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DM00 Apr 16
Before a breath in, it is there—
muggy, swampy, heavenly.
Before a barefoot step outside, sweat folds
into the skin and won’t let go

that time they write about
is upon us.
Consider this the preface
to a 19th summer.

Where you sneak around
drinking sub-par humid beer,
stolen from the forgotten bucket left outside.
The June when you finally get to see
what all the fuss is about—
a sweaty push and pull you’ve wondered about
for years.

Freedom is before you,
released from the shackles of high school,
from a love that came too quickly,
and refused to leave.

get on that train,
into that car that you can finally touch;
do things with that boy you don’t love.

Home has never felt more like home
than when you’re on the porch,
venturing into a midnight
that is dripping with warmth
and the knowledge that never again
could you feel this young
and this old.
Loser Mar 22
I cant keep my hands from shaking when I write about you.
I get nervous, and I stutter when I speak to you.
I'm always scared that we're drifting miles apart,
and what ***** me up most is knowing that neither of us want the distance.
I think I miss you more clearly when I write about you.
I keep listening to the songs that you gave me too.
you look so cute in your smile.
I know that sounded weird.
I'm sorry.
The truth is I get a very honest tug at the corners of my lips when I see you.
I know that what I'm about to say will sound sad and pathetic,
but I practically live for the hug you give me at the end of the day.
I'm sorry.
You'll probably never read this anyway.
I just really hope that tonight goes well.
I found this in my note book a couple days ago and it was dated 3/15.
Maybe I should start doing homework,
I just wrote eight finished drafts.
I have an arm full of words and ink,
That I just made in class.
What else should I be doing?
Is the question mostly asked.
But I'll just copy her history notes,
I really need to get some sleep.
I'm writing a small poem every day about how I feel or the world around me. This is #15
gabrielle Mar 10
the mask
that hinders you
would be forever you
a lie and never the truth
Anita Feb 18
B-b-birthday gal,
Walking down her b-b-birthday hall,
In her b-b-birthday gown,
looking like a ******* clown.

It's my birthday, and its a day like anyother day,
I don't feel any older but I suppose it makes a difference,
Because A-a-age does matter, well in this world,
And A-a-age can get you a lot of things.

I can get a job, and work my way to the top,
I don't have to pay any T-t-taxes, and I'm still living with my mom.
And I w-w-wish, that my dad can s-s-see this.
Watching me age up, into a young adult.

I guess it for the b-b-best, everything happens for a reason.
And I guess, I'm turning 15
It's my birthday today, and I just turned 15!
I can't belive it, It feels like yesterday, when I was 11/12 and first discovering the internet and making my Gmail account.
Amy Duckworth Oct 2018
I was mad at him,
My best friend.
He abandoned me to hang-out with the girl the destroyed who I really was and wanted to be.
Why, her?
You left for the girl next to her,
you loved the girl next to her.
I got mad and now all I have is the thought of you.
You hate me now...
I can't stand this hate.
(I tried to **** myself later that night)
I can't stop asking myself,
Did I do something to hurt you?
I probably did.
Sorry for being a mistake.
(I tried to **** myself again)
We are all sat at the table together,
You poke me to get my attention,
I am still mad,
I slapped your hand away and stared you down.
You now don't sit with us.
You won't answer me.
I tried to ask, "Do you hate me now?"
Your silence told me, "Yes, I hate you"
I had a friend ask you
you didn't respond,
Why hate them too?
I don't feel bad now.
Your views were twisted anyway,
"Women have to shave, and cook, they shouldn't be strong."
Your views were twisted.
I will forget now just like you have done to me.
I lied by the way Andrew
You weren't the seventh person to leave me
you were the fifteenth to leave
Addison, Carly, Alaina, Emma, Mackenzie, Zoey, Leah, Chase, Trent, Sophia, Kaytlen, Doug, George, Emily, And you Andrew
Some of these people had no choice to leave me,
some lied to me like Addison and Carly,
they lied for years.
I gave up because of them.
Now I cry because of you.
I counted these people,
all of them
I count the days until everything becomes drowned in light and everything is finally ok.
But Addison started all of this,
I can't hate her forever,
but I can be mad now and I have something to say,
I have wanted to say this for a long time,
I am sorry if I hurt you, I forgive you though, good luck Addison.
Andrew why her thought?
Why Carly?
You recognize her name on that list right?
I don't see how or why?
I have scars because of these people my arms are a battlefield of scars and cuts.
I saw you as a brother, you lost the nick-name Mikasa.
I cry because I can't live like this anymore.
I shut myself away to hide my real self.
I created someone to take your spot, that's how bad things have gotten.
Her name is Rose.
She is my psychotic side.
We are both sociopaths
I dreamt of killing people.
I came up with 14 different ways to **** that I didn't get away with
and 3 different ways to **** that I got away with.
I am not ok.
I was never ok.
I create characters that are perfect and ones that are exactly opposite,
I ran different scenarios of what I could have done to salvage what little I had.
In real life, I took the wrong route.
Sorry Andrew but I can't take thinking about caring now.
Because you were the 15th person I am locking my real emotions away, so you know I will lie because of you and those others.
Ask yourself,
Is this what you wanted?
This is a reflection of what happened over the about past two weeks. These are all real people and this is all true. They know who they are.
Sorry everyone I care about.
Rose told me to write this to tell you everything since you won't talk to me.
Today is my birthday
In which I was born 15 years ago.
Happy? I am not.
Do I know why? No.
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