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Sep 2020 · 195
the hearts roots
m h John Sep 2020
you asked me
to plant flowers
in the cracks of your heart
and leave them long after
they have wilted away

because much like anything beautiful
that has hurt you

you believe the rooting
could form something
even more beautiful
Jul 2020 · 248
how summers changed
m h John Jul 2020
the summers haven’t been the same
since you left,

late at night
i drive to the beach
and listen to the waves
because in the sounds of
them crashing into each other
i can hear you call my name

i grip the sand
because through the grains
i can still feel your hand,
letting go of the sand

i place a seashell
beneath your star
so that way you can
enjoy this moment
with me
2020 sure is a different summer, i hope you’re all staying safe throughout all this!
Jun 2020 · 276
satin blue
m h John Jun 2020
every memory
i’ve had of you
has found its way back to me
turning our white silk sheets
into satin blue
every tear stain
a different thread
embroidered with every
i love you
we had ever said
to each other
May 2020 · 387
hurt each other
m h John May 2020
each broken promise
comes with a broken heart

we both knew this
but still continued to break each other’s

one too many times
May 2020 · 283
letters for you pt. I
m h John May 2020
i know your pain
like the back of my hand
i see every smile
you’ve given me
in the cracks of the moon
and i see you still
during every dreamless night
Apr 2020 · 1.2k
ferris wheel
m h John Apr 2020
we sat in empty parking lots
and watched the ferris wheel
talking about how
we were once
on top of the world

and now at the bottom

exiting the ride
but still syncing
our heartbeats
to the neon lights
Mar 2020 · 444
beautifully cracked
m h John Mar 2020
you told me to
plant flowers inside
the cracks of your heart
& leave them there after
they have wilted away
because much like anything beautiful
that has made its way
into your heart
& that has left
you keep them there
because you believe
the rooting from the stems
could form something
even more beautiful
Mar 2020 · 352
m h John Mar 2020
you grow so effortlessly

(and offer so much)

in such a way
that i could not pick you
because i simply know
i could never offer something
as simple as
coin laundry from the moon
Feb 2020 · 129
remembering to forget
m h John Feb 2020
last night
i heard you question me
inside of my dreams
i explained to you
how i fear that one day
i’ll wake up
and no longer think of you

you explained
how much you fear
that day will never come
Feb 2020 · 191
cloud shapes
m h John Feb 2020
i want to be the one
you see in the clouds
when you are feeling
tired & empty
and need a reason
to keep going
Jan 2020 · 240
falling in love
m h John Jan 2020
and when they ask,
have you fallen in love?
i will look at the ground
and say,
i can still feel the impact  
from falling
in my chest
Jan 2020 · 293
blank canvas
m h John Jan 2020
you approached
our blank canvas
with black & blue paints
trying to make a sunset
out of me
but all you painted us to be
was a whirlpool

still framing it
trapping me in the middle
Dec 2019 · 346
the stars wait for us
m h John Dec 2019
last night
i had a dream
that love was a star
waiting for us
to sing our
unsung song
so that we could
fly to it
Dec 2019 · 164
starry eyed
m h John Dec 2019
i saw forever in your eyes
after glancing away
those scenes of fireflies
and hopes and dreams
and thoughts  
of what we could be
dashed off
like a million stars
dancing into
the nights sky
Dec 2019 · 314
self help
m h John Dec 2019
you tied my hands together
and took me out to sea
throwing me into the ocean
you told me
that i have to learn
to save myself
before i could save you
Dec 2019 · 489
swan song
m h John Dec 2019
we wrote our songs
in the stars
for the gods to sing
but we wrote it
out of tune
and maybe that’s why
the universe
couldn’t save us
Nov 2019 · 519
m h John Nov 2019
maybe you couldn’t sleep
because the moons
were trying to talk
to you
Nov 2019 · 556
m h John Nov 2019
if a painting
had your voice
i’d sit and
watch it dry
for millions of years
Nov 2019 · 278
heart of gold
m h John Nov 2019
your heart is gold
nothing but pure and happiness

you don’t realize that
because you’ve let
too many people
mine their way through it

taking everything
that made you, you
and leaving nothing
but the sharpness of rocks
Oct 2019 · 267
till death we do art
m h John Oct 2019
i am not an artist
and i don’t know
how to paint

