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gabrielle Feb 25
work those hands up,
learn these things.

do this, do that.
say these, say those.

control me world,
take over me.

just **** me already -
and I'll die not doing the things
that would make me happy.
shame on you, self
Aurianna Feb 20
Love is a weakness,
or so they say.
Is our love my strength?
because I often feel you never meet me halfway.
Why is it always the same person
who makes me feel the most loved, is the
one who has the power to rip my happiness away with a single look?
The one that holds me when I'm in shambles
and wipes away my tears
is the same person who caused them here.
I've always dreamed of a fairy tale romance,
and with you, I have wanted that for so long.
but given the circumstance,
soon I'll be gone.
Someday someone will love me with their whole heart and it will be everything I have ever dreamed of. I have to hold on to that.
Pandora Feb 2
He told me, "Glass hearts are meant to break
get a little stronger then someday ill love you.
Painted love was meant to wash away"
...ruined by the game you play...
IM NOT YOUR ****. DON'T TREAT ME LIKE A GAME....BECAUSE IF YOU DO...i'll show you how its played...
AuEcologica Dec 2018
The board is prepared,
chess piece by chess piece
lives regarded moreover disregarded.

It is a battle;
          it is a war,
                    fates against fates.

They clash, they soar, they roar.

Sheep and lion,
                    prey, predator,
                               is this all?
Not that it has to be, a chess piece
does not have to be merely a ****.

Move your queen, move your king— your heart and soul.
WNDL Dec 2018
and just like the dead stories
i'll be remembered as a soldier
fighting the king of hearts
but killed by the **** of love
For I was fighting for her all the time
Brandon Conway Nov 2018
On a thread how I hang
from the finger's sinew
my name nothing but slang
hidden in your menu

Oh master, oh master
how I sing your keen name
your tongue leaves court plaster
as your eyes rip and maim

I shout into the wind
and watch the words float by
perverse ears that rescind
a love that's gone awry

from your aloof finger
how my bruising neck sways
how my yearning lingers
legs will not turn away

Your want my desire
my desire your bliss
your bliss to set fire
I, those flaming red lips

I wish I could conjure
philters for you to drink
my concoction is but
poison turned to black ink

Soon the master will sell
their useless ****, a *****
I will answer your belle
until the ocean waives

Rolling salt filling lungs
in the abyss I lay
left for the fishes tongues
Atropos’s shear’s prey
Isaac Aug 2018
There is chaos in this cosmos.

God's Eden order was lost.

Yet to him order isn't gone.

Chaos is simply his ****.

It is part of his big story.

Its darkness reveals his glory.

So bring your chaos to him.

Light takes joy in pervading the dim.
Written 7 August 2018

God gets joy by solving our chaos, if only we would bring it to him.
Brandon Conway Aug 2018

Roman Jun 2018
The sun leans on the roof of Wanted workers
The money they make is built on the money in graves
Protest signs in dumpsters
Astrology signs in caves
The strings; they are pulling
The strong; they are ashamed
The weak; they are to blame
Baby doll has no name

I've been here once before and I'll never be again
I've said that once before. This time I'll hold my breath
It's certainly her body. Is it then her soul?
Is the fault that of the master? He must be in control
I'll tell her it's alright, but the truth is I don't know
Baby doll is not alone
Baby doll does not know

The sun bends past the roof
The money has been made
Protesters have been mistakes
New parking's being paved
Baby dolls don't have a face
They are personified
Baby dolls can not feel pain
The master forces hand
Baby doll's not in the plan
Mary-Eliz Apr 2018
Pantoum I - Non-Rhyming

I took my diamond to the **** shop
but that didn't make it junk@
though I didn't get much money for it
just enough to buy a meal

what makes something junk
when you come right down to it
if it buys you a meal
and can satisfy a need

when you come right down to it
what value can we give
to satisfy a need
when we swallow down our pride

what value is there really
in any things we have
if they swallow up our pride
like useless diamonds pawned
Pantoum II - Rhyming

I took my diamond to the **** shop
but that didn't make it junk@
didn't get much for it
value, it seems, had shrunk

pawning doesn't make it junk
if it satisfies a need
even with its value shrunk
pawned diamonds make you free
@ "took my diamond to the **** shop, that don't make it junk" line from Leonard Cohen song.

These are harder than it sounded! Just randomly chose a Leonard Cohen line I like as a start. I called these "playing with"...but I need to *work* on some if I want to get better at this form!
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