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you know
these matchstick men
inked on wrecked angle blank page
you know these
women con trap
that act on command
because  match stick men
light their fires
more lovingly
if they pick up  that log
bound in the fog and burned
shore lights were on
sea  not at home
see **** thought less
about the other
or the fact shes a mother
of four peeping eyes
with heart shaped by minds
helped less when shes blind
not of your kind
from the other side of the tracks
where we don't got the backs
got a chance
when we sabotage
her glance
at any semblance of romance
cos we can
I guess thats why they call
you the man
in the know
of how does the garden grow
that they sow
#gonna tell the one who would know
Nat Lipstadt Jun 26
Poet, can I reliably conclude that things are good, since you have stopped (estoppel) writing poetry?

~for her, whose muse has fled, but not to Canada, one more last time!~


a writers block of a two-step dancing duration,
we stumble on her green light status,
she’s alive, she’s up in Canada, so
do the obligatory checkin in, checking out

and that It occurs my next question is
a superlative poem title challenge for
the lady with the eyebrow extensions,
and other ways she found to make me laugh

so for her, for me, and perhaps for you,
I commission myself with a task, knowing
not where this will demise eventually

can I reliably conclude that things are good,
since you have stopped writing poetry?

which is a ****** self-mockery cause my dopamine
levels are ***** high when Mercury is yet in
retrograde, my serotonin is sinkhole sinking
in anticipation of Saturn’s Return returning,
the solstice just passed by, my full moon
phase is super glue stuck in the fourth
house of/if the rising sun

if things ain’t *****, why write?
is its therapeutic healing power aside,
maybe, baby, one, or two, can one, reliably
conclude that things are good, now that
you have stooped to estop
writing your poetry?

God I hope so otherwise I’ve embarrassed myself,
wisely forgot to dedicate this you-inspired-silliness
(by name, gender, bio markers, tribal incantation)
with a serious undertone, and
a writ of estoppel attached,
but you know already this
ones just for you,
and your many
toddler children
to whom you
attend to daily,
as they draw
strength from
sun and rain,
dark soil and


p.s. always use your turning signals

continue to write of, for, about poets, living and dead.
writ of Estoppel is a legal principle that prevents someone from arguing something or asserting a right that contradicts what they previously said or agreed to by law. It is meant to prevent people from being unjustly wronged by the inconsistencies of another person's words or actions.
word  stopped
as you gazed

it feared
to be told

and was pronounced
was  wrong

so it stopped
no word can describe your smart
gabrielle Aug 2019
seriously ? i did not see that coming .

i haven ' t prepare a wonderful smile

so i stared at you

and ( un ) luckily

my heart didn ' t go with horses

yet it stopped

my whole world stopped

i couldn ' t scream

i couldn ' t do anything

i just

- s t o p p e d -
don ' t be so silly to say things like that
i ' m always caught off - guard
Yachika Sharma Jun 2019
First day,
I wept,
For I didn’t understand what was wrong

Second day,
I wept again,
For not understanding my own self.

Third day,
I was numb,
And it didn’t matter if I was wrong anymore.

Fourth day,
I stopped,
My thoughts for it was not worth it to ponder.

Fifth day,
I got up,
With courage I did not realise that I even had.

Sixth day,
I walked out,
Of the cage that i built in my mind.
Masha Yurkevich Mar 2019
I thought of you
only once
I just never
stopped thinking.
Amanda Feb 2019
How do you find yourself when you've been lost for so long
You stopped trying to get back to the path you were on?
Is the person I was before gone?
I didn't know
I've been doing this for so long
I met you online
We had only one chat
About an hour
But you changed my life
In a bad way
In a way I can't describe
At that exact moment
The lies started
And have never stopped since
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