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Talia Nov 18
Sensing a presence in my bed
I plead that this is all in my head

My gut wrenches. Heart
once my eyes fix upon you I dare not blink

Cold, numbness proceeding
I could never prepare for this feeling

You cannot meet my eyes
now they aren’t closed in sleep.

Mirrors to a soul you violated
You ******* creep
The harassment from my perspective.
Talia Nov 18

Your door wasn’t locked
and I wasn’t going to wait

Not after I sprinted here,
that’s quite a long way

I’ve run 3 kilometres just to see you

Kiss my shoe, be grateful.
Surely I am owed some compensation
For my extensive dedication

I’ll take advantage
the only time I know you’re weak
You can’t set boundaries
when you’re asleep

Your vulnerability makes me greedy
the thought of you subdued,
****. Debilitated and unconscious
Entitled, I claim that time with you
Bold is direct quotes of the delusional stalker.
Scene one, Childhood

I never really learned to emotionally regulate,
Taking clues from Nickelodeon more than parents who set good examples,
Screaming fights and bruises and broken glass
Too much drinking, the smell of cigarettes
Moms broken bones
Make yourself small, make yourself gone
They may not notice you.

We played family a lot, curtaining blankets over a bunk bed to block the outside, and in family, I always took care of my babies.

Scene two, 18

I never really learned to emotionally regulate, taking clues from the friends around me more than parents who set any example.
A false father leaving, a mom losing her cash cow
The smell of Arbor Mist and ***** still makes me sick, mom’s incoherent fists still make contact in my sleep, I still wouldn’t have given her the keys.

We don’t play anymore. We’re mostly estranged. But we work. And in family, I always took care of my babies.

Scene three, 28

I’m trying to learn to emotionally regulate, the slideshow of couches and faces of therapists trying to set an example.
A son born to trauma, a marriage of consequence, I’m still learning to love myself, please, the sound of yelling still makes me sick,
I don’t know how to do this.

We are grown now, we are mostly put together. And now we live. But this is my family, and I will always take care of my babies
This is meant to be a spoken word poem, it’s a little messy. It’s been a while
Karissa Sep 10
I never needed you by my side or in my life.
That was a privilege I gave you and you took it for granted. Losing me was the price.
I know my worth and God got me, so, I’m gon’ be alright.
You should have opened your eyes.
Either way I guess it was only a matter of time.
I saw through your lies.
You’re a narcissist and I’m on top of it.
I recognized your disguise.
In truth I’m glad I got to know you.
I love you.
I know you love me too.
But, I have no strings for you to pull, I won’t tolerate psychological abuse, and I’m not one to be used.
So, you can’t be you.
I see that you’re bothered and confused.
Maybe you took me for a fool but the jokes on you.
I accepted you and all your ugly truths.
We could have been brilliant together.
Unbreakable & capable of anything. A euphoric pleasure.
Now, none of that matters.
Im closing this chapter.
Ain’t gon’ be no happily ever after.
Best of luck to you my wrong time, right lover.
I’ll forever cherish our beautiful disaster.
Bailey Jun 21
Would anybody even notice?
A missing narcissist
Psychosa Jun 17
It was not me
who you loved.

It was not me who you saw,
but rather the mirror you put before me.

It was not my voice you heard,
but rather your own echo.

The mirror you held between us was fragile.
Slowly it began to crack.
Each time I held you closer,
the mirror began to disintegrate.

The more the mirror began to break,
The more you saw me.
But you cannot stand to not stare
at your own reflection.

As the mirror shattered,
so did my heart.
You picked up the chards and threw them to my skin.
For you do not see the blood coursing through my veins,
but rather the lack of yourself.

For it was not me who you loved,
but rather your
Chelsea Rae Feb 24
You thought you were the angel of death?

You thought you could hide your shadow forever did ya?

How clever you think you are.

Are you excited to play with demons?

Are you excited to see what I can do?
What kind of games I'm capable of?

Fallen angels know nothing of hell.
I'll make your life a living hell:)
Try me.
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