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EmVidar 5d
I wanted to walk away
The fear that held me back
was unbearable.....
It left me confused
to who I was
and what I wanted.....
the uncertainty
left me chained to you....
Only through her kindness
and patience
I learned myself worth
and I was able to leave you
in the ruin
you would have made me

-em vidar
gabrielle Feb 18
you wrecked me
i learnt
and i loved
Karen M Feb 13





m h John Jan 25
You’ve sailed the deepest seas,
And have seen
the most exotic islands,
The most violent waves
Have left you a shipwreck
The oceans not always kind
Rowan S Jan 6
I've always thought
        myself a ship
With all others
        caught in my wake
My life, a black hole
        a gaping vortex
There is no hope of escape
And I the captain
        drunk at the wheel
There might as well
        be icebergs
I hope to god
        this journey ends
I'm tired of the wreckage
I crawl out of the wreckage
after talking to myself
about the troubles I am having
with my debt and bills to pay.

I dig myself out
from envisioning  
my headaches taking hold
and threatening to blow my eyeballs out.

(And then I start to realize...)

I am stuck in the middle of nowhere
in a shop run by ghosts
and they won’t let me go free.

I stop envisioning
the woman who stopped talking to me
and I realize that I can’t go anywhere wherever she is.

Then I touch the counter
and I realize how dusty it is
but I don’t see any dust on my fingers

(And then I start to contemplate…)

What if I am not living?
What if I am wasting time
on the things making me dead on the inside?

I wander around this dead auto shop
and see the wrecked metal shell that was my car
and the wrecked driver that was me.

I only see it as a tomb
for a dead shell of a guy
too busy thinking about worrying and too busy thinking about dying
than paying attention to the road.
julianna Dec 2018
This wreck is a boomerang
It goes away and comes right back
The dream I had was like real life
I got angry and hurt someone
The guilt was unbearable
And even though their scars would fade with time,
I would (forever) feel broken
As if I was flawed.
Pastelblitz Dec 2018

The sound of your car colliding against another


The sound of your grill and fender cracking and breaking off


Your car for the rest of its days and my anxiety for only one
My boyfriend got in a wreck this morning and I’m so thankful he’s okay. His car looks so bad though it looks like he should have been injured but wasn’t. I’m been so anxious and stressed today. I’m glad I have tomorrow off.
c Dec 2018
And I spun and I spun and I spun
So out of control
No rhythm
Short. Choppy.
It lasted so long, so quickly.
I don’t know what happened,
But I saw it.
Even though I didn’t.
My car did pirouettes
Down the embankment
Until it found a spot to rest
In between two hedgeposts
And barbed wire.
They say your life flashes before your eyes
In moments like this,
But for me,
It was moments I wouldn’t ever have.
The things I wanted to accomplish,
The people that I loved.
It was heartbreaking.
When I crawled out,
No different than when I got in,
I laughed with tears in my throat.
Today, the world is the same,
But I will never be.
rip Beatrice
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