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She danced to get away
From all things internal
She danced in the dark
So you couldn’t see her
When she fell apart
The rain falls too hard
The flowers die too soon
The balloons flew away
With all the polaroids too,
The letters all burn
Along with our memories
m h John Feb 8
I know you here me when I cry,
Or when I stay up talking
Through most of the night.
You only come to see me
In my dreams,
In my dreams
Is where I should be
Instead of in this bed
Without you here
Next to me
I can only feel the presence through my sleep
m h John Feb 6
You’ve been tired
You’ve been brave
How much longer?
Until you break,
You’ve asked questions
You’ve believed the lies
How much more?
For him to stay,
You’re tired of fighting
You’re tired of forgiving
So how much more?
Until you realize,
This isn’t love at all
Don’t keep fighting for a love that does not exist
m h John Feb 5
When nature’s not in your calling
And the stars have yet to align,
Just hold on to the little bit of hope
And remember,
There’s always someone waiting for you
On the other side
Don’t lose hope, keep going
m h John Feb 3
I’ve climbed mountain tops
And swam across ocean shores,
Only to find myself
Down underneath
These deep ocean floors
m h John Jan 31
How could you
Not be fascinated
By astrology when
She is an entire
She’s beyond the stars
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