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Skywlkr 3d
I Was A Tree Longing to be!
That Helped give Life to Thee!
I Hope My Little Lad You Can See that
I Continue to be!
This Tree Decided to Clear up Some Fog he Knew he Was Destined As More Than just a FireLog
I Always Knew as My Branches Grew I Would Be the One to Guid You!
But Now You Are Grown an if you Feel Alone and Stuck Remember and Take a Look For You I Leave theese Final Words My Memories, Soul And Wisdom Took to The Pages of Paper In This Book!
I Love You My boy Thank you for giving me you
Amethyst May 1
from day one he held her fragile hand
tugged her along the cliff's edge
watched her through even the longest of days
or peered throughout the green garden's hedge
he tugged a bit harder the older she got
until her skin drooped like elastic torn apart
fed her alcohol like a bottle to a baby
popped her pills till it paused her heart
As he'd comb his hands though her soft brown hair
streaks of gray followed the strands he once brushed
he'd press his black lips on her sun spotted cheeks
and place a rotten finger over her mouth whispering, "hush"
he tugged her night gown once more in the rocking chair
as wind from the open window brushed by with a chill
he held the jagged dagger up to her neck
although his intention was not to ****
as he sliced her open, the scythe hit the ground
her eyes of glass finally stood still
he brushed her hair behind her ear and whisperd
"i promise, my intention was not to ****."
They walked away from the old rocking chair
hand in hand like it was from the start
because although life gives you your pulse
the reaper steals your beating heart
Nolan W Apr 17
I would like to meet my true potential
I don’t think he’d be so provincial
I’d like for him to be influential
Perhaps maybe even presidential
And his life would not be so abysmal
His hedonistic ways not so sinful
To his friends and family essential
Words not so banal and artificial
But instead heartening and meaningful
Khoi-San Apr 9
highly rated
well recommended
nothing to do with size and much to do with depth and quality of a relationship that is
Amanda Mar 27
Maybe in misguided mistakes
Messes made, erratic errors,
There is beauty hiding to be found
A point to all the madness and terrors

I want to believe in bigger reasons
Tried and failed so many times
The blood I've shed and sacrificed
Payment for past crimes

Every up is shortly followed
By an equal down
The saying states that what goes
Around will come back around

Today I celebrate every gain
Do not mourn any loss
There is meaning to be found
In each bump you come across
Mistakes help you grow
zee Mar 14
He made an expression he did not feel
And pretended he had no gashes to heal
For one of the three had to be sane
And pretend to not feel pain

He displayed emotions he did not know
He did not subject and went with the wind’s blow
He had plentiful to say
But he kept his judgments gray

The slyest are the most broken
The silent are the well spoken
He recognized it all too well
And so, his ego could not swell

The sun had set long ago
And the melancholy moon was the only glow
The only nimble of hope
The only entity keeping them on a durable rope

He was the only contestant left in fate’s game
And was the set aim
He had his cards lay out
Though even the wisest had their doubts

Would he live?
Would he thrive?
Or would he drive himself mad?
And give up faking to be not glad

They say you cannot change the past
Though he knew he would not last
If he were to dwell in his secrets long
He just needed to hear a song

The lullaby of a songbird would bring
The justice of a king
And the game of fate
Would soon be set straight

For it is the story we have all heard but never learnt
The one where friendly rivalry burnt
Two pits of gold
One bad, one bold

A path lit leads the way
Choose wrong and your loved ones shall pay
So choose your fate’s date
Tick tock, it’s getting late
James Study Feb 14
far off silhouette
woods across distant meadow
grey sky daybreak light
luna Feb 1
pouring rain
falling down
your cheeks

cleaning up
every bit
of sadness
in your
fragil heart
Soul Scribe Jan 25
Left sock right sock
Shirt then pants.
I throw them on the ground
Then I leap towards my bed
With one great bound
I flick my foot to switch off the
Lights because I'm scared of the monsters,
Or at least, scared of what I cannot see.
I don't know what's in my closet
Which is why I went to particular lengths
To close it so they couldn't unlock it.
As I'm flying through the air
I'm frozen,
There is nothing there, and I know this
But I'm scared of what I cannot see.
1 thing I cannot see is
2 years from now
I'll be faced with 3 stages of life
4 years of high school
5 years of college
And 60 years with the knowledge
That those aren't monsters in that closet.
But there are fears and there are problems
About my future and what is blind to me
So maybe I need to face my fears in order to solve em so I can live happily.
The monsters in my closet represent my fear of the unknown. The most unknown aspect of my life would be my future. 60 years of the unknown, hence, 60 monsters in my closet.
Jade Welch Jan 17
But how
can you
love me
when you
don't even
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