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Shea Jun 30
Warm weather
Come together
Larvae grows in the water that collects
Underneath the house
I'm using you to,
Hate myself.
I feel like you might love me
If I choke on what you have to offer
Theanm Ankh Jan 5
She lives in a world
Where the rich stay rich,
Get richer.
The poor stay poor,
Get shot.

She is in the middle,
Knocking door to door.
Take me in, take me home
Make me your home.
Get lost.

She wants to ink her life out, in dramatics.
Wants it made on screen,
Because no one reads ink, anymore.
An impossible dream.
For without ink reading, there will be no screen.

In the middle
No one knows
Who they are
No one knows
Who you are.
Now get lost.
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Shrika Jul 2020
Embedded in scarlet folds,
between the loops,


a tempest repressed;

feral tenor of its
soundless whispers
piercing through
the ivory cage

contained too long;
now a beast

dragging its talons
across my flesh
for the ink
it hunts

Embedded in scarlet folds,
between the loops


a thought...

Claudius May 2020
I cannot process a heartbreak that I have yet to begin.
Not a lover, but a friend that left my heart in two.
15 years of memories, laughs, secrets, and sleepovers.
From grade 3, yet you still found it in your heart to leave.

Do you know how it feels? Acerbic.
I just tried to show you the red flags yet he convinced you that I was one instead.
You chose a man that cares for nothing more than getting in your pants, over a friend that only wants you to be safe

Was it easy for you to give us up?
You made the decision so suddenly that the knife of numbness is still stuck in my heart.
I'm scared of what I'll feel once I try to remove it.
For now it's fear of what will happen when you're left with just him.

I look at myself and wonder if I'm a bad person for letting you stay.
Then I look at pictures of you and remember you decided to drop me.
Yet I still pose the the question "Am I the *******?"
Based off of 15 years of friendship down the drain faster than water from a sink. Also inspired by the title of the subreddit "Am I The *******"
Tabitha Lee Jan 2020
It lies to us

Car accident caused death
No, a bullet did people!
HE was fresh in life
Only 15

That women at least is arrested
for taking his life with a bullet
when he was fresh with life
only 15

I don't know intentions
behind the worst ending
when a boy was fresh with life
only 15

Hopefully I see him above
when my time has come
when he was fresh with life
only 15

I miss him
that boy was encouraging
fresh in life
and only 15
Today at school they told us my friend died in a car accident when the news clearly stated he was shot by a women
Hopefully it was painless
Miss you bro
undermyfeet Dec 2019
You don't have to do anything special for special occasions,
because normal is the most precious kind of special.
Nina Aug 2019
‪5 months ago today,‬
‪Was the first time i fell for you‬
‪But things didn't go as planned and we had to say goodbye‬
‪And i can safely say now,‬
‪That I'm finally over you‬
‪That I'm no longer holding onto you‬
DM00 Apr 2019
Before a breath in, it is there—
muggy, swampy, heavenly.
Before a barefoot step outside, sweat folds
into the skin and won’t let go

that time they write about
is upon us.
Consider this the preface
to a 19th summer.

Where you sneak around
drinking sub-par humid beer,
stolen from the forgotten bucket left outside.
The June when you finally get to see
what all the fuss is about—
a sweaty push and pull you’ve wondered about
for years.

Freedom is before you,
released from the shackles of high school,
from a love that came too quickly,
and refused to leave.

get on that train,
into that car that you can finally touch;
do things with that boy you don’t love.

Home has never felt more like home
than when you’re on the porch,
venturing into a midnight
that is dripping with warmth
and the knowledge that never again
could you feel this young
and this old.
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