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The truth is always dark,
if looked at using the shades of lies.
I left my glasses at home
So i cant see ur *******
We need to slow down
The incredible speed we r moving
When we r just standing still
stopping is not an option
I left my glasses off
So i cant see ur *******
Written in a text
Cuz u cant face me to set it straight
Cuz ur lines r twisted
And story is fake
I had to leave my glasses at home
So i could deny ur regret
Hit snooze on ur alarming *******
U dont get
To have cake and eat it too
Who lied to u
At least it wasnt me
But... u.... ur just a story
Ur made up
We wont make up
Theres no maybe written in the cards
Maybe u should thank ur lucky stars
For me
But now i left my glasses at home
So i cant see you
And the ******* u came thru wit
And u laugh and its the worst
Funny how ur the clown
And all the jokes r all ur words
John Glenn Dec 2018
Your eyeglasses
Are a stimuli
And I
I hope you
Keep wearing them
So your heart sees clear
That you're beautiful
With them on.
La vie en rose
Like the hard junctions cracked
La vie en rose
Like the lines drawn, exact

La vie en rose
A color not enough
La vie en rose
A touch is far from tough

La vie en rose
A uninterpretable sound
La vie en rose
Some words both not and very profound

La vie en rose
A sleight of hand
La vie en rose
Is my demand
Wellspring Oct 2018
Anya Sep 2018
I catch sight of the me

The me behind self consciousness
social anxiety

The me behind my ******* hair
prim and propper

The me behind silence
Choosing my own thoughts
to the company of others

Now, I'm not saying
Being this way is wrong
But in my case

I'm trapped
in a cage of my own making
and I only get to peer inside
At the me that could be
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Another rough day,
The wine glasses sing to me:
"Fill me up my dear!"
Elizabeth Zenk Aug 2018
Every person with the same glasses
reminds me of you.
Everytime I see them my heart begins to race, and my face goes red.
It’s exhausting.
I’m so tired.
Damon Beckemeyer Aug 2018
I found my glasses today
Under a coat of dust
At a friend’s house
A year after I lost them

I like what I see
I put them on
I feel normal again
Clark Kent would be proud

These lenses take the heat off my vision
I look like a normal guy

I feel normal
I can play video games
Talk about super heroes
And girls

And when I leave I go home to arm chairs
and arms full of charity
I should mention
I live at a friend’s house
Three squares, my own room
and a koi pond outside
It’s a hotel here

You see, I found family last month
At a friend’s house
A week after I lost it

I didn’t know how I got there
I left Dad’s due to abuse
Mom kicked me out to refuse truth
And now they both pay each other money
As I walked down a rainy street without shoes

My friend’s family
And I’m grafted in
God should hate me
I’m a self-orphaned child
Soon to be a self-made man
I killed family
But I’m grafted in

Washington never cut down his father’s cherry tree
But I’m standing next to splinters
From the axe I didn’t swing
Should have, could have
Would have had I had half the brain I have now

I feel like a normal guy
Who’s never thought about ******?
Who never had parent issues?
Who never had help when they needed it?
Who feels normal?
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