but if i were to take
all the shades of blue

and blend them together
they would most certainly
create a painting of you
Oct 2019 · 544
we fell in love in october
m h John Oct 2019
maybe we loved each other
most in the fall
because much like us
the flowers were dying
Oct 2019 · 270
color me blue
m h John Oct 2019
you colored me blue
some days the blue of the sky
because you knew how to
make me feel carefree and alive

other days
the blue of the ocean
because you never knew
how to handle your emotions

you were the kind of blue
that was full of life
the kind of color
that made me see the conception
between you and i
Oct 2019 · 576
dead flowers
m h John Oct 2019
i attempted to cry for you
because i was always taught
that if you add water
to a dead flower
it could come back to life
Sep 2019 · 456
get free
m h John Sep 2019
after climbing onto the rocks
and to the top of the cliff
he feared now not
feeling the comfort
of the whirlpool
because while standing
above the sea
he found new meaning in life
now that he realized
he is free
Sep 2019 · 364
see you soon
m h John Sep 2019
packing for a change
to float off
into a different place

luggage tags & duffle bags
i’ll see you soon

flying off into the sky
to live with you in the clouds
my goodbyes have been final
and my bags have been checked

see you soon
so we can fly together
into the moon
Sep 2019 · 431
m h John Sep 2019
i think you and i
would grow much better together
on mars

we have already taken up
too much of each other’s
oxygen anyways
Sep 2019 · 211
falling stars
m h John Sep 2019
i count how many
days go by
by counting the number of stars
falling out of the nights sky
i do this because
i like to believe
that shooting stars
are fallen angels
and that maybe one day
the burning star i wish upon
will be yours
Sep 2019 · 336
killing butterflies
m h John Sep 2019
i am jealous of how
they are able to grow & find themselves
before i am able to
find enough comfort
to look in a mirror

i envy how
they can hide in a home
isolated by fear and danger
and still find the strength
to spread their colorful wings
to fly off into the moonlight

i treat their wings
as if i were you and they were me

i tear them apart
Sep 2019 · 185
sky openings
m h John Sep 2019
we watched as the sky
opened up to us
and showered us
with its rain
however the only difference is
the rain was fire

and we were wooden
Aug 2019 · 504
fly me to the moon
m h John Aug 2019
i stayed until midnight
standing at the bus stop
waiting to go to the airport
to the board the plane
to the moon

because i heard
it doesn’t shine as bright

now that it has you
Aug 2019 · 149
m h John Aug 2019
pick up the mirrored glass
and let it slip through your hands
and cut up your fingers
on the sharpness
of its truth

let the person in the mirror
talk to you
and explain how
the reflection you see
is only a fragment

of the person
that you used to be
Aug 2019 · 1.0k
a letter from beyond
m h John Aug 2019
i’m sorry this world
did not welcome you
with open arms

send me a letter
when you get back home

so i know that
you’re safe
Aug 2019 · 181
clearing out
m h John Aug 2019
ever since i stopped
playing movies in my head
directed by the thoughts of you
my mind has moved out of
the blacks & the whites
and into the blues & the greys

where i now have hope
that there will be days again

where i can open my curtains
and raise my blinds
to open my window
and let the wind blow in
to clear the memories
of you out
Aug 2019 · 274
state of mind
m h John Aug 2019
you locked me in
a state of mind
where i could no longer move
as if i were a child in the womb
who does not have room to grow

a state of mind
where i forgot how to breathe
unless you were there holding
the oxygen mask over my face

a state of mind
where i felt as if i were
a rose petal surrounded by thorns
but you were always there
reminding me of how fragile i am
by pulling me apart
one by one
Aug 2019 · 466
heart on your sleeve
m h John Aug 2019
i put my heart on my sleeve
then you came along
and set my sleeve on fire
Aug 2019 · 272
big sur, california
m h John Aug 2019
at the edge of the west
i found a place
far removed from
these blinding city lights,
sky scrapers and telephone wires,
where the moon
is the only street lamp,
and these cypress pine trees
out number the population of people
a place of its own
where the run off streams
and mountain cliffhangers
feel like home
Aug 2019 · 310
hope is a dangerous thing
m h John Aug 2019
you picked up the needle gun
and sharpened it with your words,
jabbing it into my skin
changing my color
from yellow to blue
you shaded me dark
and trademarked my skin
with the scar tissue
of everything you had put me through
you then put a stamp on me
that could not be washed off
and wrapped me up in cellophane

