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m h John Dec 2021
I tried to
pull all of

the sunshine

out of the sky
and all of

the water

out of the ocean
to pour into your veins

so that it may
get the blood

of our memories
flowing back into
the roots

of your heart
in hopes
that it could

bring the dead parts
of our petals

back to life
I'll forever love you.

m h John Mar 2021
i have become angry
angry at how
the colors in the sky
are painted of you

and all the colors
you said
i reminded you of

have washed away from me
and into the earths skin
so that they may
form sheets of flowers

to remind the earth
of how your beauty
still lives within a world

that is no longer beautiful
to people
such as me
m h John Jul 2020
the summers haven’t been the same
since you left,

late at night
i drive to the beach
and listen to the waves
because in the sounds of
them crashing into each other
i can hear you call my name

i grip the sand
because through the grains
i can still feel your hand,
letting go of the sand

i place a seashell
beneath your star
so that way you can
enjoy this moment
with me
2020 sure is a different summer, i hope you’re all staying safe throughout all this!
m h John Jun 2020
every memory
i’ve had of you
has found its way back to me
turning our white silk sheets
into satin blue
every tear stain
a different thread
embroidered with every
i love you
we had ever said
to each other
m h John May 2020
each broken promise
comes with a broken heart

we both knew this
but still continued to break each other’s

one too many times
m h John May 2020
i know your pain
like the back of my hand
i see every smile
you’ve given me
in the cracks of the moon
and i see you still
during every dreamless night
m h John Apr 2020
we sat in empty parking lots
and watched the ferris wheel
talking about how
we were once
on top of the world

and now at the bottom

exiting the ride
but still syncing
our heartbeats
to the neon lights
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