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Void 1d
Do you ever feel guilty when you walk all over people?

Do you ever feel ashamed when you lie?

Do you ever think that maybe you should care about your child?

Or does everything always have to revolve around you?

Do you ever get tired of manipulating others?

Do you fall asleep with a satisfied grin?

Tell me, what's it like to be you?
You will rise again

You have been beaten down

You have been abused

You have been torn down

You have been told you were nothing

You have been told you can’t do it

You are plagued by residuals

You are tormented by demons

You are tortured by nightmares

You are attacked by PTSD daily

You are reminded of it all by your scares

You are so tired of it all

Yet you survived all of it

You continue to live each day

You continue to smile

You continue to thrive

You continue to overcome

You continue to be strong

You continue to rise

© Seductive Poetry

Spoken Word Version ::
Larissa Frost Jan 12
The siren saved me
With her fragrant tune
On the water
At half past noon
He couldn’t resist
And she pulled him
To have him join her
As her daily feast
At half past noon.

                      -L. Frost
Hayley Jan 3
Because of you, I know too much

You ****** out my innocence with your maniacal way
Twisted my mind to get me to stay
I believed you which distanced me from reality
The truth you spew is dripping in brutality
I listened and adjusted, everyday, more and more
I didn’t realize doing so was opening the door
To new demons, ones that taught me not to trust
Now I can’t have fun anymore, I can’t even feel lust
We haven’t talked in two years, but I still jump through hoops
My brain is sick and dark, it’s stuck in destructive loops
It’s really sad what I lost, the part of me that could surrender
I can’t open up my heart, it scares me to be tender
I push people away because i don’t want them to be like you
I wish we never crossed paths, I don’t know what to do
Some people show us the darkest part of the human condition and that darkness can scar the innocent for a lifetime.
Kayla Simone Dec 2020
The narcissist cried abuse in shame of committing abuse
The narcissist cried depression when he's called out on his laziness
The narcissist insults, but can't take the truth
The narcissist appears to have strength by deliberately picking his supply, but really is the weakest man alive
The narcissist stare... when someone has the guts to call him out is a deadly pair, like Jesus and Lucifer
But the narcissist stare when he is picking his battle is all that is there
Because if someone were to pick apart his ways and throw them in his face he'll run away

The narc held on to HIS truth although others knew THE truth because he has too much e.g.o to admit his wrongs

The narcissist provokes those who can't defend themselves
The narcissist can't control the world so he hates life itself
Kalliope Dec 2020
What do you do when you don't
Want to break a heart
But the heart in question
Cant actually be broken
Its a facade
Created to break you
Over and over
Block out all emotions
Carson Mia Dec 2020
You were The Magician
Of course I was The Rabbit
You locked me in a cage
Said, "No one else can have it"

You love to trick the crowd
Showing off your every Illusion
But The Rabbit sees through your lies
Abracadabra: There's no confusion
Peacock Secrets Dec 2020
I treated her like an empty egg
In an empty nest,
Arrogantly abandoned
In an abundance of aridness
In an undulating desert, deserted
Because I keep an Iceberg's cavity
Where my cold heart could be

Sometimes I was as placid as an Oasis
When I wanted to watch her sip
Or simply wanted something for nothing
And at first she just, simply, let me
...At first

But a few seasons after I'd dumped her
Onto that yellow fallow tundra
She transmuted simple sands into surplus glass
Fashioned fragile featherless wings!
Of forest-green, glittering

Shimmering, she
Forecast her own futuristic flight
What in the world was she thinking?!
We ALL know that I...
--and life--
Would never let her leave me like that!
Who else would ever lend her a sip?
Ah! It's hard to think with nothing (sips) to drink

But the oasis sat empty when I next witnessed it
The void vaster whenever I've visited it ever since

Someone, Come! Look!
Can't you see this vacancy in my chest cavity!?!
This is crude, cold-pressed evidence!
That cryogenic hearts CAN hurt
Do break! Do care! Do love!
Ain't no cure that can counteract that fact!

Still, there is a slim chance things will sting less
Once I've selected my next egg
And fabricated a new enfeebled nest
When a Narcissist wants to "start a family" with you, understand what they mean. When a sociopath "loves" you, understand what love is to them.
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