To lessen liabilities,
to lower costs and
make the world more,
more productive; exacting...

To make everything easier,
a life more fulfilling...
...more predictable, perhaps,
more equal than now.

To eliminate sadness,
anger, depression, anxiety.
To work less at everything,
they will do it all for me.

The planet will be saved by the extirpation of human activity...

...for who needs humans to trade stock?
...who needs humans to make widgets?
...who needs humans to clean things?

Who needs humans at all?

Anything I don't want to believe in.....
Anything I don't like
The Palestinians are NOT being oppressed by Israel.
That "Separation Wall" was set up by Artists!
Black People IMMIGRATED to the United States
For a better life.
No Black People were ever dragged to North America in Chains!
Jewish People have been having the biggest PITY PARTY
Over the FAKE Holocaust since 1945.
It didn't happen!
It was all just made up by the Jewish People so they'd gain
"Global Warming"...."Melting Ice Caps".....
It's all a Fraud.
Famine.......Refugee Crisis.....
It's all a LIE!
The Mexicans and Muslims
Just want to enter the United States illegally
To take the White Man's stuff!

Was Asimov a prophet?
Look at the rise of robots!
Can they gain artificial intelligence?
Isn't that what old Isaac meant?
When the slaves become our overlords,
Who invented that dumb thought?
Was Asimov a prophet?
Look at the rise of robots........

Feedback welcome.

Dearest Simon,

Humans are not perfect robots who say the right things all the time,

We are not, shiny or matte pieces of fabricated building materials controlled by an OS;

Our arms are soft to the touch,

They are warm and comforting on the coldest days,

Our bodies are perfect pieces that sometimes fit with another,

Flesh to flesh, brain to brain, wave lengths we both exchanged over 6 years,

Shivering in the back of an old white truck,

Hands being held at a beach you hate during sunset,

The feeling of your breath on the back of my neck at night,

Your playful grin when you are about to do something “evil,”

That laugh, that bellows out of you when you are playfully bragging,

I will always know when you are “hangry”,

These are the things I will always things I will always love,

I am not a perfect robot,

I don't always say and do the right things,

My flesh is tainted by scars,

Sometimes my logic is flawed,

However, love for you has evolved;

Father of my children,

Dear friend who will always live in my heart,

I hope your blue eyes gaze upon me in the light of this night,

I hope your heart understands,

My happiness is not a slap in the face,

It is a medium in which I use to say, “Hey, I'm okay”

Our hands may not hold,

Our bodies may not touch,

But we will always share brain wave lengths...

That will span across time, space and any form of dimension as long as we are alive...

They will always say, “I love you.”

Crystal June Jun 2016

And I'm here in this little glass house,
On display for the robots next-door --
The last of human life
Trapped in a box with translucent locks
In this paradisiacal paradox.

The suburbs are where dreams go to die.
Look at that cool-guy dad of three
With a car from 1970
Who doesn't get a wink of sleep,
And for dinner he eats batteries.

He wasn't supposed to be like this,
Spending more time with his therapist
Than with his mechanizing kids.

Love is sending them as far away as possible
Before they're condemned to your same tragic fate.

Their precious internal organs are slowly being swapped and traded with engine parts,
So that their chests hum rather than beat --
And wheels are used more often than feet.

Extension cords for intestines
And oil for blood,
Plug them in to sleep at night
So that they may be fully charged and operational tomorrow.

They are constantly being programmed in the greatest form of mass production known to man.
(Well, what's left of him.)

Cookie cutter children with magnetic hands,
Always grabbing and attracting new parts to attach to themselves.
Chewing microchips like bubblegum,
Transferring data as a form of fun.

It's "cool-guy dad 2.0."
He's outdated now,
Useless apart from nurturing the new generation that will ultimately cause his demise.

Oh, what a time to be alive.
To be a human on display in an industrial neighborhood.
(And don't even get me started on the soccer moms.)

The suburbs get to me sometimes (a.k.a. all the time).

I am a robot. I have no emotion.

I am not a robot. I have emotions.

Vyscern May 2016

We all fall apart
At the slightest disturbance

Steve May 2016

Robert the robot was a mechanical man
His grandad had been a baked bean can
His cousin Dan was a robotic arm
And his girlfriend Pam was a good luck charm
Here's me moaning about my life
And things I might change in my wife
When I realised in the luck of the draw
I could have been a rabbit's paw
Or a wishbone
Or on my own
But instead I go to bed in the warm.

Obsessions buried
Desires denied
Living like Automatons.
Money fuels our Motivation
Just as Fossil Fuels keep our vehicles going,
But are we still completely human
Or have we become
Just Robots?

Shaylie Pryer Apr 2016

The screen is our religion,
dreary eyed and mouth wide open we are absorbed into the graphics.
Swirling around us on the the Tv plane are the stories,
“breaking news” we are breaking ourselves,
because the tendrils come shooting out and grasp our brain feeding us poison.
Our soul carers called the democratic love playing dress up,
a wolf in sheep's clothing,
and while they play we are neglected,
bad parenting.

We don't get to play,
we are the ants,
in systematic order, we provide,
the only time we get to play is when we retreat inside our mind.
Then we become the stereotype “ignorance is bliss”
while the world falls to pieces, is it because we voted for this?
We are the ones in control and yet we have no power,
we lounge inside, the clock is ticking by the hour.
The world is broke with each secret kept,
each person pretending that its okay,
while the connected, open minded ones feel powerless and hide away.

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