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gabrielle Sep 25
have you heard that calling
whenever you want to rest
your eyes
your mind
your voice
your body
your soul
but then
it feels so wrong
to not be the same person you were before
so you arose
once again

being more
and more fraud
i've risen, from the tiredness
and i've never been so fake before
so i log in, on the life they knew
gabrielle Aug 8
the limited words i once knew , kept growing and growing 'cause of you .

the words i knew , i ' m afraid , it was all for you .

and they , the words , stood meaningful and lasted forever . . .

all because of ' you ' ?
i had written 30
of you
and i ' m shocked
what have you made me do ?
gabrielle Aug 8
seriously ? i did not see that coming .

i haven ' t prepare a wonderful smile

so i stared at you

and ( un ) luckily

my heart didn ' t go with horses

yet it stopped

my whole world stopped

i couldn ' t scream

i couldn ' t do anything

i just

- s t o p p e d -
don ' t be so silly to say things like that
i ' m always caught off - guard
gabrielle Jul 15
i am nowhere to go

i took the road

and i knew it was wrong
yet i took it

i am oblivious of things to do

i chased questions

and i knew it wasn't answers
yet i yearned for it

but honestly
i dont know me
gabrielle Jul 11
the eyes
that reads
that sympathizes
just the little thought
of me writing on this platform
is very honorable

and the thing that happens
is wonderful
when y o u
read my words

@/tasha @/phoebe and the gang
gabrielle Jul 11
a glimpse of you
the eyes
wanders far from me

a look
and the stars within you
they glimmer too much

it sounded
as if your gaze
screams, "who are you"

yet the fool
believed you knew me
and it shatters me fully

an eye
for my heart
does overdue

i still love you
give me answers
  Jun 21 gabrielle
"i was happy"
                                                so was i.
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