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I heard your heart pounding at the sound of his voice

Your Knees were shaking it was not your choice

Your hands were sweaty

I'll dry them if you let me

I'll be happy if it works for both of you


If you fall do not worry I'll be waiting for your call

Even if it takes a while

I will let your heart smile

At the end the worst part of you

Is telling me I hope to find a guy like you...
I have always been an old fashioned man.Wanting to keep the lessons of old alive.Opening the car door,letting her walk first,remove my jacket and being a hopeless romantic...Dancing under the moonlight,picnic with a self made drive in cinema.... Yet... I always hear the words "I hope to find a guy like you."Like an endless record player in my head. Am I not good enough?Am I not here right now?
When I have
More time
And less to do

I turn the pages
Of a dictionary
To know
There is
More to do
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Time Matters
Ann B Mar 18
may your oceans of faith drown your doubts
Kymberley Feb 27
The sky seems so blue today,
It's the perfect day to play.
But what happens if the lights go out,
Will you begin to shout?
I promise I'll still be there,
Because no matter what I will always care.
You don't have to be afraid,
To me you will always be worth more than a grade.
Aiden Hand Dec 2019
Everyone is different
No one is the same
Everyone has different opinions and viewpoints
Even those closest to you
Even those who have or are going through the same things you have gone through
Your friends
Your family

You are Alone

Your thoughts
Your feelings
Your ideas
Your views
Your emotions

It is all yours
It is only yours

There is only one you
Only you will get to experience how you have experienced your experiences
You will never be able to fully relate to someone
Unless that someone is you

You are Alone

You may have shoulders to cry into
Or faces to laugh with

But just remember
No matter how close you are with your friends, your family
Just remember

You are Alone
Let the Truth guide you.
Amanda Nov 2019
Life is life
Winding streets
Moving feet

Take every step
With cautious care
You will get somewhere
Written 2010.. found it in my facebook memories
Tyler Whisinnand Aug 2019
Doomed as he may be
For he is a baby
Lost unto the stars
He crashes onto a farm

Life does it's thing
For he has no king
Eighteen years pass by
The last son takes to the sky

He flies to the city
And he saves a little kitty
He takes to the sky
And he hears a mild cry
He flies to her cry
It's too late for she has died

He slumps at his work
For he is such a dork
Unbeknownst to everyone
The last son tries to save everyone
gabrielle Aug 2019
the limited words i once knew , kept growing and growing 'cause of you .

the words i knew , i ' m afraid , it was all for you .

and they , the words , stood meaningful and lasted forever . . .

all because of ' you ' ?
i had written 30
of you
and i ' m shocked
what have you made me do ?
Anastasia Jul 2019
I wish I could create
Something meaningful
Miss you.  9:00 p.m.
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