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m h John Jun 16
a father is suppose to be a child’s first
and mentor
however for me my father was my first
and the monster that hid under my bed
with a bottle to keep him company
happy father’s day to all the people who have  a dad like this, they have only made us stronger
Ingram May 29
Abuse does not always
yield bruises or scars,
sometimes the effects
are more like emotional prison bars.
Narcissistic Abuse
makes your mind feel trapped,
by painful memories and words
as if your soul was physically slapped.
The damage has been done
and it is hard to fight the lies,
that were imbedded in your head
instead you are traumatized.
I know how it feels
I have always dealt with this type of pain,
But between you and me,
I still get lost trying to win this never ending game.
m h John May 10
i stood over the sink
waiting for it to fill up
so i could wash
yesterday’s tears
out of my face
when suddenly
i felt your words
grab behind my neck
and submerge me underwater
i could hear every
hateful word you said
muffled beneath the water
when I pulled my head up
the sink was filled with bubbles
and that was your way
of apologizing today
until you do it again tomorrow
don’t drown in the narcissist words
my dad, his rage terrifies me,
the way he treats my mom aggravates me,
his constant neglect enrages me,
he is a workaholic,
trump supporting,
white man.
with a feminist,
free thinking,
who never apologizes for things he does wrong,
never makes time to chat with his daughter,
who never cares,
about anything,
other than,
Amoy Mar 1
What was I thinking wasting my time with you
I can’t wait to shed my skin
I can’t wait to give to it to the wind
You ****** my soul and left me thin
I can’t wait to shed my skin
What was I thinking letting you in
You took my heart and left my head to spin
I can’t wait to shed my skin
Seventeen years wasted, gone like the wind
Just like a scorpion it hurts, when you sting
I can’t wait to shed my skin
No more tears I won’t give in
You’re a Narcissist, I won’t let u win
I just can’t wait to shed my skin
Filled with feelings of misgiving
I won't fall for your gas-lighting
God please help me to shed me skin
I Pray, I Pray for a new beginning
Aspen Welsch Feb 24
Pluck my legs off.
Ouch. Are you happy now?
Keep me helpless, wondering.

See my inner glow flying overhead
blinking for a new lover.
Capture me. Then smear my hope
across your sidewalk.
I’ll be the paint on your
narcissist, concrete canvas.

Maybe just keep me in a jar
******* that air hole. Tight and choking.
If I light up will you
poke another?
Hold onto the side looking
through glass until I fade.

I remember what you said.
I didn’t want to live anyway.
I sit
and I ask myself

selfish questions

important to me,
Me Alone.

They aren't all very deep.
But all of them,
Are about me.

it is something
I wish I had
or that
I feel I need.

If my scope broadens
As it has in occasion
I think about another

Gone. Now.

These thoughts
are full circle
Back to me.

How I miss them
If they think of me?
if I ever will see them again?

Why they left me?

So selfish,
not to want
As I want.

When they are all
I seem to think about.

How lonely it is
for Me.

Why make Me feel
This way.
Nobody ever thinks,
About Me.

Emma Ely Feb 1
He pulled out a box after our first fight.
He told me I must fit inside.
I should have ran away that day,
but instead I offered him my wrist,
to begin the break down of my body parts.
My arm fractured easily and bent back on itself.
My femur took a lot of force,
but eventually it gave way,
and no longer did I stand.
My hips were cranked in opposite directions,
as if twisting apart an apple.
The crunch of the bone gears meshing together and apart
reverberated in my head.
The pain of that break sent me into a blackout.
When it came time for my spine,
he didn't have to touch a single vertebrate,
I shattered every single one,
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