shipping me off
to a lonely place

that only exists within my mind
where the sky is grey
and the grass is dead
and the only thing keeping me alive
is the silhouette of hope
shadowing between your webs
Aug 2019 · 351
searching for a star
m h John Aug 2019
if you look up at the sky
you can see
the reflection of yourself
floating through the clouds
and out of the cosmic’s
desperately searching
for a burning star
you could call home
but little do you know
that home is not within
this world nor is it in the next
your home lies within your body,
all you have to do
is come back to yourself
Aug 2019 · 478
Fuck it, I love you!
m h John Aug 2019
The way the earth
slows down it’s
rotation each year
and the way
the climate changes
causing the ice to melt
while the world
is at war with itself
makes me want to take you
to a mountain top
and yell
“**** it, I love you!”
Aug 2019 · 435
what would the moon say
m h John Aug 2019
what would the moon say to the earth
if she knew that your beauty
stayed flying high
while hers fell to the ground?
would she hide
in the suns shadows
for the rest of her life?
or would she distance herself
so far that
she turns into one of the stars
she used to wish upon
Aug 2019 · 294
Norman Rockwell
m h John Aug 2019
look at you
with your ocean colored eyes,
sun kissed cheeks,
and coffee bean colored hair

you look as if
you were painted by

Norman ******* Rockwell himself
Jul 2019 · 742
red door
m h John Jul 2019
you wanted a house
built out of hope and bricks
a house where you could call home
after losing your way
and becoming homesick
because you couldn’t find yourself

after we went through the storm
the rain washed the hopefulness
from the carpets

the bricks
turned to sticks
which turned to flames

and burned down all the door frames
except the red from the door
which you handmade
from the scars on your heart
Jul 2019 · 473
love over luxuries
m h John Jul 2019
we were promised flying cars
and big jet dreams
filled with smiles for miles
on white yachts
under tangerine skies
but all we got was
a dull pocket watch
with a timeless end
and that was enough
for the both of us
Jul 2019 · 505
lucid dreaming
m h John Jul 2019
i feel more alive
in the scenes
of my dreams
than i do in reality,
i feel her gold leaf touch
ripple through my veins
while i call out her name
until she comes to me
and i can see her face
clear as day
before i’m able
to pull her close
i feel myself
float out of the
colored scenes of my dreams
and back into
the black and white
of my reality
Jul 2019 · 230
facing reality
m h John Jul 2019
i used to think
love was holding on
always fighting
for what you believe in,
i’ve come to realize
that true love
is learning to let go
and that’s the hardest part
of reality
i’ve had to face
Jul 2019 · 480
the moon + the tide
m h John Jul 2019
the moon pulled the tide
to new highs of extreme
scared to come down
the ocean forgot
all he used to be
until the sun came around
and the waves could now hear
the significance of its own sound
he thanked the sun
for bringing him
back to the ground,
“don’t worry”
said the moon
“i’ll be back for another round”
the moon is my enemy + friend
Jul 2019 · 221
m h John Jul 2019
sometimes we have to soak
in the negatives
of our celluloid scenes
in order to develop
and see the color
with in the world
Jul 2019 · 698
a letter to the universe
m h John Jul 2019
dear universe,
please let her
be grounded and see
how her energy
radiates through this world
and into the roots of me
that have longed
to be brought back to life
Jul 2019 · 344
learning to breathe
m h John Jul 2019
slow down
take your time
and realize
that there's more here
for you
sit outside
in the grass
and the let the sun
taste your skin
sometimes it may feel like
you could fly
with the birds
but all you have to do
is breathe
and you'll be grounded
with the lilacs
there’s no need to rush
Jul 2019 · 275
m h John Jul 2019
Imagine a place,
Where the flowers
Gaze at you
And the sun is jealous
Of how bright
Your whole entity shines,
Where the moon
Is upset because
She knows
She could never be
As beautiful at night
As you,
Imagine a place
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