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My leg hurts

The jaws of this inhumane trap engulf my lower shin

I have the tool to disarm it and free myself

But I muttle in my adolescent egocentric pain

Caught within monotonous routine and self interest I rot like my peers

I've sunk to a level of self loathing, that I enjoy pulling myself down







I cry for things I can give myself but alas I withhold it to feel sorry for myself

Me and my fellow youth

Equally as useful, equally as useless

Although I am free of the crowd I am still blinded by my adolescence









all I've know is I am here to be a vessel for knowledge and indoctrination

I am here to have an opinion I voice, but does not matter.

I do not matter.

This function is welded to me


The voice of destiny reasons with me again and I hear:

Seek what's within

Garrot it.

Place yourself into the walls of meaning and the murals upon't

Serve others in selflessness. Share with others in selflessness. Learn from others in selflessness. Teach others in selflessness.

Your a **** in the samsara. Do your duty within its game.

Gain higher consciousness so you can share the path to it. Become a giver, not a taker.







Six lessons left, define yourself within them. Or perish within your self indulgent pitiful hole.
Got a Tool lyric in there for those who like Tool


This is the firt lesson of my ascension

After more than some self reflection I thought I was ready to post a kind of collection of what I've found so far. Obviously I haven't reached ascension yet. So it's kind of unfit to call this collection ascension. It's more of some lessons I've learned in self reflection and my path to ascension I want to pursue throughout my life. Hope you take something away from this or be influence to write poetry yourself. Maybe do some of your own self reflection I don't know. Thanks for reading if you got this far. Sorry I am a quite person IRL so everything I vent here is pretty long.
Clearing our eyes of residue left from the lies we perceived as reality. We must move forward.

Internally destroyed.

Nothing of fact was real.
I feel betrayed and you should too.

The first breath free of the grasp of lies

Is utterly pure.

We must enjoy this for a brief moment.

Destiny awaits.

Reaching out to us. We all hear it's beckoning in a different form.

What I here is this:

You exhaust yourself on the past


It's inconceivable to think you can last

Empty of purpose and full of old hatred

Value you hold, is very little


Console, and become a tittle

A part of some collective release

Wander into the depths of your caverns

In search of peace

Unearth all you find there

For the world to have a Saturn

May they follow without tear

Or we perish

No set leader

Just all a merish

Reconcile yourself into selflessness

Be fearful of what you do not know

But brave in the endeavor of finding it.

Develop a thirst for learning that is unquenchable

Be ravenous for service to others








Now we're free

There are Seven lessons to achieve.

Silence is love

Melt into this

Within a moment

Reflection scares me




Lie to me

Who cares about me. I don't.

Blinded by the mirror
I realize I care
I care about connection. I care about achievement as a collective

Unity and selflessness are the only fulfillment
could seek

How utterly selfish
How utterly unselfish

The action and desire together



Seek to find selflessness
To fulfill ones self

The shimmer doesn't scare me anymore

I am repugnant

Light that comes back to me

From this

Portal of intense reality

Just sits inside

Unusable to me

Cursed by ego

I wither into a corner
To steep in my stench.

I can live like this
I have for years.

Luckily I'm not alone in a corner

Others steeping in their ****.

We are all to weak to come together

Stop moping
It makes us weaker

Stupidly we can't see that. And just mold and rot away in our dungeons.
Ferlin peter Jan 30
Usually frowned upon.
But why?
A mother feels it for her new born.
a.k.a. the purest form of love known to mankind.
Then why be upset when you feel it for the "special" someone.
It demands selflessness.
Giving without no guarantee of receiving.
No profit, grant or bonus.
Just peace and self-satisfaction of seeing them happy.
Not many are capable of it.
Derrick Jones Jan 23
It has to have a little bounce to it
I gotta put another ounce to it
My rhythm and flow
Make you dig it and glow
Hope you dig in and grow
Like Diglet to Dugtrio
I’m still evolving me though
I am a dissolving ego
A problem-solving Neo
I have broke free from the Matrix
Still my mind plays wicked tricks
But now I see these traps and ticks
All these flaws I can soon fix
As I climb ever higher
Atop my funeral pyre
No fear that I’ll expire
So my soul sits ever lighter
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Thanks for reading!
Sudipta Maity Nov 2018
Survival in nature is always
a selfish process.
Whereas, Nature itself
built selflessly.
In nature difference between selfishness and selflessness has surpising facts.
Baylee Kaye Nov 2018
to love is to be afraid.
afraid of forever.
because forever is eternity.
and eternity creates disquiet.
but with you it seems at ease,
this notion on loving incessantly.
almost like the concept of time is nonexistent,
that with you it does not grieve.
my heart be disposed, pray.
that I may love you.
and give you everything.
a list of firsts and lasts.
comfortably and effortlessly,
so it seems it was painted without a fault.
stars aligned just perfectly,
hearts in sync as one.
that I may love you selflessly,
without fear of failure,
or the concept of an unworthy mind.
Bom Nov 2018
“I had not asked for much but a selfish request, and that is to have no flaws.”

Though, my wish is not for me, but for my loved ones, that asked too much of me. I had constructed a new mind, and wielded a knife to **** what I was born with. For I was not satisfied for who I am, and may you point, I am selfish!

But never point those accuses to my loved ones, only blame me.

Dislike me, point at me.
Hate me, mock me.
Loathe me and pick up my broken parts and crush them to bits.

But never tell my loved ones, it is their fault. I can never let them live with the guilt, and pain of what I had passed to them when I’m gone. But if they do, I wish that there’s a way to put that pain behind me. Let them not know, may I be the one to my destruction.

Let me walk this path.

Path of no hate but towards myself, for I had wished for love, and love was given to me, but let me give them to my loved ones. Because nothing is better more than to  hurt myself than to hurt others.
atlas voyager Sep 2018
and while a tear snuck down his face like a falling star in my peripheral view,

he choked out,

"what i wouldn't give
to make it easier for you."
stop being selfless, you're breaking my heart
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