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Lev Rosario Oct 2021
I wanted to be an iceberg
Floating over the mass of water
Hard and cold
A battleground for polar bears and seals
Shining, reflecting the sun
Located in the ends of the earth

Wanting, wary, wintry

And after all of my efforts
The thinking and scheming
All I got was pain
All I received was rejection

Now all I ask is to dissolve
To become one with the water

Warm, waving, wild

A home for precious fishes
Where seals and polar bears swim

To disappear in the ocean
To be the ocean
Spread across the Earth
To be ****** in by clouds
And bring rain to the forests

And after all my efforts
The motions and the serving
Hoping that I find peace
And deep acceptance
Jade Apr 2021
There is a fine line
selflessness and self-deprecation

(and I have crossed it)
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Leocardo Reis Apr 2021
Although reciprocation would be ideal
it does not have to be all or nothing.
If I can be
as a single flower is to the meadow
then I am content.
Norman Crane Oct 2020
Flay me, shroud my body
in Saran wrap, for others to see
what you mean to me: a relief
map of live suffering,
writhing organs in a plastic bag,
a human soup to drag
behind you, sensitive to everything you do,
overflowing with formless worship,
pink, raw and dreaming
of a vicious kinship:
Open yourself and slip my parts in,
we can exist, two hideous beasts
within a single beautiful skin.
Adi N Sep 2020
It's a chilly autumn evening,
I sat for dinner with my gorgeous wife, leaning.
She turns of the artificial lights
and fires up a unimpressive wax candle and sighs.

The candle sits majestically on a hand made wooden stand,
My attention switches from her to it, like the seconds hand.
What's the story I wonder? Some of it melts down the stand,
some of it vanishes, ceases to exist, like dreamland.

It burns to give light and warmth
and yet asks nothing in return.

Wish I could be like a candle.

Back to dinner now.
Derrick Jones Aug 2020
Inside of every line there is a meaning hard to find
A moment of the mind
A breath of sacred life
A body not to bind
A sharpness like a knife
Pure attention
Not a weapon, but slicing through each second
Severing summoned notions
With smooth motions
Leaving only seamless being
Flowing like an ocean
Coming and going
The ebb and flow
Of life under the light
No longer lost in night
Now caught in perfect sight
For but a moment
Where the flow went
Before returning to the sea
To effervescent infinity
With equanimity
You are here with me
Like the ocean
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Boris-Bryce Jul 2020
I would travel the whole world on foot, if you were waiting for me at the end of it.
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