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Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2020
What gives cops the right to do whatever they please?!?!
Forcefully vacating premises that on a whim they seize
Rendering multiple people homeless
Innocent or not
Not caring if the right perpetrator is caught
Deceiving to benefit their colleagues and careers
Law-abiding and criminals alike filled with fear
Padding pockets with taxpayers money
How come the majority can’t see something’s funny?
And if their comfy salaries are not enough
Slyly shake down any person they cuff
Too often dollars are unreported
Come up missing after everything is sorted
No justice for the public
Rich or poor
Those poverty-stricken get ****** much more
If you can afford bribes you at least have a shot
Even then
Not every pig can be bought
They wear badges so they face no consequences for sin
Abuse power again and again
And it’s obvious to anyone with eyes to see
Citizens powerless in the land of the free
If we rise and protest we’ll gain their attention
End up in jail if we even dare mention
The multitude of ways rights are violated
We stay silent while the system is hated
Because if you do catch police doing wrong
In court hear the same ******* song
They work together to keep us from what’s fair
Doesn’t matter where you go
Corruption is everywhere
So do not expect aid from the government or a judge
Like law enforcement
Their opinion won’t budge
Every option offered to help
Just another fallacy the media sells
They are all in cahoots
We’re ******* from the start
Look at statistics spread out on a chart
So do we rebel when the law’s not on our side?
Those sent to protect us only lied
My whole life been taught cops are not who to trust
Everyone around me is brainwashed they must
In vain I hope our country will change
Have no clue what it will take to rearrange
Til then go on hunkered down and scared
Praying by miracle my freedom will be spared
I know I am good deep in my soul
But know better people who end up on parole
For now ******* may have the upper hand
It’s time to finally take a stand
We are strong enough
To succeed if we unite
We can make a difference
Push for what’s right
No matter who you are
Black or white
Put our differences aside
Give our all and fight

Honestly we probably can’t fix this
But there’s a chance we might
I hate cops more and more every day. I have literally lost everything I own for a second time because of them. And I may not be 100 percent guilt free but I know my rights were definitely violated while this happened. *******...
Nina Feb 2020
I miss you alot
I still love you
I haven't gotten over you
And It *****
Because I'm no longer in your mind
And yet
I miss you
I still love you
And i don't plan on forgetting you
Joshua Phelps Feb 2020
Welcome to the home of the free,
The land of the divided

Welcome to a land filled with greed,
The one-percent who have the need
To silence dissent, keep those below them
Complacent in a system that favors money
Over ethics and honesty

Welcome to a nation full of deceit,
Land of misinformation and misery.

Welcome to a nation where the wheels
spin propaganda for a leader.

Welcome to a nation where a leader  
Forgoes democracy and takes a page
From a communist and dictator,
Crowning himself King of the ages.

Who needs dignity when you've got vanity?
Who needs honesty when you're a liar?

Welcome to a nation where truth doesn't matter
Welcome to a country on fire.

Divided, we stand, divided we fall.

America the Beautiful, America the tall.

Who will be there to save us all?
Inspired by Sixx: A.M.'s "Barbarians." What a strange timeline we live in these days.
colette alexia Jan 2020
I'm learning a lot
Finding out what it means to be loved
I'm confused because it's not by the person I thought
But I'm trusting that even when I'm surprised, You're not
It was exhausting praying for someone who wasn't there
Made more difficult by the fact that he didn't care
Paid attention just too days too late
After I waited two years for that date
Nothing you do is pointless
But honestly I'm still figuring out what the point was
Pushing me to step out in faith
Not for an outcome or for the hell of the chase
But to realize giving you my heart is never a waste
Because what I actually wanted hadn't yet entered the page
And the man for me to love was really two years away
I'm thankful I didn't give anyone else that part to play
I'm thankful that you helped me to wait
I think you were teaching me to trust my doubt
But to never let it outweigh my faith
You gave me a discerning mind as a tool not a weight
And a hear that can dream and doesn't like to play it safe
So once again, I surrender my heart
Putting it in your hands to love you'll have me love
Because I've learned that though it can me painful at times
You never disappoint
Sean Thienpont Nov 2019
A ship, a pale storm in the mighty winds became so green as hue
Ancients of spirits saw the windswept spirit as bold...but new
Lo, then dirt and malice rises above through the deep dark blue
Ravages the splinterered vector off the safety of comfort it once knew
Threw the ship ill forgotten,
rummaging through deep waters of inertia begotten
As he recollects debris one managed to saunter to
As to what sticks to the shoe
Alas for 38 years was true!
And the 39th...
gabrielle Jul 2019
i am nowhere to go

i took the road

and i knew it was wrong
yet i took it

i am oblivious of things to do

i chased questions

and i knew it wasn't answers
yet i yearned for it

but honestly
i dont know me
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