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That Guy Dec 2019
One does not close the gap
of eleven years.

Because each one is a mile long and ten deep.

It's much easier to
Build a long rope bridge.

Because metal and stone take time to build out.

Easier but fleeting,
As it did collapse.

And I felt as though my efforts were wasted.

Cause' she couldn't give me
the real reason why.

Why she could leave me without a single word.
I wish I knew, but this is my best guess.
gabrielle Mar 2019
here came, the hardest goodbye
see it, here comes the end
farewell soon, here comes the sunset
not enough to bear
but the only choice is to stare
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
You are a bunch
Of snowflakes
There is a difference
From normal to terrorism
There is a difference
Between a Muslim extremist
And a flipping Buddhist.
When will this BS of racism
And bigotry
They are horrible.
IncholPoem Jan 2019
Eleven  days
eleven   cricket  players
were  arranged.

   So   what  is  the
        stopping  problem
that  could   not  help
to  restart  the  game.

    Football   players
   past   days

    with  playing
cricket   players
are  coming   back.

2  hands  will  make
human -creatures
who  will   do
so  practice
as  may  as  50
Eleven Nov 2018
Drinking coffee while rainning
Holding book in hand
She look lovely and I smiled simply.

You were the night sky
Shimmering in a sheet of glazed stars
And I am the falling one

Unconditional like the stars
Eyeing for the moon
Even in cloudy nights

Her silent eyes like moon
My loud heartbeats with her love tune
And the perfect melody emerged

No words that rhymes better
When You and I are together
Facing the same starry sky

You are the clouds to
My atmosphere that brings
Rain to my heart

Dancing through the rain
Running through the bay
Loving each moment we create

~ Eleven
Eric Babsy Sep 2018
This is for when you are down and feeling blue.
Give a heart to heart and time will stand still.
When you need somebody just imagine and they will be there.
No guilt will come to you, no splitting hairs.

For a nitch in time could save your life.
Three days from now you will be free from strife.
To save your life multiply your life and you will be moonstruck.
It is better than any high off of any drug.

Twenty-seven days and they will all ascend to heaven.
With that you never free from eleven.
To all you saints and the lonely hearts help your knowledge grow.
The basic need we all need to know.

Let all be bestowed onto you.
With that knowledge we grew.
It is good to be kind and caring.
Within this is the truth I am bearing.

Can we see each other for who we are?
We should practice this whether here or far.
As the clouds pass over.
We see the blue of the sky, I wish we could forever.

Twenty-four hours goes as the world turns.
The rain falls like ash; which to the skin it burns.
Before the crackling fire we have formed.
At the end of the day another lesson learned.
Tarik Aug 2018
What's eleven minutes to me?
Not a thing.
I have plenty of minutes.
Eleven minutes I shall spend.

What's eleven minutes to me?
It's worth something.
But I can't help myself.
Eleven minutes I shall spend again.

What's eleven minutes to me?
A waste.
At this stage, countless minutes I'll never get back.
Eleven minutes I wish I still had.

What's eleven minutes to me?
I'm afraid I can't answer that.
It's not that I don't want to.
I physically can't.

Because I am no longer physical.
Morgan Mercury Jul 2013
Time sails around us,
leaving the present left to rust.
All my love is written below the earth
and spaces between the stars,
in the oldest language.

And we lay on our backs
crushing the grass.
You told me to wait,
but I can't wait forever.
so you said, "come along and travel
among these childlike places with me."
I said I'd follow you as far as to the moon's oldest side.

And then all at once, I'm a child again.
A child who would waste their time playing
in the naked creeks and thought of the unthinkables.

I was always trying to find my way to you
yet I was never scared of getting lost
for I followed the stars you mapped out for me
on the back of an old construction paper
that you scribbled across with stardust.

And on the night of the blue moon
I found you on a piece of paper
written 70 years ago.
you wrote to me telling me to always
keep looking and wait patiently
for the days that are to come.

and wait I did.
Doctor Who
Jean Aug 2018
In a room full of twelve
It felt like eleven
Lonely isn’t the word
I would use to describe it
People were there
But I couldn’t bring myself to use them
People were there
But I couldn’t let my walls away from me
People were there
But I couldn’t let myself lean on them

That’s why I can’t ever go back to that island
I cannot be alone again
Something that happened years ago, yet I can’t ever forget.
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
A tease.
Yellow bees.
Twinkling ***.

Where is heaven.
Who creates.
The gates.

The sky.
Through the eye.
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