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JCabanilla Jun 22
May your day be good just like today's morning.
Don't forget to relax and have a good feeling.
May your paperworks turned out fine,
And may you and your team remain in the top line.
Day 4! June 21,2020. He says sending him a poem everyday is not irritating and he likes and appreciate my efforts ❣️ oh I don't send a poem for a Goodnight part anymore since I'm still overthinking that he might get so irritated
Unknown Jun 10
all my life I have had my kindness been taken advantaged of,
through friends,
and strangers.

for the longest time I saw this as a sign of weakness,
that people would forever walk over me because of my kindness,

but it is not a sign of weakness,
it is a sign of loyalty,
and so much more.

kindness is not a weakness,
only those who use you for your kindness are simply too weak to find solace within their own hearts.
to those whose kindness is always taken advantage of, you are not weak - you are very much appreciated.
Abigail Ann Feb 18
You took a risk by asking me out for dinner
that happened last 5th of September
A date I will always remember
One dinner that leads to another, then another

You always remind me that every second is appreciated
Nothing is ever taken for granted
I have never met someone so consistent
And also very patient

You regularly make sure that I have eaten on time
You respected my boundaries and didn’t dare to cross a line
Habitually asking me if everything is fine
All of this, I will surely treasure for the rest of my life
Maligayang Kaarawan, Aking Mahal :)
bk May 2019
Sir, I do not need to be saved.
I just need to be found and appreciated
for exactly who I am.

gabrielle Feb 2019
d o   n o t   f o r g e t
t o   e x p r e s s  y o u r   d e e p e s t  
g r a t i t u d e
i n   a n y   w a y s   p o s s i b l e
b e c a u s e   t h e y   h a v e  
a p p r e c i a t e d   y o u
fact 6 - as far as i have known myself, i am a selfless person
the kind where if everybody around me is okay then i am okay too
Kayla Mar 2019
Music, she soothes me. Keeping my calm before any storm.
Her swerves and curves to the melody enchants me,
Keeps a hurting heart to a hum.
Eyes closed to a still composure, inhaling sweet composition.
She listens to how I feel, when I feel it.
Touching my body and soul.
Music, she knows me. Tailored to emotional perfection.
Tell me about your broken heart, the things you have lost
because I know I've lost it all too.
Eyes open, living in slow motion, everything's lightning around me.
But when i listen to her story, her journey to tell
She takes me away, breath and all.
Korina Jul 2018
I am in awe
At your lack of masculinity
Lack of masculinity
As beautiful as the bridge of my nose
The way I highlighted and contoured
To create my perfect glow
The way I crease the wings
To increase my wings
To fly into your mind
As a beautiful woman being
You find flaw????
In me?
How dare you speak
On what you have not created
To tell me to enhance more
Than what God has created
How dare you see me
As any less
You are no longer Man...
You are peasant
With no respect
You tried to belittle
My essence
With your lack of neglect
To even be able
To drive these curves
Yet you want to see bigger breast??
I am grounded in a mine of gold
A diamond in the rough
A man never satisfied
Is clearly a man not good enough
forestfaith Jun 2018
I am so thankful,
so grateful that you look at the good in me.

I appreciate it.
That you chose to see and focus on what I did right.

You focused on that one thing I did right.
That one thing I have done right.
You didn't rehearse all that I have done wrong.
You didn't do that.
You were angry, yes, but not for long.

You saw the good in me.
Anf you chose to focus on it.
I might have rebelled against you, hated you and hissed at you.
But when I came home to you, you ran towards me.
Kissing me all over.
Happy that I have come back home to you.

Thank you.
Truly I say thank you.
Thank. You.
thank you, God. For looking at what I do right and you didn't rehearse all that I have done wrong in your eyes.

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