Lightheart Aug 6
To be honest
when I look at you
all I see are truths.

I see the true version of myself
in your eyes and smile and words you speak
I see that I am strong, cute, loved, smart, and beautiful inside and out
I see that I am a good friend and a good person.

I cannot see those things, by looking at myself with only my eyes
But I can see them, by looking at myself with your eyes.

When I look at you I see the truth
that God is good and life is good
and good people still exist.

I see the truth that pain does not make someone ugly
that kindness is not weak
that love is not owed
and beauty starts in the heart.

I see the truth that even someone as lovely as you
can feel that she is anything but
because of people around her.
I see that truth and know that certainly
it could apply to me as well.

I see the truth that the kindest people
are hurt as much as they love
I see that they are also blessed
but not as much as those who know them.

I see the truth that the devil may fill your mind with lies
but your heart will always speak truth over me.

When I look at you,
all I see are truths
and a girl who has been lied to
far too many times
but still looks for truth
and doubts herself
but never that she loves me.
so I hope that she will never doubt
that I love her
and I hope that I too,
can be a mirror of truths for her
the same way she is always one for me.

I hope when you look at yourself
you will see the truths I see
Because your truths
will always be more than your lies,
my love
For L, in response to your “Honest” here is mine. I cried writing this. I love you <3
Gray May 31
I wish i was able to look in the mirror and admire myself in delight.
Yet, whenever i do i cause myself a great fright.
The few friends i have, acquaintances really,
Aaron, Gregory, and dear old Billy,
Are often telling me I have a quality that will one day be enshrined.
It’s easy to see that they’re just trying to be kind.
I know this sounds depressing,
And i am usually really good at suppressing,
But it’s just so hard,
To always keep up your guard.
So this is it, i've finally cracked
I guess i’m very easily able to distract
Here it goes, i am going to say it
No longer shall i force myself to delay it,
I just wish without giving myself a great fright
I’d be able to look in that mirror and admire myself in delight.
He's holding strong
He doesn't want to fall in this trap
He has seen it happen to many people
They fell but never got up

He's afraid
What if he fall too hard
And no one catches him
He can break
And no one will be able to fix him

He's afraid of the things that follows
How can he ever be open

He's afraid of blindness
The things it will make him do
Will he ever be the same person
Will he be able to love again

He saw what it did to many people
Hid parents include
It destroy people
He doesn't think that he can deal with it

This thing called love
Could be his only phobia

zahra Mar 15
you loved "me"
but you did not really love "me"
you loved the idea of "me"
but the vision of "me" you had
was the same one
of a million other girls
even guys
in the crowd

— i was a diamond to you, but diamonds didn’t mean much when you were in a mine full of them.
Kate Mar 8
Those who talk shit to you
will talk shit about you.
zio Feb 5
i tried to ignore this
i tried to forget the feeling
it doesn't matter anymore
but why do i kept thinking about it?

yes, i was happy
we all shared a good laugh
i enjoyed your companionship
but why do i keep doubting?

i honestly never felt
the same love you give to each other
why do i always feel inferior
when you guys are the ones i prior?

if i go partways, will you ever miss me?
am i even in the best part of your memory?
well apparently i don't think so
sooner or later, i think im about to let go
to my friends, im really sorry that i feel this way. i would really love to talk about this with you but i just don't know how to start so i hope you would notice this

written on 020518
Liz Carlson Jan 11
what's the point of honesty
if no one listens?
Lydia Jan 10
Honestly you're too good for me
I know I've told you this before

with how you do everything to please me
even when I least deserve it
the way you support me
even when I'm at my lowest

the way you shower me with praise
on those days I'm at my worst
you're patient with my impatience
you comprehend all of my moods
and yet love me just the same

you put me in my place
when I push you away
you don't hesitate to put me straight

even though I'm a lot to handle
you use both hands
understanding that some days
I am fragile
meanwhile other days I am impossible

honestly you're all of the things I never thought I'd deserve
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