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Zack Ripley Aug 2020
The hardest lesson to learn
Is that hiding your feelings
Protects no one.
The hardest thing to accept
Is that you don't need to protect anyone.
Nat Lipstadt Jun 2015

(This one is for me)

The hardest thing to do,
being strong,

for everyone else
Cherish Jul 2020
Since young I don’t really get it why do people cry or get disappointed when they’re are sick
Isn’t great that we can skip school or not work?

Until I realise mine own sickness it’s life threatening and I’m here praying to god everyday, begging for help and forgive the sin I’ve done.

Gasping for oxygen, trying to walk,
Trying to be normal again but how?

Walking was the easiest but now it became the hardest.
Nylee Apr 2020
Why the hardest person to love
is the one looking back at me
through the mirror,
I know what I hide,
I don't impress me,
I can't confound me,
But if not me, who will?
Maja Mar 2020
The higher you climb, the further you’ll fall,
With a mindset like that,
you will never stand tall.

What you should instead remember,
when you fight against time,
is that the best view
comes after the hardest climb
Two ways of thinking. Both true, but which to choose?
Don't choose:
just try to become a better self.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
Pretending tomorrow
We'll both be different
Changed from who we are today
Actually want me to be happy
Stop clutching onto each word you say

Pretending habits don't have the best of us
We're content with a life of sobriety
Like the sound of that idea
Wish it was that easy

Pretending a wish or two comes true
The floor tossed into a pile
Like eachother but not all the time
Wish for me to smile

Pretending we can build home like before
Set against a sky of gold
Magically capable of exploring possible futures
Every desire taking hold

Pretending we will find salvation
Life just one cruel joke
Silhouettes waiting for goodbye long overdue
Death to claim what life broke

Pretending every day to try my hardest
Both know my love is a sham
Want to be a better person for you
That's just not who I am
I'm growing to be good at pretending
Strying Mar 2019
"What you did to me is unheard of. Unspeakable. You are repulsive. Goodbye."
I can't deal with you no more.
You were my best friend.
Called me a b** and h and so, so much more.
At this point,
if you don't know those two words,
then you haven't been in this sort of situation.
He was my best friend.
My best friend.
It's still burned in the back of my mind.

isn't it,
when the person you trust the most
doesn't just bail,
but hurts you.
The person you loved the most
makes you stay up crying in bed.
The person you loved the most
makes you feel afraid of going to school
or unlocking your phone.

At this point,
I have given up.
My real friends are my old friends,
the ones everyone thought I would dump forever.
But, they always lurked in the background
of my life.
They may have been shoved to the side,
but never did they fade.

These are the friends that were by your side
through the hardest times.
Before you meet the one friend you
get crazy close with in one night and
trust grows on trees,
think about your old friends.
The ones you might be mad at for a stupid,
stupid reason.
Give them a chance.

Don't let the others fade,
just because you found a new "them."

You've replaced them.
But, the replacement will fail to serve.
My bff bullied me and im just glad to have real friends to be surrounded with <3
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