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m h John 19h
maybe we loved each other
most in the fall
because much like us
the flowers were dying
you colored me blue
some days the blue of the sky
because you knew how to
make me feel carefree and alive

other days
the blue of the ocean
because you never knew
how to handle your emotions

you were the kind of blue
that was full of life
the kind of color
that made me see the conception
between you and i
m h John Oct 5
i attempted to cry for you
because i was always taught
that if you add water
to a dead flower
it could come back to life
m h John Sep 29
after climbing onto the rocks
and to the top of the cliff
he feared now not
feeling the comfort
of the whirlpool
because while standing
above the sea
he found new meaning in life
now that he realized
he is free
m h John Sep 25
packing for a change
to float off
into a different place

luggage tags & duffle bags
i’ll see you soon

flying off into the sky
to live with you in the clouds
my goodbyes have been final
and my bags have been checked

see you soon
so we can fly together
into the moon
m h John Sep 11
i think you and i
would grow much better together
on mars

we have already taken up
too much of each other’s
oxygen anyways
m h John Sep 9
i count how many
days go by
by counting the number of stars
falling out of the nights sky
i do this because
i like to believe
that shooting stars
are fallen angels
and that maybe one day
the burning star i wish upon
will be yours
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