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m h John Dec 2022
the clouds above my head
let the raindrops
fall onto the scars
of my trauma
so that they may
grow flowers big enough
to hide the pain
m h John Dec 2022
i use
all of the pain
i know
each time
the season changes

to repaint my soul

because i know
how much you hate
the same color
in various
shades of tone
m h John Dec 2022
it’s hard these days,
even after all these years
it’s hard
for me to sit directly
in front of a mirror
when all i see
in the reflection
of the glass’ tears
is the image
of you
replacing the body
of me
december 10, 2022
2:50 am
m h John Aug 2022
i find it funny
how you believe
i died
the day you
left me

because if only
you knew
and listened
to the way
i had already
expressed myself
to death

then little
would you know
i had already
thrown my own funeral
a long while ago
august 14, 2022
1:15 am
m h John Jun 2022
i’m 99 miles
away from L.A.
i’ve kept my eyes
open long enough
to see every star fall
because i know
it won’t be long
until i meet you
at heavens front gate

passing the
white sands beach
i’ve kept my hands
on the wheel long enough
to crash back into
our white silk sheets

counting the leaves
of every palm tree
i’m pressing
******* the gas
to keep myself flying

please be at
heavens front gate
i miss you
m h John Dec 2021
I tried to
pull all of

the sunshine

out of the sky
and all of

the water

out of the ocean
to pour into your veins

so that it may
get the blood

of our memories
flowing back into
the roots

of your heart
in hopes
that it could

bring the dead parts
of our petals

back to life
I'll forever love you.

m h John Mar 2021
i have become angry
angry at how
the colors in the sky
are painted of you

and all the colors
you said
i reminded you of

have washed away from me
and into the earths skin
so that they may
form sheets of flowers

to remind the earth
of how your beauty
still lives within a world

that is no longer beautiful
to people
such as me
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