leave them at home
Because you you may miss a notification
You never cared about anyway
Making life easier every generation
Thinking the only way to make friends
Is by chatting online
Getting a reply
But waiting 5 minutes
Because we are too afraid of seeming desperate
Walking right past someone
Who you could have shared your life with
But instead your head was faced to the floor
But of course
The floor is more important than a person
But this item smaller than your hands
Somehow gained a power to control us
Hooked us into this trap
That is too late to run away from
Forgetting the date and saying it didn’t remind me
Will be the only excuse
And family, friends, and people
Will no longer be an option
Soon we will all walk around with tubes in our ears
And goggles over our eyes
Seeing a virtual world that must be greater than what we were given
Meeting people but never seeing them
But it’s fine
Because we have all we need between 5 inches
A Nov 2017
It came thru on a dagger
Spending my last earn faster
Sped up the toxicology to my master
He leans in with a coarse demeanor
Contemplating courses to make it last her
Devils worship in his eyes are blacker
Souls deepen their bloodied grips harder
Speculation drives the people’s brain madder
Insisting on it’s return to the last crater
We push our own to the edge quicker
Lava molding our faces with anger
Desperately gnawing for clarity's charger
Creating glimpses of light for the masses
MindsPalace Oct 2017
Now once revived in bed I lay to sleep,
Now once revived from bed to life so steep.
Then many changes found in like came seen,
Then many changes pierced my skin so keen.

To see the world in eyes of colored pen,
For blind are but the eyes of alien,
Do suck the future in reality,
And do not look on past as fallen tree.

Then magnet comes and mind goes through all hell,
And grasping then I feel my opposite:
My brain, my heart, not human I could tell.

Now calculation builds the blocks of mind,
And life and death consuming all I knew,
My world in this new body I must find.
aurora kastanias Oct 2017
If only I had a brain I would wander
The lands, discover my surroundings,
Emulate nature to my benefit, replicate
The mastery of lightning, sparkle
Fires to keep warm.

Draw in caves to communicate, invent
Words and a language, grasp insight
From imagination, materialize my thoughts.
Become myself a creator, build
A creature to my likeness,

Understand who I am.
On robots point of view
To lessen liabilities,
to lower costs and
make the world more,
more productive; exacting...

To make everything easier,
a life more fulfilling...
...more predictable, perhaps,
more equal than now.

To eliminate sadness,
anger, depression, anxiety.
To work less at everything,
they will do it all for me.

The planet will be saved by the extirpation of human activity...

...for who needs humans to trade stock?
...who needs humans to make widgets?
...who needs humans to clean things?

Who needs humans at all?
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